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  1. I'm enjoying the game so far, love the soundtrack disappointed with the lack of hair options though.
  2. I forgot to mention Slam Dunk! Don't know how I could have forgotten such a great anime and my technical-first manga.
  3. I got into anime watching Project A-ko, Genocyber and Ghost in the Shell years ago then started watching Slayers, Tenchi, and Outlaw Star. I currently watch One Piece and Soul Eater, I really like Lupin 3rd, I just wish it would get more airtime.
  4. I didn't get a chance to know him but his friends, family & the forums have my condolences RIP
  5. As a female you don't, as a male you can encounter him at Khoonda where he will report to the Republic (he says "Mical reporting in" or something like that)via holograph and it will either be Admiral Cede or Onasi depending on your interrogation of Atton during the Peragus incident.
  6. That is an ugly looking console imho
  7. I'm think of starting as a Sith Warrior because the story seems cool, any alternate suggestions?
  8. If SWTOR didn't exist, this wouldn't be such a bad idea for a game plot. Though I find it interesting/intriguing that the Sith Emperor himself would reveal that there is an even greater threat than the Sith themselves (Yuuzahn Vong maybe?) Anyway good job, I like very much
  9. @AdamOrth: "Well if the new Durango/Xbox 720 is always online or not at all then I as a customer have the option to NOT purchase this console." #Dealwiththat.
  10. Not trying to troll here, but imho I really did not invest much faith in LucasArts that they would actually see these games (1313 and SW:FA) through to completion. LA has been dragging its knuckles for a while now, I think wasn't it the last CEO that stepped down caused a lot of developmental games to expire because of the mass layoffs occurring at the time. Anyway it's not the end of the world or the gaming world, there are still plenty of enjoyable game franchises out there that are backed by decent developing companies. I know that a lot of us won't heed these words but I'd rather remember the glory days of LA (Maniac Mansion, Monkey's Island, Super Star Wars, KOTOR I & II, etc) and continue playing those classics, remembering how they shaped my gaming cabinet rather than dwell on the inevitably obvious outcome of Disney's consumption of Lucasfilm. Just my 2 cents. /steps off soapbox
  11. Wow so LA really is done for then? I figured that may happen with the Disney buy-out and all
  12. For the most part my interet connection does fine, however that's not to say that there wouldn't be issues getting onto the server due to high volume of internet traffic because of the trending game at the time. Anyway, the main reason I won't be getting a 720 is the cost, right now I can barely afford to get a used Ps3 plus a game.
  13. With Disney buying Star Wars It doesn't surprise me that this would happen, what does surprise me is the timing. I thought it would have ended/been cancelled a lot sooner because of the buyout.
  14. Yay plenty of time for the sheeps to herd themselves right over a cliff!!
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