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  1. I've read Hard Contact. When I was done I was like "Wow, that was good." LOL I had to reread some parts, then read the whole thing over again. It was great!!! I want to get Triple Zero.
  2. Thank you for clearing up that fact for me.
  3. I haven't been on a lot lately, but I try to get on for at least a few minutes every day.
  4. I'm not aware of having to unlock anything. Perhaps you're playing on a server that only has those games programmed to play?
  5. Yeah, I've got it too. It's fun to just bomb the landed ships and the dozens of enemies running around on the top of the captial ships.
  6. I'll take Starkiller. Is there anything that I should make sure to include in the char sheet?
  7. Well, they've got to be prepared for anything, you know, lol.
  8. I haven't done much gaming with them yet, but that's what it's meant for, I think. More than that though, it's about meeting people and becoming friends with them, helping each other and learning. Stuff like that. Cool, thanks for joining.
  9. I didn't think that it was that great, but I read it in the car and kept getting interrupted mid-scentece. Maybe I'll like it more if I read it without interuptions. My favorites are the Republic Commando books.
  10. Happy Birthday.... That's all I can think of.
  11. I still haven't downloaded any maps for BF2. Maybe I'll get interested in it if I do? Anyway, looks cool.
  12. Hey, what's wrong with Legos? Anyway, I still think that the RC action figures look kinda cool. I probably won't get them though. Do they have Lego commandos?
  13. Coca Cola for me too. Pepsi makes me sick. I think it has too much sugar or something, lol.
  14. I've seen screenshots of people with over 1,000 kills. I think it was somewhere around here.
  15. That's what it said at the site. Here's a link to Scorch's quotes. They're all funny.
  16. Too bad I didn't get into this conversation earlier. Anyway, I don't really know what to think. I believe that it's possible, but I'm not sure if it's true. Does anyone here watch UFO Files? I've seen lot's of shows that give what could be solid evidince, but then, they never follow through on it. One show, the evidence that could prove that aliens existed was right behind a fence in a well. The owner of the well wouldn't let anyone investigate, so the show ended with the guy standind right outside the fence. I've got many more stories too.
  17. Here are a couple: Clone Advisor: You'll have to make your way through the nursery facilities of the citadel. Scorch: Oh -- is that where they keep the baby Wookiees? Clone Advisor: Negative. Baby wroshyr trees. This is the Wookiees' garden. Scorch: Well, the garden's got a pest problem: Trandoshans. Sev: You would prefer baby Wookiees? Scorch: Not really. Too cute. Sev: Does anyone else find this planet a little... strange? ... That's what I'm talking about. It's a power generator, in the middle of a TREE. Strange. Scorch: Sev, when this is over, I'm gonna make sure you get some R&R Fixer: Looks like a textbook perimeter defense of a Trando camp. Scorch: Either that or the Wookiees have taken up landscaping. Scorch: Why don't we just fly out of here? RAS Ship Computer: Engines offline. Scorch: Figures. Sev: I think ...I see it. A Trade Federation Battleship. Scorch: Not even you can see into hyperspace, Sev. Clone Trooper: Ah, one of the deluxe models. Come to save us with your 'superior' training? Boss: This 'deluxe model' is the only thing standing between you and a bloody death, so you'd best be showing some respect, trooper. Scorch:No terminal can match my l33t hax0r skillz! Scorch:[after killing a Geonosian] Hey, Sev, this one looks like your mother. Scorch:That was for Delta 23! ...or was that 32? Dang, they're all funny. Those were just a couple from the site mentioned above.
  18. MC might be too harsh to be a mod, lol. The other moderators are strict, but they don't tell people to "Shut the **** up you spamming noob froon." This quote is not directed at anyone; it is just an example. Exact quote may or may not be taken directly from MC
  19. Indeed, they don't. Btw, how big are those official commandos?
  20. Yeah, that's kind of funny, but confusing as well.
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