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  1. Once the gunship was firmly landed on the ground, Alpha Squad unloaded and secured the area. There were no hostiles in their general area, but Niner could see motion on his HUD sensor. Niner and his squad ran straight for a cliff wall, in order to get some cover for their six. They scaled the wall until they came to a cave. In went a EC gernade, quickly followed by the members of Alpha Squad. When Niner entered he quickly scaned the area for hostiles, but there was nothing but a handfull of sparking droids, laying motionless on the cold floor of the cave. "Let's move on," Niner ordered his squad. Alpha Squad continued through the cave until they came to some stairs. Niner crawled up the stairs while the rest of his squad gave him cover. When he got to the top he peered down the scope of his DC-17. There appeared to be a command post overlooking the main battlefield. Niner motioned to his squad to follow him. "Any suggestions?" Niner asked over their short range comlink.
  2. Niner peered down upon the battle below through a porthole in the gunship. Since the arrival of the Serian Warriors, the Republic started to push back the the Sepratists' defensive lines. This was a good sign. It would make it easier for Alpha Squad to sneak behind the lines to get to their target. The bad part, less clankers to smash. Slowly and steadily, the gunship decended to the surface of Mygeeto, carrying the elite commandos of Alpha Squad, looking to save the Republic, again.
  3. They definitely can be used effectively. I just think that they could have made them fit the story better. Maybe they could have been fighting alongside Grievous in the Underground Ambush level, or maybe they could have been commanders in the Mustafar level. Something like that?
  4. Name: RC-1270 Nickname: Niner Age: 10 Faction: Republic Weapons: Modified DC-17 interchangeable combat weapons system with blaster, sniper, and anti-armor attachments, DC-15 rechargeable sidearm blaster pistol, vibroblade, remote detonator, disruptor pistol, and thermal detonators. Class: Commando Rank: Alpha Squad leader As the Republic's forces started to give way a little, the Commanders overhead started to doubt their assault. There was no messing around anymore. The Republic needed those energy crystals. That is why they sent their most elite team of clones to do the daring mission: sneak behind enemy lines to a remote energy facility. Infiltrate the facility and retrieve the energy crystal. The Republic wasn't going to leave empty handed. Not while Alpha Squad was on the job. P.S. Feel free to join Alpha Squad.
  5. Once again, I agree with PoiuyWired. The magna guards do need a total revemp in order make them fit the story. I think that they should be something like the jedi in the Knightfall and Imperial Diplomacy levels. I won't make the comparison to RC, if you know what I mean. lol
  6. That might be true. If you think that, then it probably isn't worth flying into the enemies' hangar just to get thier bomber. Especially if you're having trouble with this level. This will just make it more complicated.
  7. In my opinion, Boba Fett does have better weapons (rifle and det packs). I think that Jango's pistol is more accurate than Boba's rifle, but it isn't as powerful. I'd probably go with Boba. Duel wield pistols for Jango would be cool, though. Unfortunatly, there aren't.
  8. I agree with PoiuyWired. The SBDs should be a lot tougher. After all, they're supposed to be better than regular troopers. The SBDs in Republic Commando are a good exaple of how much better the SBDs are than the regular battle droids. I'm not saying that they should be that different healthwise, but the SBDs should definitly be tougher.
  9. I play as a trooper. Stand on the top of the platform, so it is harder for the enemies to flank you. Then spray blaster fire at the enemies, but try to single out on the boss. It helps a lot if you have the elite rifle.
  10. I like using the droid bomber. I don't know why, but it gets the job done. You have to get it from the enemy hangar though.
  11. I found that Kamino worked well. You can stand in the middle platform and get some cover while you shoot the enemies coming acoss the bridge. There is a health and ammo droid also, but leaving your cover could get you killed by turrets.
  12. Alura Secura, hiding amongst the building, staying stealthy. When someone comes by, force speed saber attack. One victim at a time though. If things get hectic, saber throw and jump away, back to cover.
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