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  1. I'm not sure about if they're talking about this game or not but Gametrailers.com in their E3 Calendar says that on July 17 at 10AM they are showing a Bioware game debut. http://www.gametrailers.com/e3_calendar_2008/?selDate=1216278000&ap=am Still hoping for Kotor 3.
  2. Let me set out my ideas better. We know Bioware is working on a Lucasarts project, it was confirmed in a press statement. Now Bioware have comfirmed several times that the Lucasarts project and the MMO are separated projects. What are the chances of Bioware working on a Lucasarts game other than Kotor? I know it is possible but relatively unlikely. I also know that Chris Priestly has said that Bioware is not working on Kotor 3 in their forums, but if they were working on Kotor3 they wouldn't say so would they? Not until they have made an official announcement. I would also like to make a final point, Bioware's moderators have been known to lie in their forums, or mislead the users. This is in no way an insult and I thank them for doing this, as they are in fact my favourite developers and have a great relationship with their community. ***********************************MASS EFFECT SPOILER**************************************** For example when the emergency transmission videos were shown, it shows Sovereign. Bioware flat out denied that Sovereign was a (you'd know if you'd finished yet). Now I'm glad they did this, but it shows that they are only willing to let the public know certain things. ********************************************************************************************
  3. While reading an interview from BioWare's Ray Muzyka yesterday at ign (http://au.pc.ign.com/articles/874/874472p1.html) I found this interesting quote. "BioWare is a big company at this point with over 500 people now split across BioWare Edmonton and BioWare Austin and segmented into seven teams, according to Muzyka. The studio's unannounced titles include an MMO and a project tied with Lucasarts." What I found most interesting that the MMO and Lucasarts project were separated. So I'm hoping that it is Kotor 3, I don't really see Bioware working on any other Lucas Arts project. While this confirms nothing, it is a spark of hope in the darkness.
  4. I have another question. How close was the relationship between Revan and the Exile?
  5. How did Kreia's teachings lead the exile to the darkside if this all ocurred before they supposedly met? Did Kreia's teaching get passed onto the exile through Revan? This is the only way I can understand it.
  6. I just played through the scene where you are exiled from the Jedi council and I noticed something strange. All the masters on the council begin to talk about Kreia and from what I heard it sounded like she had taught you in the past. Is this true? Can someone copy the dialogue from that part? I was a darkside male.
  7. I believe there are 2 reasons Kreia wanted to fight the Exile. 1. All through the game Kreia does everything she can to be able to make the exile rely on no one but himself. She doesn't want the Exile to get close to anyone (ie. Handmaiden etc) and she wants him to conquer his past (ie. Atris on first visit to Telos). This fight would stop their connection and make hime stand alone. 2. The Exile is a wound, a hole in the force and when one dies they become one with the force. But this could not happen with the Exile. Maybe when the Exile dies instead of becoming one with the force the force is drawn into the Exile's hole destroying it.
  8. There are a couple of fairly simple solutions. Firstly as was mentioned before you could have a Jedi history test in which you set everything. Secondly you could have the exile die and the only have to set Revan. Thirdly it could be random to create even more playback. And finally you could have Revan and the Exile fall to the darkside and you can either redeem them and bring peace to the galaxy or kill the and become lord of the sith.
  9. I've already got Oblivion & Morrowind. I prefer the story based RPGs like Kotor & FF. Maybe Neverwinter's Nights. How is Baldur's Gate Story? When does NWN 2 come out. More help would be greatly appreciated. Also doesn't have to be on PS2 I just said that for time period.
  10. Hi guys I need some help. I'm tihnkning of buying a new RPG. I like Oblivion and Morrowind but I prefer story based ones like Kotor & Final Fantasy series. So what RPGs would you suggest I buy. I haven't played Neverwinter Nights is it good? Also I would prefer it to be fairly recent ie. PS2 or recent PC.
  11. This can be found in disciples dialogue file. Entry 260 - Revan had many Masters. Zhar, Dorak, Master Kae before Kae left for the Wars. Towards the end of his training, he sought out many to learn techniques. Entry 261 - It is said that he returned to his first master at the end of his training, in order to learn how he might best leave the order. And then interestingly enough Kreia does something here, using her Jedi powers or something as she is quoted ::Jedi:: in entry 263. And then Disciple says: Entry 265 - {A little confused}I do not recall who Revan's master was... strange. Entry 275 - Master Zhar taught Malak - and Revan had many masters, including Zhar, Kae, and Dorak... and towards the end of the training, Revan sought out many other teachers to learn certain techniques. Entry 276 - As a Padawan, Revan was trained by Master Kae, before she was exiled. Strange, I do not recall who Revan's master was after that. He also says "I know who you are, not even the markings of the darkside can hide it." Now Master Kae is the last master mentioned. Kreia is meant to be the first and the last of Revan's masters. This doesn't prove anything but it is worth noting. Kreia doesnt want the Exile to know she was Revan's master but she is willing to tell the Exile this. The Exile must know something about Kreia & Revan that Kreia doesn't want the Exile to know.
  12. We've all read the thread about which characters we want to return but i want to hear about what people want their new characters to be like? What roles do you want them to have and what races do you want them to be? Personally I'd want a badass knife fighter like Riddick. He could have a serve himself only attitude but inadvertedly help you while doing so. He could be cool and full of attitude when talking to other NPCs.
  13. My ideas: -tunics & robes being different item slots (this could mean both KOTOR 1 & 2 robes) -different robes with hoods up or down -hoods down gives a disadvantage to persuasion but advantage to stealth & vice versa - saber forms should be used better. Each form should have different animations. The forms should have greater advantages/disadvantages, Form VII shouldn't be so much greater -forms should be linke into the story. eg Choose a form as a padawan at the start of the game and develop it throughout although this might not work as it could disrupt character classes and learning all the forms Any comments?
  14. I would like to see the lightsaber forms used better. I would like to see different animations for all the forms and the bonuses having greater effects on combat. Juyo was by far the most powerful (for guardians, obviously) but i would like to see all of them have greater advantages.
  15. are you administrator cause thats the only problem i could see
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