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  1. I dunno what to say about Kotaku, they are normally pretty spot on, but this week they failed at both a Blu-Ray Xbox rumor and the Lucas Arts halting all internal development rumor. Be it that they did say that the xbox rumor was just that, while the other stuff was supposedly leaked. Honestly, Kotaku has more integrity than many of the larger sites.
  2. Honestly, All of the games that are on that list that have been released are franchises that will see new versions in the upcoming years. With EA backing Bioware, I can see them easily expanding a new team to work on KOTOR. I don't see why EA would mention a 4 year old game unless there was something up. If they are gonna bring up KOTOR, why not list Jade Empire? it is even newer, and just as acclaimed.
  3. While we all know you can't trust rumors, this month there was a reather specific rumor about KOTOR. Basically, the Rumor Mill guy says that Bioware is forming a new team to create a MMO version of KOTOR. While this is obviously just a rumor, it is exciting to think of the possibility. He also says that the same source told him that The PC Exclusive Dragon Age from Bioware will also be coming to the PS3 and that the new DS game is Baulder's Gate. So if those come true, it gives the MMO game a better chance.
  4. Where did bioware directly state that they wouldn't do it?
  5. Good Job at not reading any of the posts at all.
  6. I say that the game bieng made at all is a good rumor, don't really care who makes it.
  7. So the game shouldn't have any online aspects so that people can continue to live in sheltered worlds??? To solve the two problems, add more character customization. (None of the single player stroy should be online anyway). Also, don't make it a requirement.
  8. It has been suggested strongly that Mass effect will be in the spring (going Quarterly). TeamXBOX has been doing interviews with bioware, and something I found interesting is that the game is nearly done, and also that the team working on it is mostly Jade Empire and KOTOR veterans. He said to expect a game that takes the best from both games. All of the screens have the same PC in them, so I was under the influence that you had a pre-determined character. If not, I sure hope that he is a NPC in the game.
  9. Online Co-Op, but no more than that. Only parts of the game that do not focus heavily on Story, too. Maybe just side quests, or maybe certain quests can only be completed by two people (online or off). The Cantina is a good idea. Any next gen game has to have some form of online, even if it is just a good stream of DL content.
  10. I would like to see them release KOTOR 3 with the same graphics engine and try to justify me spending 50 dollars on it. The bar in graphics has been raised significantly since KOTOR 2. Mass Effect is the game to look at if you want to know where KOTOR 3's graphics should be. Story is all fine and great, but you can't simply ignore the fact that most gamers focus on graphics.
  11. People don't seem to understand that the situation has changed since bioware stated that they will focus on thier own ip. They never said that they won't do liscenced work again, just that they needed to work on establishing thier own franchises. Since that statement, they have gone through a merger, completed Mass Effect (with plans for two more)(also Dragon Age has come a long ways) and even said that they are looking to balance big name titles to thier own i.p..
  12. Ultimately, the developers should choose what forms of relations, gay or otherwise, fit the game most. If they support it in the story, they should put it in.
  13. like hot cofeee? lol... Whatever is put in, it would be found and traced back to the developers. I like the romance, it adds more replayability, and that is always good. Having romance arcs with different characters could completely change the storyline of the game.
  14. Mac=no games..... also, normally not a big deal, but you typed Just JSUT two times in a row.
  15. You guys don't realize what I am saying. Leave the damage how it is. Once you get the life all the way down, an animation with you hitting them and killing them should occur. up to that point, A hit should be represented by a samall hit (Obi-wan esque) or a barely blocked hit. The life would still go down as normal.....
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