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  1. Hello there, Zoom. Everything is alright over here. Thanks for the link - a better send a personal message to Lynk then... May the Force be with you!
  2. Rogues, now we are team of two - and the new guy is figuring out the level data already. Check out the progress so far: http://satd.sk/web/rs/# Lynk, please talk to the elders of the internet, so they would give us access to roguesquadron.net - it is long dead now - I want to move all information and downloads away from my good old http://rogue.squadron.tripod.com/ site and update it with the new discoveries. What do you think?
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  4. You should admit that it was a nice try, thou - there is a 0.47 % probability that your name would be Ivan, no offense was intended (my name is not Mamed, you know). Yet it is so sad to see that majority of people of such a rich culture eat all this chauvinistic propaganda. Good example: You were all so happy to hear your recently "reelected" leader start talking as a criminal boss back then. What have you got in Chechnya after years of war and thousands of young people killed? - an imaginary loyalty of another Chechen mafia clan! It is obvious that oil-rich Iran is the next target. As for Azerbaijan - cannot choose anything - the first retaliation attack by Iran will target Azerbaijan, refugees will flood the streets. You did not know that there are more than 20 million ethnic Azerbaijanis living in Iran, did you? Last week Russia lost the good old Soviet radar station capable of tracing any flying object in the radius enough to cover Indian Ocean - they could not agree on paying the rent to Azerbaijan. It is a very bad sign, I think. Ironically you personally are in the same position, you don't decide anything, so let's "watch and enjoy".
  5. Ah, again that Russian "same folk, same nation..." song. These songs are to keep your nationalistic morale high, Ivan, and distract you from the major things happening. Waste riches of whole countries (including yours) are looted by mafias. It is not US or EU or West or East, this is rather a closed global criminal circle... Iran is next in the list - this is really bad.
  6. What a mess... somebody please down-size that Disney image Greetings from the other side of the planet, by the way.
  7. Where did you dig it out? :-) Ещё бы саунд-трэк "Международной панорамы" поставили :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6vA7Vzu48g
  8. Watched Prometheus yesterday. Not an Alien movie certainly.
  9. Law Snoll, it is still a public holiday over here, but all these "we are same people" rhetoric works until "the big brother" comes in... So, we are not in the same country, we never were. My grandfather was a machine-gunner in the Caucasus front (was wounded badly) he went there right from the jail since he was arrested in 1937. His little brother was a commander of a detached machine gun battalion, fought in the Western front, perished in the Rjev meat-grinder, 120 km from Moscow. We found by a chance where his remains are re-buried only two years ago.
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