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  1. A good reason to believe in the Christian god: Everything in our known universe has an end and a beginning. Stars are born, and stars are destroyed. You cannot create something, without destroying something else. There is something missing that physics cannot explain. If everything had a beginning, and you cannot create something without destroying something else, how did the universe come to be? But this in no way proves a Christian god exists... it only proves there is a source of all things. The only way to prove that a Christian god exists is to read and understand the Bible. What the Bible does better than any other religious book is take real things that can be proven historically, and ties them in with the unknown, things that cannot be proven with secular sources. It creates an interpretation of the purpose of humanity, and it actually makes sense. It covers all bases, there is nothing happening now days, there is nothing that cannot be explained with the Bible. And btw, what the Bible says is NOT always in agreement with what your preacher says at your church. The irony is that when the bible is speaking of "false religion" it is not always referring to non-Christian. Church is a business/ social gathering.
  2. Well I last played in August, not that long ago, but has the population dropped any since august? I am not sure if the 45 bucks is worth it to play again, someone please convice me, because I want to but, cant get myself to pay up, 30 bucks for expansions and 15 for 1 month BTW will the expansions work on my account if I buy this one? http://www.direct2drive.com/6/4556/product/Buy-STAR-WARS-Galaxies:-The-Complete-Online-Adventures-with-Exclusive-Bonus-Items!-Download
  3. I haven't played in a while, anyways please answer my questions, thanks. 1. Is the community getting smaller? or is it growing? 2. Can I buy the expansions and use them on my current account or do I have to make a new one? I want to use my same toons with the expansion 3. Do you think I should start playing again, I have been playing on and off since like 20 years ago. not really but since it came out. And i have no other games to play ATM.
  4. I am a veteran from the days of pre-cu blah blah blah, anyways I went to the book store and they had all the expansions for like 5 bucks! and I didnt buy it! and i dont have the expansions! and I feel dumb for not picking it up! and i went back to teh store, and its gone! oh noes! slap me! *slap*
  5. Just the other day George Bush senior and his wife came to the grocery store I work at in Houston, TX. They came in a black suburban, and secret service was on either end of the grocery isle while the old farts picked out their grocerys. Pretty cool, its a small world. Anyone else seen some famous people when they didnt expect it?
  6. Use GTK radiant 1.4.0, but Im not sure what you mean by easy. Easier than coding? yes, easier than mspaint? no then go here: http://www.richdiesal.map-craft.com/tutorials/index.html read and try everything, then you will be as good off as any mapper.
  7. yes! I used to be an architect and spent hours decorating. here is how it is done... Make a macro put this in it, "move forward 2" without quotes drag the macro down to your button thingy so that when you press f1 or whatever button it is, the object selected moves forward 2 spaces you can change 2 to whatever increment you want make more macros using "move back 2" "rotate left 10" "rotate right 10" that way you can also rotate things quickly now when you want to move stuff just click the button for the macro really fast and decorating is much faster
  8. Yes, it is the end. there is your answer. anyone who dosnt play swg right now, never will. mostly everyone who is playing swg, will soon quit. that is what will happen. i think....
  9. Well I havent played since agust either, but at the time i was playing, its only good if you have allllll the expansions. But i do still read the updates, and to be honest, it seems as if the poor developers are desperatly trying to bring the game back, but its dying. and thats my opinion.
  10. If you have any love of star wars whatsoever, get this game. Its old, but great fun gameplay especially after you put dismemberment mod on. MP is ok, but not as many folks still play.
  11. You should play it just for old times sakes, its not the same however. I did what you did, I quit and gave it another shot recently. It was fun but after 1 month I quit again because I dont have the expansions.
  12. neal8929


    thank you for your support guys, without yall I would have never finished that map.
  13. neal8929


    Im makin a map and I was texturing this big outdoor temple, lots of little surfaces. Well when I selected the last brush and click to texture it, gtk crashed. About 20 minutes of texturing now i have to start over! annoying aint it.
  14. Iv been inactive for 90 before, but I have played recently.
  15. People spend to much time talking in JA! You go on most servers and you see 10 people standing in the ffa3 bar with chat bubbles above their head talking to each other. Than I get kicked for killing them, grrr makes me angry. Go on AIM if you want to just talk!
  16. I havent tried setting it to one core
  17. Ninjarockstar is a melee medic, and I love killing jedi with him! only the ones that are similar level to me of course.
  18. Pretty simple, the game engine does not allow it. I'm pretty sure it would be impossible for them to add something like that into the game. Besides there is a lot of other things that need to be tended to in the game besides jumping.
  19. I have a level 63 char, and I'm trying to level him without the expansions. Is anyone else leveling without expansions, its a pain. Any tips would be appreciated. Please don't say buying expansions is a tip lol.
  20. Wait my account ended august 9th, so will I be able to get the 21 days?
  21. hey, couldn't you just see how many days you have, than divide that by 30. Because each card is 30 days. btw I'm from flurry also, my chars are ponaif oifa and ninjarockstar. I don't think I have seen you though.
  22. Im pretty sure my drivers are up to date any other suggestions?
  23. I like the JA walk better to, looks cooler when you are in a duel and start walking around.
  24. I dont want to use god the whole time, but I'll try that command. I also found g_skill on the internet, not sure if it works though
  25. Instead of downloading, couldnt you just type in console, devmapall, than sabercolor 1 red
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