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  1. I did not send them ona steal mission, no clock shading, nothin. I even tried to speed up the game and let it run a bit to see if they come back, they didnt 8(. I guess the campaign is broken. How could they left in such a huge bug, i could even repeat the same thing with Mon Mothmna, she dissapeard too.
  2. Hi! I hope somebody can help me on this. I dont know if its a bug or its just me being a Llama. Im on the rebel side, early in the game. My mission is to steal some plans with the Droids R2D2 and C3PO from planet Mon Calamari BUT my heroes dissapeared. I cant find them anywhere. I noticed that if i drag a hero onto an orbit slot with the little yellow figure at the left bottom , the hero dissapears. Why is that? Can i recieve them somehow or is this a bug and they are gone forever ?. Too bad i dont have any earlier saves when i still had the droids. PLS help. Thanx
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