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  1. The best bet is probably through Paco's Instagram maybe he has the original somewhere
  2. Delving further into other Lucasarts properties is definitely appealing as well although I would do it probably as a different series. I also do nightly "after dark" streams of indie adventures and random "off topic" streams that could be anything from BrĂ¼tal Legend to a Castlevania game. A "LucasArts Archives Explored" series would be definitely cool and a worthy effort as well
  3. Hi all, As some may know I have been doing streaming playthroughs of the LEC adventure titles in Cronological order, well on Saturday I start Escape From Monkey Island which will cap off the list of LEC originals and I figured who better to ask if there is a chronological list of post LEC releases from devs who spread out to other companies than the guys that have followed and maintained a website about it for as long as I care to remember the internet? I'm sure I could have written that question better lol. We all know about telltale and doublefine and how they would figure into this list but other titles like Mata Hari and A Vampyre Story might get missed if not specifically mentioned. Does a list like this exist already? if not should we make one? I know such a thing would make my life easier in trying to continue my adventure chronology and possibly others hoping to do the same. It wouldn't even have to be adventure only really because it would be a shame to leave out excellent titles like insecticide and *gasp* psychonauts because they didn't fit a mold. distinctions like that could be made after at individual discretion. What do you guys think?
  4. Thanks Jake! after rereading the article about Mojos trip to Skywalker Ranch I am tempted to try to pick your brain for the maniac mansion episode I would love to just step foot in that library This definitely is something I'm learning as I go and I'm sure that shows a lot has changed in editing since I learned on avid suite in film school 2001ish ha so much to learn but it's a lot of fun
  5. Hi guys! As some of you who have me on Twitter know I have started a Twitch Channel where I have done playthroughs of Maniac Mansion Deluxe and Zak McKracken FM-Towns so far. I'm proud to say I have also launched my own Youtube Channel where you can currently see my MMD playthrough in digestible chunks, soon the Zak playthrough will be up as well. In addition to the streams I am planning to do a series of specials dedicated to the individual titles focusing on differences between versions, development factiods, etc. I also hope to reach out to our communities experts in the individual titles to see what they would want to see in such a retrospective and whether or not they would like to collaborate First up will be Maniac Mansion. I'm taking my time with the specials because I want them to be something built by the community. I dunno maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but I'm super excited to make my love letters to these wonderful games. even if noone watches I know it's going to be a lot of fun to put these together
  6. Just a quick shot of my condensed collection, many of the boxes hold multiple copies and various schwag. eventually ill make a more detailed post but considering a lot of that I got from a mixnmojo contest in the first place it wouldn't be much new. I still have the envelope and letter from Gabez its in one of the copies of the classic adventures bundle
  7. I love the New Logo, I was also joking at Craig Derrick about guybrush cameos in everything on Twitter and he replied jokingly that Guybrush could be like their Stan Lee or Deadpool:-) that would be awesome I also suggested legacy character costumes and skins for fallen order/bf2 because I have this weird want to see Bobbin or Zak McKracken try to star wars in my lifetime haha
  8. Lucasarts Museum shows it as a slipcover too Ive always wanted the triangle box but had no idea how flimsy it was. One day ill likely track one down but at least now i wont be surprised and disappointed when it shows... or this is a knock of or a reproduction at lower quality... now im of the mind that i may contact other collectors that have this that can confirm
  9. Fair in my original post on the Lucasarts Adventure Fans #monkey-island discord I did mention i found the original credits screenshot on Twitter (it was Facebook and it was Mark's Picture apperently )which prompted me and user altoid to look up the company. Your credit is properly placed and im a boob lol. Either way its super cool to know and I wouldn't be surprised if these important looking pirates were members here as well
  10. EDIT: I am more of a boob lol as Mark's screenshot is what I seen to promp me to look this up in the first place. Thoroughly egg faced This thread on Twitter even got tims attention. Yes Mark A Sandford from Facebook either you and I had the same late moment of discovery at the same time or you seen this post and shared glad it was a surprise for someone though
  11. And first let me say no I'm not hijacking to star wars lol, The VFX crew for the Mandalorian have a great name... Important Looking Pirates! And looking at their contact page on their website confirms the Monkey Island reference! I probably should have just searched as I'm sure you guys are fully aware of this lol EDIT: I am apperently an undereducated boob as apperently they have been involved with star wars for a while. Yay I got to learn something new today! lol
  12. I think you all touch on great points, cmi Elaine really didn't have many lines so when the accent came through in tomi and the remaster it definitely was jarring especially after emi where Elaine really had the most dialog she's ever had (save perhaps tomi but its hard to say)
  13. Hi all, not sure if anyone is aware but Elaine Marley's primary VO actress Alexandra Boyd has a YouTube channel. She only has about 139 subscribers so maybe people weren't aware. She also has a personal website that talks about what other work she has done as well.
  14. I actually spent a lot of yesterday on the wayback machine looking at mojos past and as many of the webring sites as they would muster. mostly i could just get at lists. I remember in like 1998 or so i had built a site in computer science that was called the monkey island catacombs that had a red theme and a midi of the catacombs theme that would autoplay, i think i submitted it to the webring but im not sure. i do know that my school wouldnt have hosted it for long, hell it may have been on a private network so it could have been impossible for the ring to see the submission i made lol. Had no idea how to get hosting back then lol. My parents are hoarders, i wonder if they still have that red floppy disk... if it still reads
  15. OMG, I am so glad the emoji i contributed survived the move to the new software such a big smile right now My nostalgia has led me to look back at old posts, i almost necro'd this old "Introduce Yourself" post of Gabez's to do an update. 12 years is such a long time it would be cool to do another post like that, or even just updates from those still around Im loving just pouring over all the great posts i missed during that time like ATMachines resurgence and article like posts like the secret project thread. Im just repeating myself at this point but i truly am greatful for all you guys have done for this community all the way back to skyfox and the webrings (just a lurker reading from a library computer way back then)
  16. This is a point I tried to make over and over until I gave up shouting into their echo chamber. This absolutely is not censorship, no one forced it upon you, you excercized your perogative as the authors and it was your liscence to do so. I have this wonderful fantasy image in my head of a starchie spudnoggin blog post addressing this issue by posting a page out of surfing the highway but with the guns replaced with walkie talkiea just because its his work and he could if he so chooses, that is his right. Doing so does nothing to take away from the original art. I would totally buy prints of that . God I miss spud-o-vision lol P.S. Already had it on pc I just bought it again for the switch my two oldest are getting switch lites for Christmas so they might need a copy each as well
  17. I see lots mentioning various discords they are on like double fines (ill have to find that one). I have found a mojo one with a lot of the same names. Honestly I'm just getting into discord so I don't have much built up yet, I dig the irc vibes of it. Does anyone have any suggestions or invites to ones like minded mojoers should join? I realize there is an element of private to discord as opposed to irc hence the invite system is #monkey-island still kicking somewhere?
  18. I'm 38, have 5 young children and if I ever caught them acting this way online (little too young yet thankfully) i would seriously consider revoking some privileges until they learned to respect others opinions. Mind you this comes from someone who co-owns a tattoo shop and whose primary income is basically stabbing people for money. By definition im supposed to be all edgy and whatnot (I'm probably not but I'm supposed to be) and I would still never act like that. Now I see they have gone so far as to threaten people on Twitter that haven't refunded the game wtf I just woke up and seen that retweet and it was like someone relieved themselves in my cornflakes. Also I knew that guy wasn't you Lagomorph01 he had changed his name from Badman to that a couple pages into that thread, probably to come off as more of a fan. Complaining is one thing, done constructively it could even make a difference, this way they are acting though... Skunkape needs its own forums or something to draw in true fans to create a positive atmosphere. I dunno, I just woke up and maybe this doesn't make sense, I probably should have waited to post lol. I tried to not swear at least, that was not easy sigh. You all are awesome, those others need to learn what a community can be
  19. 10 years ago they were only just figuring out Facebook, before that they would barely touch computers let alone the internet. Then on top of it they somehow convinced themselves they are the rebels.... but I digress. I am so grateful for the atmosphere this community has maintained. Even larger disagreements are typically approached with discussion not someone standing on a hill shouting their point with earmuffs on telling everyone who disagrees they are vile. I guess what im saying is I rarely if ever read something here that hurts my soul like that other place did. mojo4life
  20. Hi guys, title says it all. I just came from the cancer that is the steam forums and if anything it just made me appreciate this community so much more. Thank you for all the things that all of you do to keep the presence up during even the down times. Thank you for years of content. Thank you for giving me endless hrs of content to read for so many years. Thank you just for so much. Yeah okay I clearly have been on a nostalgia trip which has led to my resurgence and posting way too much on everything, this time is different though as its a nostalgia for this community and what its been over the years. I promise my next post will be less gushy and more directly game related, sorry about that. I think I just really missed this. not that it went anywhere I'm glad life finally brought me back to it. Oh and if anyone knows contact info for Freddie @ lucasartsmuseum can you fire him a message to approve my account all my old collection threads died with the old vbulletin software and I really need to fix and update that
  21. OMG it would be incredibly cool if someone could find a way to patch those largo-lechuck scenes back into mi2, say as a revamp of the ultimate talkie edition project... yes i realize that requires someone to aquire the assets from the source code. even the fact that they exist means this could someday be a possibility. That is very very cool may never happen but i love the idea that it exists and someone could do it if given the oppertunity and had the skill Also hi everyone, hope your last decade or so has been good lol
  22. Yeah Ive seen that recently too, from what i understand freddie the admin over there lost access to the content management system somehow so basically the forum is where to go to see new info, Tseki took over as Mod there a while back he might know whats up.
  23. Ack! Its like looking at a museum of auctions Ive lost Sorry to hear you have to let go of them Thriftweed_, heres to hoping that their next owners treat them with the same care im sure you do. I fear the day i have to start selling stuff off, they may have to pry my MI collection from my cold dead hands. Best of luck with the auctions, the selection is very interesting ~GloKidd
  24. Thanks Haggis Nah, that would mean id have to make productive use of skills i got in film school which is something ive sworn to never do hehe Funnily enough this vid became my most viewed youtube upload within a day of uploading
  25. Thanks Gabez I think thats almost word for word what i was thinking at that moment actually
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