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  1. Guided Munitions? They would at least track. It's obviously a carpet bombing and if they are going to keep it, they need to make it damage the enemy army at the very least.
  2. I've played Galactic Conquest a couple of times now multiplayer with a friend and ran into some irritating issues. First off, I really think the Devs should consider removing the ability to run over infantry from the game, at least with TIE Maulers. The maps are rather small, there's very little room to maneuver, and even when they are not under cover infantry simply do not move fast enough to escape this instanteous death. Why bother to shoot anything with the maulers? Just run it all over. And at the great speed they move you can have someone do this to you at multiple locations and not have a chance of defending your infantry. If you want AT-AT's to retain the ability fine, or add a disperse command at the very least. The Speeder bikes are a perfect example of balanced. They're weak, but if the drop their thermals in groups they can do just as much damage as the Maulers to infantry, but have a fair shot of surviving and doing damage back. Rebels depend on infantry heavily, I honestly think in my lowly opinion this should be looked at. Especially since the Rebels have no vehicle that compares in speed to Maulers or AT-STs that can completely decimate ranks of stormtroopers by simply moving over top of them. Bombing runs. This has to be the lamest thing in the game. Yes, I realize that air units can engage them, and you can build AA guns on the maps, but that's a huge trade off from healing spots, or anti-infantry and vehicle to having as much AA as you can to keep from losing most of your army in one run. The aoe of a bombing run is enormous, it guarantees death to most units and actually comes back for use again? I realize the attackers need a boost to kill defenders but bombers are rediculous, especially since they can be used against armies far away from AA emplacements, and since the maps are small, your units are usually close together causing total loses. Bombers are also a rather big advantage for the Empire, since during a space battle they simply need to have a ship that is capable of spawning them to survive, they are more or less guaranteed this since 2/3 of their larger ships do. With the Rebellion, we have to make sure our Y-Wings survive a fight, which we know even if we try our hardest is very tough since they are slow, and everything that can kill them is fast. And I'm not completely sure, but during the last bombing run I witnessed Vader was in the middle of it and he didn't seem to take any damage. I realize he's a strong hero unit, but I'm curious to know if bombing runs do in fact damage the armies who have sent them? If not, then this should DEFINITELY be looked at, 'cause that's just lame.
  3. You may want to experiment with having your medium cruisers just ahead of your Star Destroyers. At least when fighting against the computer, the first thing they generally send at you is the corvettes. ISDs while the most powerful ship in the game, are not able to target the smallest capital ships as well as medium cruisers. If you have your Vic's out front, they'll make short work of the Corvettes faster than the Star Destroyers. Once the smaller ships are dispatched have your mediums fall back a little and let your larger capital ships pull front and center to engage their own medium cruisers. Just an observation Having your ISDs out front doesn't hurt at all, since Vettes aren't a threat to them until the shields are down. (I've noticed the smaller faster firing craft are very effective at eradicating unshielded hardpoints) it just seems a more efficient to have the medium cruisers engage the ships they're meant to destroy.
  4. There isn't a 40 planet map in multiplayer as far as I can tell. The biggest one seems to be 20. I assume they didn't include it because they felt that most people on the internet would not dedicate the enormous amount of time required to finish such a map. However, this is a highly moddable game, and I'm sure if someone hasn't done it already, that very soon there will be a custom multiplayer map that will include all of the maps. In fact, the Devs may even release one if you stir up enough polite fuss on the boards.
  5. The game isn't meant to be super uber strategy. The bulk of the strategy is being able to bring the proper units against what you're being attacked with. It's more of a reflex strat than a Rome Total War Clone. I don't think it was ever billed as that either, being as this came from the former C&C guys you ought to have an idea of what you expected in gameplay. Either way, the game is still quite good, and playing in Galactic Conquest in multiplayer adds alot of depth to the game strategically. As for PLEX soldiers being over powered, I hardly think so. Run them over. They die quickly. You may lose an AT-ST or a Mauler or two, but they can not get out of the way in time generally to escape being squashed. Also, a dear friend of mine last night was taking groups of five speeder bikes and dumping detonators in the middle of all my infantry during fire fights. Since they were under cover they were slow, and I failed almost every time to move them away fast enough from the explosions. AT-STs are hardly worthless. If a group of 5 AT-STs are brought against an equal amount of Rebel hover tanks, the AT-STs will win every time. It's called Barrage. A group of AT-STs can decimate just about anything if they use that command together. Before you start complaining about balance, which this game is by the way through and through, there is a counter to everything I've come across so far, I'd play for a few more hours.
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