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  1. Let's get the old RD ball rollin' again. Like, for real this time.
  2. It's like a miniture reunion in here, oh boy!
  3. I am afriad I don't lurk around there. Anymore at least. I've been absent from forums for months. >.>'
  4. I'm just a little peeved about it all! hisgh school sucks! >:V

    Oh, lucky! We've been inschool for two weeks!

  5. Oh god, I'm down already. Had a cold, so I missed two days of school.

    Badddd on my part, to get sick! D;


    I have at least fifteen pages of makeup work, plus tests, to makeup.

    That I can't get till Monday.


  6. I've been good, just started highschool, finally. Enjoying life, lol.

    And youuuu? C:

  7. ...Oh y god, how did I know you guys would do something like that. :l
  8. To revive the forum. If you don't know what CreepyPasta is, look it up.
  9. Marius! My friend, we haven't talked in what seems like ages!

  10. QFT There's a chance. But, Brutal Legend would have to be quite successful for that chance, in my opinion. I don't think it will be very sucessful, sadly. I'll still but it though.
  11. i wanna play it again. saddly, i lost it at my dad's house. i'm sad :C
  12. Not really a movie, but I've been watching Code Geass lately. I'm so confused by it, but I'm starting to catch on. the other half of me is going "Why can't you just be normal and start watching it from the beginnng Hururururg."
  13. .... and talk! Because lately we have been lacking in this field! Anyone seen any good movies lately? Rented Milk a couple weeks ago. It was good, could'v been better, but I stand by it.
  14. Welcome new memeber! We really don't talk that much about Psychonauts anymore. Hell, we haven't for about 2 years. ;A;
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