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  1. This past Christmas, my family had a mini Pixar-athon. We watched some of the Pixar movies (starting with the Toy Stories, since I got them on DVD as a present). We didn't watch all of them, like The Incredibles or A Bug's Life. We mainly just wanted to watch the two we hadn't seen, Cars and Ratatouille. ...And I thought that they were so bad, that I only watched about half of each one before I gave up. I really didn't like them. Especially Cars, that one was terrible. Ratatouille was ok when you compare it to Cars. And I can't wait for TS3, it should be epic. P.S. Oh, wait, I take that back- I technically did watch all of Ratatouille, just not in one sitting. My mom had to re-watch the second half of it, since she fell asleep the first time.
  2. I haven't seen Wall-E, but I might this weekend. But for me, my favorite is definitely Toy Story. I grew up with that, good memories.
  3. My favorite soda ever is still Pepsi Blue, even though I generally prefer Coke. About the only original Pepsi flavor, that's good, and they discontinue it. WTF?! I haven't tried any of these Dews, but my brother has tried all of them. He likes one of the blue ones, not sure which one.
  4. The Jedi Knight series, including the original Dark Forces, of course. They were all good, except for Jedi Academy.
  5. That's some nice alliteration you've got going there.
  6. Yeah, I know. I had to wait two years after San Andreas came out so I could actually play it. (It came out on PC like a year after the console version was released, but I couldn't get it until a year later).
  7. I've been waiting for this game forever, and it looks ****ing awesome. But I'll have to wait for the PC version for two reasons: I don't have either of the systems, and I much prefer the PC version anyways.
  8. I believe the old Clone Wars cartoon (the good one) has already been retconned.
  9. They've milked the Clone Wars way too much. It didn't last 50 years. They've pulled way too many things out of their asses, and it's impossible that amount of stuff happened in such a small time. It's gone overboard in my opinion.
  10. Jasper Kazai is just a name I made up for my Star Wars character in 6th grade or so. I took Casper, because I think it's cool, and I replaced the C with a J. I really thought I was making the name Jasper up completely. Only a few years later did I learn it's a somewhat common name in Europe. As for Kazai, I took the name Kazaa and replaced the last A with an I. I used to use Kazaa a lot (it's like Limewire, if you don't know what it is). Yeah, I was young and stupid and didn't know about the viruses and crap.
  11. Half-Life 1 was released in 1998, so your comment has no basis.
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