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  1. Seventh post from the top Name of city: Utapau Location (Planet, general area, and coords if available): 3km west of Moenia Neutral, Rebel, or Imperial: Rebel Theme (ie, a crafting community, an Imperial stronghold, a PA city, etc): PvP stronghold Current number of citizens: above 15 now i think Maximum desired number of citizens: 80 Are you accepting new citizens? yes What criteria for citizenship? (ie, must be Master crafters, must be Imperials, must be from a certain PA, etc): must be rebel, and be able to get along with your neighbors Are there any special skills or type of people that you are urgently seeking? (ie, need a Chef, need Entertainers, need fighters to form a Militia, etc): anybody, including whole pas (we are looking for partnerships with them) and individual rebel soldiers/crafters etc. Which PAs are based in the city? (if any) Beta please contact aron if you're intersted in joining, or for more information I figure if we ask nicely they may allow us to make a Neutral city, as seeing as our PA outnumbers theres. It would be an interesting prospect, maybe we could just be neighbors?
  2. *hugs Ryxx* Us American Mountain Men have to stay together.
  3. JekRendar

    Good Job ! =/

    But, doing this during the week was kinda silly. A majority of the PA are high school and college students, I myself, didn't learn about the Rori base until now, due to my activites and schedules. Even then, I thought the Rori base was a temp or whatever, I still quite don't understand what's going on. And THAT is the problem of the PA my friends, communication. All official announcements should be sent out as emails and posted, and stickied, on the forums. Once a week, a PA leader, should send out a reminder about the forums, etc. Plus, all major PA events should on weekends to our student-based PA alignment. We don't have many powergamers in the PA, that's one of many reasons why we are so small. The few powergamers we have, are mostly Europeans, so they are on during the day, when most of us are at school. Bogey, I feel for you, and the PA, I wish I could have helped. It's sad, you are right though. Before the game launched, we had 70+ members, in-game now, we have 30-some, active* on the forums/and in-game now, less than 20. (Active: Logging in at least once a week) I don't know what else to say, other than we *could* have PA punishments. Like in-active accounts, etc. However, this would cause members to leave, so there is no incentive to stay, etc. However, this PA would have fallen apart if it weren't for alot of people whom I would like to mention now: Corzip, Jan, Grask, X'ero, Jo, Jatari, Toonces, Baboo, Murashu, Keldor, and of course, Bogey.
  4. Read this, it's cool! I know that Murashu is a Master Doctor and CM, but if we have a Master Dancer and/or Musician that would rule, because of our locale. People like our location because of the Faction Base/Swamps/other neat things, right? Well, they will get hurt and possibly clone nearby, right? But what about that Battle Fatigue? They can take care of it at our Cantina, supposing they have an Entertainer with them. It's Brilliant! I propose our "build order" as follows: Shuttleport, Cloning Center, Cantina, Decore, etc. Any thoughts?
  5. I was just wondering if any of you daily players could check on my house once in a while. Due to my homework, job, and sports, I hardly have anytime to check and pay maintence. Speaking of credits, I would prefer you take this job if you have lots of credits to burn, as I can't pay you back, because I'm struggling. I have about 6k to my name now, and don't have time to run missions, but I need a storage place for equipment. I'll give you the waypoint for my house, in-game, if you are interested. It's my little riddle...find my house and you win...a pat on a the back from Jek. It's east of Kaadara, north of Kush Gardens, and surronded by big homes, blocking my beach view. Oh well... Now, before you start to scold me on why it isn't by the base, you have to understand, I only use it for storage and it's close to a starport so I can quickly drop stuff off. I promise I'll move it once we get a shuttleport, or I get a player vehicle/mount. Thanks in advance, Jek
  6. Right now, we are divided on what do name our town. We are bickering amongst ourselves which name should be our title and standard. What alot of you don't realize is... We won't be able to purchase the new town stuff without aid. Originally, Corzip mentioned about making a joint city with our neighbors. We need to quick bickering about our name and start interacting with these guys! How do you we know they don't have better ideas? Maybe they like one of ours? Here's a list that someone, preferably, one that is on during the day, and/or early evening, can do. [*]Contact fellow neighboring PA's leader(ship) [*]Ask them if they wish to form a PA town [*]Ask them if they have names, if not, show them ours [*]Share PA Bank amounts [*]Plan PA events together - invite them to the forums. [/list=1] Those are just my thoughts and ideas. These may have been mentioned, but it seems the PA is becoming quieter, and quieter. Thanks, Jek
  7. Oh no...not blue and gold. Those are my high school's (Custer County District High School in Miles City, Montana) school colors. I see those colors day in and day out, the last place I want to see them is in game. Yeah, same with orange and black, those belong to a nearby town known as Hardin (others may know it as the site of Custer's Last Stand), but it's on a HUGE Indian reservation, and everytime I see those colors I think of the Hardin High School Bulldogs. (Mostly Indians, nonetheless) Blue and Red isn't bad, it reminds me of uniforms we wore in the Revalutionary War. Personally, the others are fine, lavender would be cool. Maybe Lavender and gold?
  8. Combat Medic, CH, and/or Pistoleer
  9. JekRendar


    You rock Bog-ster! Now, about you hook a brotha up, huh? I wish I had that much money, but sadly, with school, work, sports, girls, wishing I had girls, etc, takes up a lot of time, ya know?
  10. You plan to Master Ranger or CH and Rifleman or Carbineer? May I right? I'd love to pick up the 50k, I have some debts to pay off.
  11. Check this out... Apparently Deft has been caught... Should we help him? Answer the poll... P.S. Sorry for all the links and stuff, I just found this on the boards.
  12. Check this out... FATAL is leaving Starsider I say, if FATAL breaks up, we need some other Guild to step up. We need to start hosting Server-wide events, like competitions (ie duels), the Halloween stuff, making CDEF pistols with city coordinates and putting them in bazaars of major cities. We must take it up a notch! (I love Emmeral!) We are the Associates! We must stay the course! We must fight! We must win!
  13. Check this out: Check the sig at the bottom of the first post I know I haven't seen him in a while, but I recall him still being in High School, so I assumed he was busy with school. Maybe it's because he didn't make a big stick like Neoc did. Oh well, I just hope he kicks Neoc's ass in some PvP battle. Plus, I like Trinity Rep. Before they were a PA, I went with them to hunt one of the first, and only Dark Jedi on Corellia. Good times...
  14. Those aren't bad really. Some of them are really odd, and would out of place, even in the Star Wars universe. *cough*like the last one*cough* Ahem... But the first one I really like. Lartuen (neutral, spelled backward) is really catchy.
  15. Hmm...this is hard. Drax Center Center of Affiliation Love on the Rocks
  16. JekRendar

    Where are...?

    Yeah, he had family problems (spent too much time on SWG, I guess). Murashu is a member of the United States Marines. (One of the strongest and most powerful fighting units in the world.) And he's over in Iraq. (sorry, Corzip, nothing personal, just had to make a few quick changes)
  17. Obviously, that doesn't stop people from running around with brown cloaks, does it? Anyway, speaking of dressing like the movies, I found this great PA Hall that some Tailor, I'm assuming master, crafted clothes and arranged them to look like outfits from the movies. For example, he had Luke's ANH Farm outfit, All of Padme's Episode II outfits, Han's Smuggler outfit, Rebel Endor Soldier Outfit, and list goes on and on. I found it when I was looking for weapons. I searched high and low and I went to a Weapon WP that was labeled SALE-Weapons and Powerups. It happened to be a vendor mall, inside a PA Hall. It was cool, I think is was by Bestine, Mos Espa, or Anchorhead. I went to Mos Entha before leaving the planet, but I remember it wasn't by there. I would recommend checking it out, you can't buy them, but you can see the components to make them.
  18. Cool, very cool. Wraith, I'm sorry you don't celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands. I'm sure Sint Maarten is close enough. Do you have any childhood memories of dressing up as your favorite superhero or ghoul and getting candies? Wraith, the Associates will give you the best American, in-game, Halloween and you won't have to worry about people saying, "Aren't you a little old to be trick-or-treating?" I like the ideas, keep'em coming!
  19. I feel that we need a really big, special non-hunting PA event on Halloween. I wanted to brainstorm ideas here. We could set a time and figure out when to play around with the idea chosen. Some ideas I came up with are: -Running up to well dressed people and saying Happy Halloween and tipping them 50 credits or something. (I would give them candy, but you have to do the whole -Open Trade Window- too much hassle for a little treat) -I know I said no hunts but this doens't count. Doing to Dathomir without, *gasp*, PETS. (and running missions) -Dressing is ALL black and red and then march around Coronet (I would say Theed, but unless it's me, Theed seems unusually empty. Maybe it is true, people are quitting left and right, like they say on OF's) What are some of your ideas?
  20. This is my take on Neoc: He's 13 years old, and plays computer games: -Ok, if he's 13, shouldn't he be hanging with friends, interesting... -If he's 13, he must be using his 'rent's CC to pay for the game -Why is he playing a game geared toward the older teen, young adult? My take on the situation: -The kid doesn't have any friends so he resorts to online games. When he does this he can act how he wants to, carefree. -Neoc isn't stupid, he knows who's in control and how to play his cards. Back when the "PA was against me" he made up these really outrageous stories to get the PA even more against me, when ironically, the night before acted like my best friend, to gain my trust. So, in the end, this little kid has some serious mental issues, that left untreated, will cause him great pain in the future. Ten bucks says he's a bum by 21. BTW, did anyone notice that TIO members never said anything bad about Neoc? Why is that? I know why, because Neoc knows, if he wants to get his toy, he has to be a good little boy. That's how he got the leadership position (I think he had one) in the Associates. Neoc can act like an arse know, he's climbing the ranks of the mother-PA, too good for the small-town PA. Let's face it, in Neoc's eyes we are second class citizens.
  21. JekRendar

    I'm out

    MP is fun, however, there aren't alot of JA servers yet. Finding ones that aren't empty/full are few, and Duel-map servers that don't have kill per round of 20+ ( I found a couple of those). But, I agree with the lamers. They use the double bladed lightsabers and use the UNblockable butterfly move that hits for all your shields and leaves you with less than 30 health. Sucks. The Dual sabers in MP is ok, you just lose to the scenario above, unless you do hit and run. Single just plain really sucks in MP. It's recommended to use it on Strong Stance, however, if you get that close and aren't fast enough, you lose to the above scenarios. If you use Light or Medium stances, it's recommended you use Dual or Double-bladed sabers. Along with the lamers, there are a bunch of 12 year olds that play the game. For example... One duel game, I was chatting and we talked about the changes in JO and JA MP. I humbly mentioned that I was an experience duelist for JO and used those strats in JA. I immediately get a response that says, "We are all newbies to JA, you're not an exception." I retorted, "I never said I was, I just said, I had experience from JO and am trying to carry it over." The punk tried to sound smart and say it's an oxymoron, but I just ignored him from that point on, and momentarialy later, he left the game. /end rant
  22. Just one question, what does that mean "sponsor new members"? You mean, like a recruiter? If so, cool beans, Jo and X'ero would make great recruiters, at least in my opinion.
  23. Mountain Dew seems to do the trick for me when I need energy. Oh wait, wrong energy If you want me to, I'll buy an extractor and harvest some, but right now, I'm busy with out of game stuff, ie school.
  24. I recently participiated in a Lok mission adventure. We had 4 men, 2 Gurrecks, and one crab-like creature, and accepted missions going to the NE. We accepted only pirate, mercenaries, corsair, and blood razor missions. Although, one guy wasn't paying attention and got a gurk mission. Analysis: It was hella fun, got great XP, and made over 20k Credits! Although, we got lucky, we had a doctor with us, to rez us. ----- I was wondering if anyone would like to do something like that here. We need a few people. If you express interest, state your combat/non-combat specilialties (sp?), and your play time and we'll work something out. For more information email, or tell, me in-game.
  25. JekRendar

    I'm out

    I just beat JA singleplayer. A bit short, if you ask me. But, you have to understand, this was originally going to be an expansion for JO. But, LEC wanted mo' money. Oh well... It's a kick butt game none the less. The levels feel more like Star Wars, ie the Imperial Bases aren't just 3D puzzles, but Imperial Strongholds. *SPOILER* Keep reading if you want, or cover your eyes, don't worry, it isn't too big. Anyway, you are on a Swoop on Ben Jeel, I think. But, you have your saber out and can hit other swoop bikers that push you into obstacles. Plus, it's in bullet time! It's beautiful. Here you are on your swoop, going hundreds on miles per hour, with your lightsaber in one hand, other hand on the handle bar and you chop at other drivers' engines, bodies, etc and watch them spire into the wall at bullet time! I was in STAR WARS Heaven! *END SPOILER* I'm getting back into the SWG swing don't worry. I'm currently neogiating prices for a good deal on a small house.
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