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  1. No problem, I like making sigs, especially when I have a reason to make them. I'll see what I can find.
  2. How about something like this? Or this? Or did you want a different main picture of boss. I can do that also if you want.
  3. That looks pretty cool. I'll have to keep an eye on how it progresses.
  4. All of our members have RC for PC.
  5. ROFL! So true. Anyway, we're still recquiting, and growing rapidly. Join!
  6. I could try. Do you have any pics that you want to be used?
  7. Do you want to join Delta Squad?
  8. I've been playing this game for over half a year now, and I still love it! Nowadays, I go by [Ds]Niner or [Ds]<Niner>[Alpha] or [-/=][Ds][=\-][-/=][Niner][=\-]. LOL, whatever I come up with. I still play as Niner once in a while too.
  9. Is this fanfiction? If so, I know a place where you'll get more viewers. Btw, I haven't read this yet, but it looks interesting. I will.
  10. I don't really care to remember my first few days of school. They were crazy. To tell the truth, they weren't too bad though. Basically, it was a regular first day of school, until soccer practice. I thought that it was at a different time, so I was running all over town trying to get from the school to my house to get my stuff, and then to the soccer field. Soccer wasn't bad, but after all the running from place to place, I was quite tired. Then we added twelve kilometers to that at practice.
  11. Welcome. Have fun and follow the rules, stuff like that.
  12. I was thinking that user bars were these little pics shown in this tutorial: http://www.royalgfx.com/Forums/index.php?showtopic=203
  13. Subway owns! I love their subs! lol
  14. This is a thread where you can post your user bars, or whatever you call them, lol. There are so many because you can make them about anything, really. Also, what font do you use for them? Most of them are the same, but there are lots that look similar but have slight differences. I don't really know too much about it.
  15. Yep, five hours a day, six days a week, for the past three weeks. I think we figured that we ran about 150 kilometers in the past three weeks, just in conditioning. Not counting all the drills, and scrimages, and suicides, etc. I think it's going to drop to two or three hours a day with school. My school is very serious about its soccer team, lol.
  16. How exactly does it get rid of evidence of sites you've been too? I can still look it up in the history and all my google searches are still there.
  17. Mine would probably look like my custom commando. See the custom commando project thread.
  18. Post your owning screenshots here! I'll post mine once I can get imageshack to work. It's being stubborn now.
  19. Soccer, I have to love it. I play soccer five hours a day.
  20. I don't remember anything about an imperial commando?
  21. Cool, thanks. I deleted all the files. Does that just make more space in the computer, or something else?
  22. Okay, thanks. How do I clean out my temporary internet files?
  23. I'm not sure about the cookies. How would that be negative. Oh an the wasted time, well.... Hopefully I'll be able to demonstrate the slightest ammount of selfcontrol.
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