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  1. Wow, ironially at it's best. I'm on our local high school newspaper and I recently wrote an opinion article about how video games should be viewed at by a larger audience. -You have to understand Montanans are stupid people, they only play consoles and left then a handful play MMO's.- Anyway, I talked about the pro's of SWG and I mentioned all the great people you can meet. *points around the room at you guys* I didn't include any specific names, but I did make some specific generalizations *winks at Wraith* Does this Impressions Teen Magazine have a website, we don't get it up here in sticks.
  2. Cool beans, I sent them, I just hope the pics, attached, came with them. So, Murashu, can I call you Scott now? How about Scotty or Scotty-boy? Speaking of the Army, this is way off-topic. I recently attended a college fair and, of course, the Armed Forces were there. I talked with Navy, kinda had to, as seeing as I'm Greek, I come from a long line of sailors. However, I also talked with the Army. Yeah, I just wanted a free copy of AA. But when I installed it, I found out it was version 1.2.1, and latest version was 1.9. And each installment, ie 1.2.1 to 1.4, etc, was 30 MB. That was too long for dial-up user like myself, so I found a link to Gigex and paid $4 for shipping and handling. Oh well... Anyway, had to tell my story, but anyway, I talked with the Army recruiter. Becuase I have glasses I wanted to know if they would accept me (actually, I wanted to know if I could skip out of a possible draft), and he responded that your eye sight has to be +/- 8, which is really bad, but that Army Surgeons would let +/- 10 go. Just my exciting day yesterday. Actually, it was only my 51 minute 1st Period.
  3. I have two 1.8 MB emails containing past hunt pics. Out of my 4 MB Email account allownance, I have .4 left. I haven't looked at them all, as seeing I'm on dial-up, and they aren't small pics either. So, please, leave you email below and either you or I can email them to Murashu, so he may put them on the site.
  4. Kwok, on hunts we take on things that very, very, few people people could solo. What I posted was strategies a GROUP would use. But, yes, I see where you are coming from, though. Murashu, yes, but you would have to wait. Nonetheless, I really feel, we need to spend more times on the forums, it's easier to make contacts this way. Just my thoughts...
  5. JekRendar

    A Huge Thank You

    Back already Corzip, or is this an exclusive from Paris?
  6. JekRendar

    A Huge Thank You

    I agree. Murashu is the patron saint of the Affliates! Murashu, is one of a kind. Sure, the guy may have a few grays coming in. Sure, he has a son almost as old as some of us. But, this guy is great, he's the most patience thing the Affliates have. PLUS, he's the FIRST and ONLY Master Doctor and Master Combat Medic on Starsider. Not to mention, he's a Carbineer. W00t, we Carbineers have to stick to together. Thanks, Murashu!
  7. Can't you get a free website hosting at geocities or angelfire? If you can't, send them to me at teengreek@yahoo.com and then I'll start a website. Heck, you could send them to Murashu and he could put them on the main page.
  8. Murashu, you have a bunch of combat experience and I respect that. However, if we want to be a formible fighting force, I feel we need to work on tactics. Everyone that is planning to go, should mention which weapon they will use, most of the time. Using that method, you can figure out, which pool we will target most of the time. Remember, we don't want to make the job 2 to 3 times harder. What I'm saying is, say we have 10 pistols (health damage), 7 Carbines (action), and 3 Rifles (Mind). Well, we should always target the health pool because it's comes the easiest to us. The Pistoleers use their specials, Carbines and Rifles, don't use specials, unless it's Scatter Shot, or any special that targets random pools, or causes a KD or Posture Change. Just some tidbits I picked up on the OF's.
  9. JekRendar


    You're leaving. I'd though for sure, you'd stay for a long time. Which PA are you planning to join? TIO?
  10. I can place furtinure *fairly* well. I'm not great in *that* way. But I too, am a perfectionist. I won't fail you, I'm not afraid.
  11. So, anyone going to post the screenshots?
  12. Just send me an email and I'll hook you up with a lot of everything you just requested. Metal-I have alum, steel, whatever you need Hides-I have them coming out my ears Fiberplast-I just surveyed and got 135 units of Nabooian Fiberplast. Possibly the best in game, and I know when the best veins are. Just send me an email and/or a meeting place.
  13. I would love to take over McWookiees. I am a qualified worker and a restarant worker in real life. Even though, I say I'm poor, I don't have a lot of money because I don't run missions. I would gladly run missions to pay for matinence. Also, I wouldn't change the name if I wanted. As a McDonald's worker for 3 years, I would carry on the McDonald's mission and share the happiness of Chewbacca (Ronald) to everyone. Finally, we can not forget the founder, Ray Kroc, er, Froobuk, without whom, this wonderful change wouldn't have gotten started. ok, maybe I'm too much of a dedicated person... But, really though, I would try my best to make McWookiees a great place to chill and have parties for the PA, and non-PA members. Thanks.
  14. I'm just wondering who will. I can't attend. I wish we could postpone, but it's been pushed back several times over already, and we need to open it, so we land our mark in SWG History. *ugly, run-on sentence* Anywho... Who will be taking screenies? Anyone have any good webhostings? Are we gonna take a group picture? Anyone know of any good picture editors, so you can add people that can't make it? Thanks, just a few questions, I had.
  15. I'd stick with Tailor. If you could make Master Tailor, you can make some of the most valuable items in game. Combat Medic isn't bad, but unless you're in a group, you have limited resources. CH is awfully cliche. However, as everything stands, CH is possibly the most powerful profession in game.
  16. Anytime Jatari. Yeah, they are boring from all the running. As Chuck from PCGamer said, "SWG is possibly the Track Sim to date." Something along those lines. Oh yeah, I'm still having fun. By the way, thanks for the votes guys. I was kinda hoping I'd get more, so we can get a definite answer.
  17. To my fellow members of The Associates: We have embarked on journey many of us have tried to get for over a year now. That journey is about to come to an end soon. Soon, The Associates will have a permanent place in SWG (Starsider) History; as our PA Hall inauguration comes closer and closer. As Obi-Wan Kenobi would say, “You have taken your first step into a larger world.” So true is that phrase when it comes to The Associates. We can hold our heads high when people say our name, and think about all the hardships we have faced to come this fair. One of those hardships and possibly the hardest struggle to overcome was that of unity. Unification is the key to any kind of group, club, or organization. If the group, or PA, falters, then so will the members. I tried, to the best of my abilities to prevent the group from falling apart. I have experience from leading other clans from other games. I know what works and what doesn’t. I took the unconventional route and stepped on toes while doing so. For that, I am truly sorry. I knew that if The Associates had a common enemy that would unite and fight against it. I was willing to sacrifice myself for that cause. If that means I cannot be a member in the end, so be it. To me, like many others, this Player Association is more like a closely knit family than a video game clan or guild. We are here to have fun and help each other along the way. Thank you for reading this.
  18. I like it. Direct, powerful, sorta has an influential "kick" to it. Just wondering, did you get it from Verizon Wireless? Just asking.
  19. Yeah, 'rents can be a pain. Keep saying the computer is bad for us. Blah. Not as bad as the Atari 25 years ago! Yeah, but I rehooked with the guys. We split up and looked for the cave. Grask found it 10 minutes later and was under fire. Murashu and I were the first on the scene. I suspressed one the beasts while, Murashu healed Grask. Really good time. Actually, the best time, was just before we split up to look for the cave was when, we ran into an Aggro spawn of I don't remember specifics, but lizards of some kind. Anyone back me up here? Anyway, Murashu and I were attacked first, and with me /follow-ing Murashu, we first Action Shot1'd and LegShot2's at him until he died from our EE3's. I harvested it's corpse for only 200 Scouting XP though, or maybe it was 200 units. I don't remember, I was having the time of my life.
  20. Yeah, it would be weird, at first. But, it would probably would be fun. Not to mention it's an easy way to get money without having to risk your neck or doing a mission. BTW, anyone try one of the Explorer Missions yet? If you haven't here's a tip: unequip your weapon and look for the 5k ones. Those are the creatures that spawn right outside the towns. Of course, you have to circle around the town a few times.
  21. I know all of you that went on the Talus hunt tonight probably wondered why I went link-dead. Two words: International Blackout. Either that or a transformer broke. Either way, the entire town of Miles City (10,000 souls) lost power. How did it turn out? Chances are you guys are probably still in-game and left me surrounded by several hostile red con mobs. Ah, it's ok, Jek's made it out of tougher situations.
  22. 1-The Affiliates 2-The Comrades-something about this though, that just gives it an odd feel. 3-The Firm 4-The Valar-although even if you meant Valar, I think Valor, or Valored, would sound cool, just the same. 5-Entropy I think what is comes done to is something that going to be somewhat general, just Star Warsy at the same time, like the ones I voted for.
  23. AHAHAHA, ROFLMAO! I love it! There is several new threads started, since you last posted and you stop to reply to one. Mind you, that ONE is about me staying! I love it! The Revenge of Jan Gaarni.... Duh duh duh.... Ok, come on Jan, let's put the past behind us. We're even now. Forgive and forget, shall we? I know I have.
  24. Ok, Neoc, did you honestly read my post? By the way, what are you still doing here? Shouldn't you have left for Spain? Grask, the point of the Associate Mercenaries is to fight for other PAs in their battles. The only way this works, is either, A. Have the Associates declare war on the person taking our payee, or have our members temporary declare to other PAs. The safer choice is the latter. I like your idea, however, you are talking about yourself. I'm talking about the PA interacting with other PAs.
  25. Eureka! I've found it! Well, a few years ago, ok, about 4 or 5 years ago, I founded a small clan called the Jedi Knight Mercenaries, for DFII: Jedi Knight. The purpose of this clan was to fight for other clans in clan matches. Well, this didn't work, we had fun, but failed as a whole. Basically, because no one understand the concept, and people didn't want others to do the fighting. (Remember, in FPS games, people always wanted even matches.) Well, then it hit me, this could work out for the Associates, in the sense that we are in a different style game. Here's my idea: We take the Combat or BH group, or both, and use them as a Mercenaries, say 10k per person. They fight for other PA, as a temporary member, for a day or week, or a battle, and then they leave (the leader has to use the /kick command, or else they stay in there forever). They give say 1-5k to the PA, and keep the rest. It only makes jobs for our Combat guys, it opens a market for our crafters, AND makes the PA money! What do you think?
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