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  1. By now I'm sure most of you know about the shut down. I propose a reunion. Make sure you reactivate your accounts by Sept. 15 and then after Oct. 15 it will become 'closed F2P'.


    One of the last days that I'm in-game, I do plan to hit up all the old locations - our original home on Corellia, Crafters Retreat on Naboo, and Rorana.

  2. Hello again!


    Yeah, TOR definitely is shaping up quite nicely.


    By the way, did any of you ever return to SWG over the years? Starsider has the largest population, because of server transfers (started with RPers and pilots, then PvPers). I don't play anymore. It's still a great game, don't get me wrong, but, meh, things have slowed down considerably over there.


    The good news is that space player bounties made it into the game. :D

  3. I played SWG since launch and still play. It's freeform gameplay and Star Wars setting make it a cut above the rest. Plus, six years later, it's graphics are still pleasing on the eyes.


    And let me say, for you MMO newbies, I would recommend trying the WoW and SWG Trials. WoW--to understand what most of the incoming TOR players have played. I'd be willing to bet that a large minority (or even slim majority) of TOR players will only played WoW as far as MMOs go. Dinking around with WoW will allow you to relate to them. SWG--to understand the 'standard' TOR will be raised against. Even though TOR will probably be closer gameplay-wise to WoW, SWG is the only Star Wars MMO out there. So, many people will continue to compare the two. Not to mention, once you get used to it, you'll realize that SWG is the most underrated MMO on the market (far better than WoW, anyways).

  4. I hardly believe that you can handle everything on Kash. There's plenty of content there tiered for the upper CLs. Do your COMPNOR missions now, while they still give 100% XP (worth one CL for the completion of the missions themselves; this does not include the XP from the NPCs/creatures). At CL70, that XP rate is reduced to 65%, and at CL80, reduced to 45%.


    The Meatlumps Themepark is great for the mid-upper 60s.


    *notes the date, well, if he's still in his 60s this is good advice!*

  5. Why's this forum called 'The Old Republic MMO'? Shouldn't the 'MMO' be nixed considering it's redundant? The 'Galaxies' Forum isn't 'Galaxies MMO'.


    Not trying to be a pain, just pointing out this inconsistency. Apologies if it's been brought up before.

  6. Honestly, never. Although, usually around level 75-80 when players can access the Mustafar content, then you'll start to see more of a necessity for grouping, especially for quests that involve the "much needed" buffs for PvPing and high-end PvE, like the Mustafar Injector. But, depending on your profession and knowledge of it, you won't need to group except for instances and PvP.


    Don't forget your XP buff from Entertainers!

  7. No server mergers have been announced. And if mergers do occur, you can bet it won't close too many because of the lot management involved; so, no, all eight characters won't end up on one server. Even with the free character transfer, the two character-limit per server will still be enforced.

  8. Since you're on Starsider, if you need anything look me up (Arev Basten) or Rogue15 (Kioet').


    To clarify a few things - No, it is generally not recommended that you go Undeclared because you'll be missing SOE's carrot for grinding Galactic Civil War (GCW) Points, which include buffs, armor, and weapons. However, if you're an RPer (like I am), then Neutral offers more RP potential, generally speaking. Datary is wrong, any Declared faction member can join either a Freelance pilot squadron or one of their faction's pilot squadrons. However, an Undeclared cannot join a Faction Squadron.

  9. No EA's Chief Executive already said that they were working with Bioware and Lucas Arts on the next SW MMO that will be set in the KOTOR timeline.




    Sorry, but that doesn't reveal anything. Every article from every gaming site on the net linked to this article. Yet, neither EA, Bioware, or LEC has released a Press Release about this.


    NOTHING HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. All we know is that Bioware and LEC are working together on an MMORPG. That's it.

  10. Sorry, but it has not been confirmed. All these websites that many have cited for "confirmation", always come back to this two-bit, no-name company. Hmmm...why haven't the big name websites said something, from their own news source, instead of citing this other article. Like DMUK, until EA/LEC releases a direct press release, then I'll believe.


    But, if this KotOR MMO is true, it won't be very popular. Why? Because of several reasons.


    1. Bioware makes story-driven RPGs. MMORPGs require repeatable content. Good luck with this one. Bioware is walking into uncharted territory. What do you do when you're going someplace new? To look to someone with experience. And if you're a company trying to make a profit and you're looking for experience, you take from the most popular. And what is the most popular MMORPG to date? That's right - World of Warcraft. So, you can get the farm that this new MMORPG, if it exists, will be WoW in Space (some of you maybe able to remember the fears of SWG being "EQ is Space" back in '01 and '02).


    2. Ultimately, if this MMO becomes WoW in Space, which it will be, you can bet it won't be as open-ended. It'll be linear, and it'll lack space, complete with the dogfights of the movies. It'll be class-based. The only redeeming factor - it'll have flashy glowsticks. That's right. That's all Bioware needs to put on the box is "Play as a Jedi...with a million other Jedi..." "That's not true" the fans will say, "You'll still be able to play as Scoundrel or a Soldier." Have you played KotOR? You picked a Jedi because they were more powerful. And the same will be true in this MMO. If the Jedi class(es) aren't the most powerful, people will cry, claiming, "They were the most powerful in 1 and 2." (Yes, you're going to say, "But this happens in every MMORPG." True, but this is a bit different as the game will be marketed as selling Jedi as the alpha class.)


    I apologize for the tirade. I've never been a huge fan of KotOR. I liked the games, but they weren't "Star Wars". They were generic Sci-Fi with the force and lightsabers. If you removed the SW license and renamed those, the game wouldn't change at all. Quite frankly, like previously mentioned, the game as already failed. Bioware will not be able to meet expectations. Legions of players want to see a Pre-CU game with Post-NGE content set up in timeline that may be familiar to them.


    If Bioware wants to pull this off correctly, and I hope they do, they need to not make Jedi playable at all - at least, not right away. Make them unlockable. But, you see, they can't do that, because their other game focused on Jedi. In the end, I wish they picked a different timeline entirely. But, we'll see what happens. Until then, SWG is a good game to play and makes good use of the SW license.

  11. Imperial agents monitor Rebel activity in Mos Eisley. (Yes, Kio and I were accused of "zerging". It's not our fault the three Rebels we fought didn't have a plan!)



    For a few weeks, this player named "cuddlybear" would randomly invite players to board his Yacht. He'd then exploit characters requesting credits (or in some cases, sexual favors). To ensure he received his payment, he blocked the escape pod hatch with, honestly, about dozens of pieces of furniture, so that players could /tar the escape pod hatch, but were too far away to use it. I joined this band of players simply to see if the legend of cuddlybear was true. It was, and it was horrifying.



  12. Nope, Themeparks are much different (although SWG does have "raid instances" known as Heroic Encounters). Themeparks are basically a series of quests that usually take place in a certain location, and allow to meet certain celebrities (like Disney World). Of course, not too long ago, the Devs redid the themeparks to be MUCH harder. Now, they require a group to do, but the storyline is much better.


    OP: I'd recommend going to the Official Forums, and browsing the Game Guides/Hints/Tips forum, or your profession forum.

  13. It's true. Google it.


    I'm skeptical of the in-game voice communication. It's a common knowledge that the quality of in-game voice communication is never as good as Vent or TS. But, for those guilds that can't afford a Vent server, this is a decent substitute.

  14. No, Smuggler does not require a group to be effective (no more than any other profession for that matter). Having said that, Smuggler is not an easy profession. If you want an easy profession, roll a Jedi. If you want a challenge, roll a Smuggler (the least played combat profession).


    If you want to be an effective Smuggler, you need to do two things. 1. Play to your strengths. Smuggler is a DPS/Crowd Control profession. Don't expect to tank with it. It's possible to tank, sort of, but requires lots of patience and the right buffs. 2. Speaking of buffs, if you want to be an effective Smuggler, you have to know and actively use buffs. A good set of battle or recon armor (assault armor if you're melee) is necessary. When this armor is stacked with your innate armor (available through expertise), you're looking at over 8k defenses, over 11k with an Inspiration.


    If you want some information of how to be a good Smuggler, visit the Smuggler forums.


    Yes, Smuggler is a great profession if you want a challenge. If you're willing to work, the profession can be very rewarding. (The secret is Pistol Whip.)

  15. /move furniture up/down/forward/back 1-1000


    The OP is referring to grinding. I'm sure he'll find that tip good as well.


    Sion2oo6, here's a tip, speaking as a fellow player, for the past 4.5 years. Macros are good if they streamline whatever you're doing, but DO NOT use AFK macros! This is a BANNABLE offense (admittedly, rarely enforced).


    I caught one of my PA members AFK grinding. When I saw him again I enforce him of his transgression and he never AFK grinded again.


    Also, stop by Eisley cantina and pick up an XP, Kinetic (if you're grinding creatures, Energy if you're fighting NPCs), and Go with the Flow buffs. It's a good grinding buff template. It allows for more xp, more protection (especially if you aren't using Primus (top of the line) armor, and allows you to move faster both on foot and vehicle.


    I hope that helps.

  16. yeah i know that. But i just got slightly upset at the way jek put it because that was one of the things i liked about the Affiliates the most. If you wanted to switch factions, you didnt have to expect a boot mail the next day when you told em heh.


    Like you stated earlier, neutrality does not, can not, exist in SWG, regrettably. When Kio and I took over leadership, we reformed our current PA to be the Associates of old, with an Imperial flavor. We'll still accept any member, Rebel, Imperial, or Neutral. "Imperial" is the adjective, "Affiliates" is who we are.


    And of course, like any successor, Kio and I went around reforming certain things that didn't work in the old PA, that know work in IA. Of course, that's not to say that the system we created is flawless. But, for now, it works with the current SWG system and mixed player base we attract.


    Speaking of Trinity, Trinity City is a ghost town. They lost their shuttle port due to loss of population. I think they are only a Village, maybe Township. It's been a month or so since I was last there.


    Before IA moved to Carpe Diem, Talus, we were looking into another city on Naboo. At the time, I was logged onto my alt, but when I logged into Arev, opened my Planetary Map, lo and behold, I discovered that this city was built on the very location that Jan pointed out after Trinity bumped us. When I emailed the PA, I used Jan's WP...didn't even bother to remain it, "Future Home"!


    Oh well, we'll never be able to relive the past. But, we will be able to take what we learned and build upon it.

  17. Nice Leemu.


    No Rogue, I actually ran the Imperial clan that started on these forums back at release, Dark Sovereignty.


    AH! I knew your name looked familiar. Indeed, I remember DS. Good to hear you're coming back. You probably know me better by my first character, Jek.


    Let me tell you about the PA Kioet' (Rogue15) and I are in, the Imperial Affiliates. To most of our members, it sounds like a simple, inclusive, yet vague, name. But, to members of swgalaxies.net forums, they know that IA is the successor to these forums' Associates.


    If you're on this weekend, look Arev or Kioet' up.

  18. I figured it would be fun to get to show off the city, or cities, you helped create, attach a brief history with them, and something your city can boast about (ie close to a PoI, etc)


    The city that I'm about to show you is SWAT's Player City, Carpe Diem (Latin for the "Seize the Day"), found at 5000, -4600 Talus, on Starsider. The other day we leveled up to Village, but we have more than enough citizens for Township. Kioet' (Forum Handle: Rogue15) discovered the area late one Sunday evening. It's on a bit of a slope, which has made a few problems, but nothing serious.


    However, our city can boast of having an Imperial Detachment HQ, with four large turrets, one medium, a full minefield...and mission terminals blocking the only entrance or exit.











  19. What began as the most groundbreaking MMO to hit the net in years has become one of the most despised in the history of the industry.


    As someone who followed SWG way back in Alpha, I can tell you this is very true. I still remember when the Devs dropped the bomb shell about Starting Professions, and the community being outraged of SWG moving to a "class-based" game. Too bad they never saw NGE in '02.


    I agree with DMUK, it's not a review, just a rant. And, let me say, that the old features of what made SWG great, are still in-game, you just have to look for them.


    Last year, the summer after NGE hit, I reinstalled SWG, excited that I could finally be Jedi without the grind. I bought the resources, dinked around, left after a week or so. Why did I leave? Not because I didn't have the expansions, but because, well, all my old friends were gone. So, I thought, meh, I'll go back to LotRO beta and try out WoW.


    This summer, I figured I'd give SWG another go. The second day of logging in, I take a stroll into Theed cantina and who do you think greets me? Kioet', the former -A- member from back in the day. We shoot the breeze for a while and he invites me to his PA and player city, at the time. Since then, he's introduced me to many people, who have replaced my -A- friends of old, and we've had plenty of late night chats.


    The point to all of this is simple. SWG is what you make of it. Many SWG players have played the much more polished WoW, but found it empty and shallow. SWG may have broken mechanics, but its community is in prime condition.



  20. Honestly, I would very highly recommend buying The Complete Online Adventures. You can get it from Amazon or GameStop for $20 or so. It includes RotW and ToOW, and you get an AT-RT, which has the best terrain negotiation of any vehicle in-game This means you go faster on rough surfaces - great for Mustafar and when you get close to the rocky edges of all the planets.

  21. sure will be. Although your house and stuff might be packed up with the house purge. But don't panic, it will be in your datapad to unpack


    Actually, DMUK is wrong.


    If you haven't played since 2004, and you didn't put in three years worth of maintenance into your house; then I'm sorry to say your house, and its contents, are gone.


    Not sure when SOE changed it, but for years, home didn't have their maintenance paid for didn't get packed, it got deleted. Trust me, I lost two homes like chat and lost millions of credits* that way. Now, I keep all my valuables on my yacht or bank. Of course, now if you don't pay maintenance, it comes out of your bank account.


    Welcome back!


    *Mostly old content and discontinued items that are worth millions today. These days you need at 100 million to be competitive in PvP.

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