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  1. My Max Plushie arrived today I made him ride the 3-headed monkey. I'm more proud of this than I should be
  2. So my copy of the Anthology arrived today and I did the obligatory Twitter praise vomit post because it's wonderful I also made one of those silly unboxing video thingies if anyone is interested
  3. Yay! I managed to be able to order one this time
  4. also it looks like the jewel case has the titles in the right order
  5. Maaaaaaaan, I need mine to show up soon lol. Who knew Canada was so much farther away haha. Thank you all for sharing your pics though, I shall live vicariously through them until mine arrives
  6. I did this with Broken Age... sorta. The box is unsealed but the blu-ray box is still fully wrapped lol Me too, I also didn't realize fangamer still offered it and bought mine at a much higher price on ebay because I didn't do my research first in that case at least it was listed as a backers edition which the code that it came with seemed to confirm but yeah... that still stings a bit
  7. I think the value could be retained if they went the book route and called it a "second edition" that way first editions would still actively be sought after. As it is we will have the usual ebay suspects driving the cost up for the post-sale market (the amount of bs ebay pre-order listings for the anthology shows that at least a chunk went to scalpers). A second/third/etc. edition run scheme for their releases would allow for a planned continuous income from projects. This would both protect the early editions value (which for the most part benefits resellers and short term collectors looking to flip eventually, dedicated collectors are likely to keep unless they manage to get a better copy(ie lower numbering, one of rons notes he said he slipped onto some of the signatures, etc.) so the additional value to them is less of a concern. This also provides oppertunity for those same collectors to expand and snatch up the following editions. Typically things like changes in cover art are common between editions of books so differences like that could help protect the value of each release as well. I do however completely agree that just making more of the exact same product after the numbered 7000 or so would definitely cheapen the anthology as is and be an affront to those early adopters I think one easy change to differentiate a second edition is the removal of the Ron signature (which would save our lords wrist and let him go back to making games lol) which would be in line with a lot of collectors editions where there is a short run of signed copies available and then a larger unsigned batch.
  8. The best bet is probably through Paco's Instagram maybe he has the original somewhere
  9. Delving further into other Lucasarts properties is definitely appealing as well although I would do it probably as a different series. I also do nightly "after dark" streams of indie adventures and random "off topic" streams that could be anything from BrĂ¼tal Legend to a Castlevania game. A "LucasArts Archives Explored" series would be definitely cool and a worthy effort as well
  10. Hi all, As some may know I have been doing streaming playthroughs of the LEC adventure titles in Cronological order, well on Saturday I start Escape From Monkey Island which will cap off the list of LEC originals and I figured who better to ask if there is a chronological list of post LEC releases from devs who spread out to other companies than the guys that have followed and maintained a website about it for as long as I care to remember the internet? I'm sure I could have written that question better lol. We all know about telltale and doublefine and how they would figure into this list but other titles like Mata Hari and A Vampyre Story might get missed if not specifically mentioned. Does a list like this exist already? if not should we make one? I know such a thing would make my life easier in trying to continue my adventure chronology and possibly others hoping to do the same. It wouldn't even have to be adventure only really because it would be a shame to leave out excellent titles like insecticide and *gasp* psychonauts because they didn't fit a mold. distinctions like that could be made after at individual discretion. What do you guys think?
  11. Thanks Jake! after rereading the article about Mojos trip to Skywalker Ranch I am tempted to try to pick your brain for the maniac mansion episode I would love to just step foot in that library This definitely is something I'm learning as I go and I'm sure that shows a lot has changed in editing since I learned on avid suite in film school 2001ish ha so much to learn but it's a lot of fun
  12. Hi guys! As some of you who have me on Twitter know I have started a Twitch Channel where I have done playthroughs of Maniac Mansion Deluxe and Zak McKracken FM-Towns so far. I'm proud to say I have also launched my own Youtube Channel where you can currently see my MMD playthrough in digestible chunks, soon the Zak playthrough will be up as well. In addition to the streams I am planning to do a series of specials dedicated to the individual titles focusing on differences between versions, development factiods, etc. I also hope to reach out to our communities experts in the individual titles to see what they would want to see in such a retrospective and whether or not they would like to collaborate First up will be Maniac Mansion. I'm taking my time with the specials because I want them to be something built by the community. I dunno maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but I'm super excited to make my love letters to these wonderful games. even if noone watches I know it's going to be a lot of fun to put these together
  13. Just a quick shot of my condensed collection, many of the boxes hold multiple copies and various schwag. eventually ill make a more detailed post but considering a lot of that I got from a mixnmojo contest in the first place it wouldn't be much new. I still have the envelope and letter from Gabez its in one of the copies of the classic adventures bundle
  14. I love the New Logo, I was also joking at Craig Derrick about guybrush cameos in everything on Twitter and he replied jokingly that Guybrush could be like their Stan Lee or Deadpool:-) that would be awesome I also suggested legacy character costumes and skins for fallen order/bf2 because I have this weird want to see Bobbin or Zak McKracken try to star wars in my lifetime haha
  15. Lucasarts Museum shows it as a slipcover too Ive always wanted the triangle box but had no idea how flimsy it was. One day ill likely track one down but at least now i wont be surprised and disappointed when it shows... or this is a knock of or a reproduction at lower quality... now im of the mind that i may contact other collectors that have this that can confirm
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