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  1. i live only to serve you, my master im sure no body objects taking these screens you can take mine , id be happier
  2. "Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral." Tartan's demise X-Wings after a strafing run
  3. ok i got a better screenshot of the proton beam.. this time on a mon cal Direct all power to energy weapon! Their engines are Disabled! enough with imperial ownage, lets see some rebel moments B) in your face! ISD going down > Mon Cal owning an acclamator note: this mon cal is the only mon cal i spawned and i have to give credit to it, it singlehandedly destroyed 5 tartans, 10 acclamators , 6 VSDs , and 2 ISDs and severely damaged another ISD before going down in a blaze of glory B) the rebel Fleet
  4. Missile on your tail! evasive manuvering! Air Speeder on a peaceful sweep well responding to CG's request, here ya go: well i know the pic of the proton beam aint good... but this the only thing i can get so far, its either theres nothing for me to proton at (i wish they would spawn the homeone), or i the proton did its job before i could take the pic >_>;;
  5. wow those are seriously nice pics , everyone i just got my new pc, sporting a single X1600XT Radeon card with 256Mb RAm onboard, and i thought i just post a sngle screen here just to see if the graphics are up to par with you guys ^_^
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