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  1. Proposal , : forget about all my other proposals , heres some proper ones for space , since ive now played the patch a bit. - The laser turrets , decrease accuracy vs fighters by 10% ,. Shield regen rate should be decreased 50%. Reasoning , During Tier 1 game , reward for capturing a Turret influences the game too much but little skill is used to actually capture one. -
  2. Proposal : Heres a neat idea. Bring the Nebs and Acclams and corvs down to level 1 to really give tier 1 some substance. Reasoning: In any rts there are three stages of play. - the expansion stage - Mid game battle - Late game victory/defeat At the moment the expansion stage consists only of fighters and makes this stage very weak . Once at tier2 things get more fun because of the nebs acclams and corvs but at this stage the expansion stage has already finished and the we are on to the mid game. My proposal is to make the expansion stage more interesting by allowing players to use acclams and nebulons as part of their Expansion Strategy rather then just the fighters and bombers. This is my opinion is good because That will make Victory cruisers and mk assault frigates useful for the mid game battle and heroes , with late game being the isds and moncals if it reaches that stage. ps- because acclams and nebs are brought in with corvs you have to make corvs about 1600 creds and tarts only 1300 to justify the neb easy counter to tartans.
  3. Proposal : go back to 1.03 and add replays..and if you want to add other stuff , consult Skilled players ..anyone with TFL cze RsH infront of their names , NOT noobs. Reasoning : Most successful patch. Peak of the community. what possessed you to release 1.04 and 1.05 god only knows..but when a lobby has 40 people in it..6 months after its release. (total annihilation has 40 people in it..after 9 years)..you know something is wrong.
  4. Fighters in 1.04 You had a limited number, and because of tier 1 corvs and tartans you dont really want to build more. this was in noway a bad thing since it made you think about what you had to use them for uses - Primarily you used them to seek mines , then drop off a raiding corv. They can be used to tag turrets they can be used to supplement the battle between a corv and tartan..might give you that "edge" they can be used to distract turrets they can be used to sit near mines to give players options to hyper stuff in they can sit on mines, and wait for the right time to build on them when they are safe. they can contest a mine stalling an enemy from building on it the important thing however is that you only have 3 fighters meaning you have to be Smart in what you use them for. Fighters in 1.05 Crap crap crap .With no tier 1 corvs and tartans all you do is make fighters. Drag and drop , drag and drop. watch a big spam of uncontrolled dogfights where you see these little icons stack up. Wow great fun. Build , drag and drop...boring. No more limitations on fighters making you think smartly how to use them..all you do is make tons and send them in. No need to smartly move them since you can drop em anywhere. Its as fun as rearranging windows folders. no wonder people have to tier up ..cos its ****. Fighters are ****e , and in FoC guess what! they are makeing them stronger meaning your FORCED to build and watch the uncontrolled dogfights and spam.
  5. Proposal : Leave corvs/tartan tier1. Bring Nebulons down to tier 1 . reduce hardpoints to 2 . decrease neb size , and give it meauvrability AI similar to corvs , including speed. Set mine killing ability similar to corvs. Do the same for acclams. Bring down assualt and remodify its usage. make it purely ion weapons, so cant damange hulls. Bring down gunboat and make it cheaper . Bring down victory to tier 1 ,give assorted weapons ,make quite expensive. make it smaller too. Reasoning : This is supposed to be a game of fast slick play. Lets not have ****ty uncontrollable fighter spam, nor have boring techupgrade to slow lumbering units that remain static at locations. Have all units with a good relative speed , so that they can travel from mine to mine in the same way experts use to do in 1.03 with corvs and tartans. If noobs complain about eaw being a single unit game, then bring down tier 1 options like nebs and gunboats but make them function properly Balance : balance will sort itself out , give people ability to mix and match units that are controllable and people will adapt.
  6. Woah woah apoc.... Ok firstly Delphi , addressing the issue of Balancing. I have every faith that you guys will fail to balance the game , until you understand what I have to say. Balancing MUST take into consideration , even totally base itself upon UNIT FUNCTION. this is important and something ill take into heavy consideration when I beta-test two upcoming games. Now lets take the imfamous 1.04 . The patch that wiped 80% of the top100 in the space ladder who now play other games. Corvettes and Tartans. - Now someone who doesnt take into account unit function , one would see balance by clashing the two units together. No doubt 1v1 they are balanced in 1.04. You even told the RsH that, when they complained. However now lets take into account function. Corvs and tarts ARENT meant to fire on each other. THats a secondary function. Their function is to raid mines. they are RAIDERs . A corvs ability to raid a mine , is imbalanced vs a Tartans ability to raid a mine. The result is that the empire player Always eventually ends up with extra tartans because corvs are just too slow stopping the empires economy, or tartans kill the corv before the mine blows. 2 Xwings and 3 Ties - Now someone who doesnt take into account unit function , onw would see by clashing 3 ties and 2 xwings together..no doubt you will find that its balanced. However take unit function into account , and you find that Xwings and Ties dont fight each other..they are actually SEEKERS. They seek mines so that corvs can be dropped to raid them. 2 Seekers with locked coils seeking mines, is imbalanced vs 3 Seekers seeking mines. the 3 seekers can cover more mines. A sad mistake i did once, was showing you delphi how 3 corvs can kill an acclam. The thing is..If I tried to take on an acclam with 3 corvs , I would have already consdiered myself lost. 3 corvs can be Raiding 3 mines. Whats the point of killing one acclam with 3 corvs if it means the enemy can otherwise rack up 5 credits worth of acclams. And another thing, is when we were arguing over the Unit function of acclams and nebs.and THAT you cannoth balance them By how they just "clash". I think this has made acclams have only one bomber..which is sad , since I considered an acclams primary function as a bomber carrier , rather then a battle frigate. Their secondary fucntion is to repel but not neccesrily be able to kill corvs. So to summarise..if you guys have anychance of balancing the game ,bar making units totally identicle then you must take into account the unit function and balance that! Not balance just the unit firepower. Balance the Tartan vs mine with Corv vs mine , The Coverage of a Tie with the coverage of Xwings. Tho this was all 1.03. Now the fighters function is something abominable i cant even categorise. maybe a build, drag and drop spam function . Its function is spam...sigh. Anyway..as for the whole issue of 1.03 , if I was a developer id make a setting that allowed for a 1.03 setting. Otherwise Id make fighters worth controlling. just a note for fighters..since everyone says they are crap ..the wrong thing to do is to overpower them , the correct thing to do is make them more controllable so players can make them better themselves. I know you guys were planning to "beef" fighters up in FoC..sigh .just think about it..
  7. Ok , take Red Alert..something PG knows alot about .Ok now use your imagination... Red Alert Heavy Tanks which people loved to use. Grab a War Factory , spam some tanks and have some really fun micro with them. Now imagine Noobs complained that they could not tech up to the Tanya and Mammoth Tank because expert players would use Heavy Tanks with skilled micro to kill their refineries and stuff whilst the noob spends all his money on the tech center and power stations. They complain to PG that 1v1 is flawed because they cant get their high tech stuff vs expert players. PG responds by making the Warfactory only available after you get the tech centre. No more early heavy tank spams that were fun. Only thing you can do now is tech up with the tech centre and once that happens you dont build heavy tanks anyway since you already have mamoth tanks.Those noobs are happy now , because the expert can no longer use the "skillful" units to beat him before he gets his beloved mamoth and tanya. Infantry spams cant really do much in the early game and are pretty boring, so both parties have to make tech centers. Because its a mammoth fest, there isnt really much skill. Those tanks move too slow to be considered "microable" ,and it just a case of bash the armies together. PG happy that the expert community is apparently "floundering" in the water because every skillful thing they learnt in redalert is out of the window. This is exactly whats happened to EaW.
  8. With balance im fed up. It doesnt take 5 patches to get balance right. With the fun element im disappointed. Corvs and tarts were fun in tier 1 . only having them at tier 2 is no fun since tarts become useless. And why are people saying "new strategies" with 1.05. . The Tier 2 in EaW is exactly the same as tier 2 in 1.03 and 1.04. Only difference now is that Tier 1 is so ridiculously boring to play out, that people move up a tier.
  9. 1.05 is terrible , and what annoys me is that i predicted the whole mess a good 2 months ago when they had the idea of tier 2 corvs and tartans. Im not going to wait for 1.06 thats what I said for 1.04 and they made a total hash out of that
  10. Omg where to start. Firstly just starting the game..it hangs for about 20 seconds when all the battle starts in background. Yes only 20 seconds but everytime game starts. Then it seems to be ok after that...fps seems lower then before tho. I click multiplayer and more hanging before it gets to the connect and user name screen. Click that and it hangs even more...before telling me that it cant connect to gamespy network. Whats going on? Ive managed to get on 1.4 multilobby once, and thats by switching from uk to usa lobby in network options then it worked...but now that trick doesnt work. and ive got to go through 3 hangs just to get to a cant conect screen . bring back 1.3 . keep the invisible fix. Nerf Solo . have map editor...there ITS NOT HARD !. And who is actually play testing the balances?
  11. Population when i started on the first day was about 550 peak. The patch 1.1 and 1.2 killed off half the people so its down to 250. I know 4 people from my clan who gave up the game because of v1.2. Now we are kinda got a sustained population but it only peaks at about 200. My general feeling about starwars games is that its like marmite, you either like it or you hate it so you would already bought it or will never buy it..so I dont think unless an expansion comes out we will see any rise in peak population.
  12. Our clan is looking for players with good sportmanship and character but also players who are not afraid to take that extra step and learn the inside outs of the game. Our clan mainly plays teambased games, 2v2 and 3v3 and we use and develop strategies aswell as share techniques and help each other out in the forum. We are currently registered to play in the BSC battleleague and would like some skilled players to add depth to the roster. Out online times are mostly 10pm-1am gmt. Current Roster is small and we like it that way. Each member is accounted for and we dont have loose players/noobs who just join for the "tag". Dont you just hate it when you join a clan and theres people in it who are nubs and they dont care to know you. Once invited or accepted...each member goes through a trial period whereby skill and potential is tested but more importantly its a good time to get to know the current members and get a feel of the clan. The Trial ends when the player feels he belongs to TFL. Our clan prides ourselves on the fact that members are intergrated and not just loosely recruited. Roster : [TFL]Wikid (me) [TFL]Apocalyspe (captain) [TFL]ComSB [TFL]SkullRazer [TFL]Matt [TFL]MrPink87 [TFL]DetroitDemon [TFL]BadMothaFucha If you wish to join our clan , please feel free to visit our website www.tfl.elsven.com and click on "join us". Post an application and members of TFL will request that you add us to Xfire. Then we can get some games with you , then place you on a Trial. Good Luck. amentments : You have to be over 15 or over to join.sorry its policy. direct link to recruitment forum http://tflclan.myfreeforum.org/forum12.php
  13. Ok so far the rules in the ladder have been successful but after a few tweaks in 1v1 with a few players ive found "no free units rule" makes it even better. Atm we have "free units". 2 problems. Problem 1 With "free units" the game becomes the same at the start each time. 1 unit goes to the first patch , 1 unit goes to the enemy, and the other moves somewhere inbetween or supports. Its always the same and monotonous. Problem 2 A skillful player will try to make his fighter survive (thats a general rts rule ) keep your units alive , avoid the corvs etc, need i mention sun tzu. A less skilled player will lose all his fighters carelessly. But then what happens , the less skilled gains 3 reinforcements whilst the skilled player is stuck with one fighter on red health. Stupid.. Tactics have been developed wherby you kami fighters at the right time inorder to benefit from reinforcments or you try to kill your own fighters inorder for the 3 in garrison to undock but seriously....this game should atleast try to be realistic in simulating a proper tactical space battle, and not have quirks like that. Benefits of no free units What ive expierence in non ladder 1v1 with no free units..is more decision making and starting tactics. The fact the empires ties are cheaper becomes an advantage for empire..and this actually solves some of the imbalance between the two races at the start. Now reb really have to start taking advantage of the speed booast, or the xwings ability to beat ties. Another great thing is surviving. Now you have to take care of your fighters, you cant just kami them knowing that 3 new ones will pop out of your base. Leave them hiding in nebulas so that at the right time they can drop off corvs to hit patches. Eventually you may have to buy new fighters ( something thats never done in current rules ladder ) inorder to gain range bonuses. Suddenly at level 1 you may have to build something other then a corvette or tartan. My suggestion is people should start to experiment with the no free units rule, and possibly include no heroes rule and see how the game plays. I personally have found it much more fun and tactically challenging. Id really like to see it be part of ladder rules in the future.
  14. edited : dead subforum 9 views in 18 hours , 4 of them from myself....
  15. musics nice..makes it feel very fantasy like. This community really needs a "dowsanctuary" type place also tho.
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