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  1. I really think that this anti-RP sentiment has got to stop. So what if there are more RP servers than FFA servers? It's the number of dedicated people who go to a server that makes the game fun, not how many servers there are (except that for some people the ping would be a whole lot better if the server's located on the same continent). We have a small community as it is, is it really necessary to drive more away? Monolith: 250 points is way too much. 150 is a bit more reasonable, and it allows for the more RP-like customization that the current XP system is designed for. That way, nobody can really get anything and everything and imposes a very real necessity that people choose wisely. How you as an RP community wants to dole out 150 points is up to you, we should have no say, merely suggestions. I don't think the default server config was that ridiculous for DP - the default rate is 1000, iirc. I suggest g_saberanimspeed set at 1.0-1.1, g_forceregentime = 250-350 (default of 500 may be too slow), g_dodgeregentime = 1000, and g_mishapregentime = 3000. Taunts shouldn't be used to affect gameplay, it doesn't bring anything of appreciable value in an FFA setting, which is where we base our development. Features that are good for RP are a beneficial side-effect of that.
  2. Their demo was kinda buggy in the hangar...in fact I think they could've compacted the level a bit better instead of having so much open room that isn't used. I don't think they did any gameplay changes - everything is still base JA with ornaments on top.
  3. It's too much trouble and, well, doesn't make much of a difference gameplay-wise if you're left handed, really.
  4. Ixnay on the account problem, forum is up. Everyone please start migrating over to the new board, important info from this forum will slowly be transferred over to the new place.
  5. I didn't see the part of the code that dictates DFAs, but if razorace could make yellow DFA accessible for all styles, it shouldn't be a problem to add it to Duals. I may have to retool the animation to support dual blades, but that shouldn't be too hard. The Dual DFA with the twirly jump can probably be modified so that the sabers have a wider attack range, although it may be possible to give the Dual DFA a stronger attack damage attribute. It might be that the Dual DFA not doing attack damage may be a bug...caught at least two bugs involving Duals last night.
  6. Not right now, no...I made that suggestion in the mailing list a while ago, lol
  7. From what I'm seeing at Mammoth Games (Soul's suggestion), it's $18/month for 18 slots...so hmm, I might be able to pay for this myself.
  8. I'll talk to Thord and get him to switch to phpbb3. But yeah, we should migrate over to the new boards soon (we do have a new, dedicated one).
  9. They need to be fixed. Niman/Staff is simply not very playable as is without both blades activated. I also have a feeling that people are itching to fight with a reverse grip anyway. Please have a bit of patience, thanks.
  10. They're called CF from now on, and they said they'll have a dedicated server up in a week. Hmm...I might shell out money for a US dedicated server, too. Anyone US-side want to share the cost?
  11. Shii-cho, Makashi, Djem So, Juyo, and Niman/Staff (well more like Shien/Staff now) have already been retooled via Dragon, but I'm not releasing here until I redo the Shien/Staff attack animations. Also considering redoing Soresu and Ataru. I'm also trying to halve the size of the GLA file because someone who was working on appending parry animations ended up appending an entire copy of the humanoid.gla, so we have twice the anims than what we really use = 2x the amount of crap to download and go over for modifications. It's a bit of a pain to sort out this mess, so that's bogging down workload a little.
  12. I've been experimenting with the staff anims for a while to make it more unorthodox Shien while still retaining a staff-like feel, employing both two-handed reverse and forward grips. It's hard. Raven was pretty lazy with the staff anims and they never looked natural to begin with. I'm fixing all that, but it's a slow process. At this rate, I pretty much am making a new saber style from the ground up...kinda. With the original staff animation as a template.
  13. If there is interest in a US server, I might be willing to shell out pocket change for one. But that depends on how many people would want to populate it regularly. I've been going to Galaxia lately, and it's pretty much South American country in there, although most of the people are nice. Maps for Galaxia usually include the default maps, Jedi Enclave (1.2?), OLTS_HQ, Jedi's Home II, Corellia...and a few others I probably missed. Their forums are at http://clangsw.foros.ws/index.php if you understand Spanish. Those YouTube videos you're referring to are out of date for the most part and don't really serve well as learning tools anymore. If you need help learning, PM me or Maxstate (considering you're from Montana probably me) so we can set some aside some time to help you, depending on schedules. Sound good?
  14. Er, it's not exactly a key feature, but it was a nice addition, just not at the expense of that bug.
  15. I don't really see much use for it, plus swinging the blade with your mouse would get really tedious. It's much more preferred instead to focus on solutions for removing yaw abuse. Been playing on a few servers and it feels to me like more and more new players are trying to do it because they can't fight otherwise.
  16. Aswith SilentSight and UDM, it's preferable to make stuff that's OJP-only, that no-one else has. For a lot of these things, we can make our own - and make them unique and better by making them from scratch. There are some things like models and maps that we don't have the manpower for, so sure, we can get permission for those. All this other stuff? TK? We can do better. We were already discussing about implementing our own even before that mod came out. Icons? We can do better (and sorry but my opinion is that those icons are fugly) Stances, anims, effects? We can do better. Just need some time and patience.
  17. Minimum for getting all styles is 60 pts.
  18. Soresu has a very nice defense bonus against blaster bolts, but it was never meant to be aggressive, which is the nature of manual deflect. That's more of a Form V thing.
  19. A few changes have come in for manual deflect, but you don't do power attacks (atk + alt atk) to deflect, it's been that way for a while...in fact, I don't even recall a time when you have to do something as tedious as a power attack to manual deflect. You just swing the saber with attack. If you don't time it right, you get increased DP damage if shot. In addition, certain styles cannot manual deflect - Shii-cho, Soresu, Makashi are in the group.
  20. There's no such thing as force mastery anymore. If you were poking around advanced server menu, you should have seen the options MinExpLevel and MaxExpLevel.. Pretty self explanatory. If you're already in-game, you can set with g_minexplevel and g_maxexplevel, though you need to restart the match for the change to occur. Also, to get the most out of the EXP system, don't set maxEXP too high; fights can take forever amongst saber duelists.
  21. Link's not updated. I guess I wasn't being clear about having discrete releases with that list. These aren't stance animations jacked from the original _humanoid.gla, though. The stances are all freshly cooked out of Dragon and merged. You'll need the new merged GLA file for it to work. And dude, D'halaine, I got nothing against you, but pimping your stuff in my thread isn't cool, no matter the intention.
  22. Well, here's what I had planned: 1st release: retooled saber stances 2nd release: retooled gun stances + melee 3rd release: miscellaneous animation fixes I've got saber stances mostly figured out. What I'd like is for you guys to provide some gun stances that you might want to see - I don't want to make a pack of gun stances and have people not like it after the fact.
  23. Yeah, melee stance is being changed. I'm looking into it. Some new breathing stances, one for the aforementioned Makashi, as well as one for Viper, just to test how well a jodan stance for Djem So will look good. Makashi Makashi - right side view Makashi - front right 3/4 Makashi - front view 1 Makashi - front view 2 Makashi - front view 3 Makashi - front left 3/4 Makashi - left side view Makashi - left rear 3/4 Makashi - rear view Djem So Djem So - left side view Djem So - rear left 3/4 Djem So - rear view Djem So - rear right 3/4 1 Djem So - rear right 3/4 2 Djem So - right side view 1 Djem So - right side view 2 Djem So - front right 3/4 1 Djem So - front right 3/4 2 Djem So - front right 3/4 3 Djem So - front view Djem So - front left 3/4 Retooling Juyo. Was working on it first, but then Dragon crashed due to my screen saver activating.
  24. Longswords with even half decent construction are wielded lightning fast in the right hands. Not epee/rapier fast, but pretty damn fast, and good for most ranges, suitable for various situations (armored, unarmored). But that's beside the point. Suggestions for stances, please.
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