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  1. I want to know how *deep* this recreation of Mêlée goes. Looking at today's clip and how well it recreates SMI's rendition it could be pretty direct on town layout. Very cool
  2. So this panel is bound to be waaaaaaay too cool Imagine Ron chatting to Roberta about the old "Why Adventure Games Suck" article or with Al about LSL and humor in early games or even asking Jane Jensen why Gabriel Knight has SMI Guybrush hair in the first game? Are there any other Mojo-ers/ees that will be going to see it? I managed to convince the right people that i have to go and managed to buy my Badge/Flight/Hotel today It will be my first time to Seattle or even to a Con. Definitely a few bucket list points will be checked off on this trip
  3. I completely forgot that part, so I'm going to say #3 Is captain Madison only by the similarity to the silhouette that we see throwing Guybrush off a cliff or something. More people should jump on this thread it was a lot of fun trying to guess
  4. I totally just stumbled onto a pun that might end up having something to do with the Key Queen/King(not sure): Monarch-Key ... I'll let myself out
  5. I know they were just suggestions but I'm going to use your numbering as reference and come up with something for everything 1:[Violinist] Viola (for a blatant name) 2: Crate guy's name is steve but LeChuck calls him "Not-Largo" 3: Judge Reinhold (naturally) 4:I got nothing for the Key Queen(or king, it is hard to tell) ummm.... Lord Kiki? nah... I dunno but I can't wait to know more 5: Bernard the former Bloody lip chef had a rough go after we got him fired, lechuck is giving him a chance even if he had to reanimate him to do so. 6-8: I think they will be referred to by number (Important Looking Pirate #1,2,3) until a twist happens and #3 is revealed to be an heir of an old enemy 9: in my breakdown I thought maybe this might be an aged Morgan but I admit that is a stretch and the years would have had to be very hard on her. I'd prefer this not to be the case. 10-11: Are "Kaid" and "Blok" respectively, professional embargo-eers. (I skimmed through the first time and mixed them up, the big guy would definitely be Blok) 12: Ward the locksmith. The voodoo lady doesn't trust him, His keys hold a magic she is unable to understand 13: Castor the fisherman, afraid to ply his craft as Lord Kiki has imposed strict regulations around Fishing (namely: all fish are propery of the Monarchy) 14: Dale. That's it, no story just Dale. And he hates when you think it's because of this dumb old cartoon noone remembers
  6. I made a breakdown video with my thoughts and observations https://youtu.be/RNq9zROn_RE
  7. If you havent checked the web page it has been updated and is built like a dialog tree with Stan!!!!! https://returntomonkeyisland.com/
  8. Okay, so when the announcement first dropped I had decided to start letting my beard grow "playoff beard" style until the game came out. Yesterday however after a heat wave was killing me I decided to shave it and now today we have the trailer. Sorry guys, I think my juju backfired lol. Cursed beard of silence... begone!!!! Enough of that silliness now though, the trailer is wonderful and has so much to glean from it, everyone looks incredible!!!!! Wow I am excited Also I agree that November seems more likely now, im rooting for the 2nd as that's my birthday lol and I can't think of a better way to spend my 40th. I of course hope for before then as well as I can't wait
  9. That Grim 2 is something i want now... damned AI lol Here are a couple quick ones: Write a crossover between "Big Trouble in Little China" and "The Secret of Monkey Island" When Jack Burton rolls into town in search of his missing friend, he's not expecting to find himself in the middle of a centuries-old battle between good and evil. But that's exactly what he's gotten himself into when he discovers that his friend has been kidnapped by none other than the evil pirate LeChuck. Now, Jack must team up with the self-proclaimed mighty pirate Guybrush Threepwood to rescue his friend and put an end to LeChuck's evil plans. But it won't be easy, because as Jack soon discovers, LeChuck is a lot more powerful than he looks. Together, Jack and Guybrush will have to use all of their skills to outwit LeChuck and his minions. They'll need to be brave, they'll need to be resourceful, and most of all, they'll need to be lucky. Because if they're not, they're both going to end up as monkey food. write a "next generation" follow up to the "monkey island" series featuring Guybrush and Elaines children In "Monkey Island: The Next Generation", Guybrush and Elaine's children take on the mantle of adventure from their parents. The game follows the twins, Threepwood and Pirate, as they search for the fabled treasure of the Monkey Island. Along the way they must contend with the evil pirate LeChuck, who is also after the treasure. The game is a comedic point-and-click adventure, with the twins often bickering with each other as they solve puzzles and battle enemies. The game also features cameos from Guybrush and Elaine, as well as other characters from the Monkey Island series.
  10. My security cameras caught mine lol
  11. maybe not an unpopular thought but an unsettling one. The Bernard/Hoagie/Laverne amalgamation was just another 3 headed monkey joke and I think it was lost on a lot of people
  12. Hi Dom! I get super wary over spoilers as well, especially given my mild social media addiction, it can be a minefield out there whenever something new drops. As much as I have always wanted to work on a Monkey Island myself in some capacity(I would take any oppertunity in a heartbeat), I know I would be trading off that feeling of experiencing the story for the first time as a fan. It would be a hard choice on something like this especially with Ron back. Thank you for making that hard choice and coming back as our definitive voice of Guybrush
  13. Okay after hooking up my old sega cdx and firing up the sega cd version I just want to discourage anyone ever considering playing it that way for speed. the loading between transitions and even just wandering around is insane. Additionally my LRG versions would not play which is likely an effect of how they made them. Most sega cd consoles don't really have copy protection so you can play backups unintentionally, later revisions like my CDX however added security which blocked burnt disc's etc. Not saying the LRG edition is a burnt copy but it may not be signed in whatever way sega used eventually to verify authenticity. my original release plays just fine
  14. ooooh or the Sega CD version... on native hardware the entire run would consist of fighting loading times
  15. My strategy for the cook: open kitchen door, get yelled at. Look at fire: cozy. Wait 5-8 seconds and the cook will emerge every time
  16. Super weird that it Keeps turning MI2 LeChuck into Herman Also the tales cover gets very Dr Who-ish in its iterations I wonder why the AI has such a tendency for G Titles as well... Very very cool stuff thank you for sharing!
  17. Has anyone posted this wonderful new interview yet? I love the detailed answers Grossman is giving to the questions. One of my favorite Ron quotes: tbc I never want the series to end so forward thinking design that will leave room for more story and an expanded pool of new creators contributing is something I definitely appreciate. All together I found this interview to be of better quality than other recent efforts and worth the short read. Still no new images but one day we will get that I imagine
  18. Still took some doing even with the hint and a random unrelated guess to find more letters lol I beat #Mojole and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 4/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  19. I have been well and thouroghly steeped in all things monkey island and a few related games as well. I've been playing a lot of different versions of SMI gathering footage for various projects, so basically when I'm not playing the game I'm probably playing with footage of it in editing software lol. In that regards im just throwing the finishing touches on my tales playthrough and then ill be releasing that on youtube. I just finished a Thimbleweed park playthrough, have a PS2 EMI playthrough I've put on hold temporarily and have streamed or been streaming playthroughs of MI2 and currently Sam and Max This Time its Virtual.
  20. Relevant then would be this video I *just* seen of someone running SMI in a reimplemented Thimbleweed engine
  21. Some form of analog stick usage, lips that flap and oh yeah Guybrush confirmed:
  22. Oh Absolutely I really should probably just do that too lol, I just know whenever i miss something i either pay waaaay to much in the aftermarket eventually or dont get it at all, there is some stuff that I missed at the telltale store back in the day that i honestly might never be able to get without spending a fair amount and it literally eats at me lol. Dont even get me started on those Voodoo dolls... lol I honestly usually end up opening these when they come in these days people have gotten so good at resealing there will be no real way to know the plastic is original unless it's become brittle enough to fall off anyway so I find it hard to really see the value in keeping the plastic on in a lot of cases. I ended up doing an unboxing video for the StW releases when they arrived and will likely do the same for these I was just originally hoping to get seperate switch copies to fill the slip cover but am prepared to use the one out of the big box if I need too
  23. Thank you and I completely agree it's awesome to see the forum so lively and the fansites as busy as... well... the media trickle will let them be the explosion of fan content pumping new art, video content, etc has been amazing. I watched a bit of the LRG Beyond Time and Space stream yesterday which was fun as well, I wanted Emily, Dan or Jon to take over gameplay though lol.
  24. Oh thats brutal... I need too see more... lucky Devolver person...
  25. So I was able to pull the trigger tonight on the Switch and PC BTaS LRG big boxes and am planning to do the same with the TTIV boxes as well later this month. If I can I may try to get the standard releases as well but so far they were sacrifices I had to make to make hopefully be able to this work with 2 titles releasing this way at the same time. I'm glad to do it though, I really love these games, the memories of community that they bring back and the care that's been taken in their updating. The eventual shelf full of Sam and Max stuff alone will be worth it
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