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  1. Thought it would overwrite...i'll try that later on...thanks mate!
  2. If you remember, let us know mate please!
  3. Well, I uninstalled and re-installed all new drivers and got it working...although it crashed the first time in the tutorial! Was ok after a reboot...I'll see how it goes. Thanks for the help those who posted!
  4. Yes I am. Did you fix it? I loaded up Dark Forces and played that ok...
  5. I installed MotS last night. When I try and play it, it tries to get me to install directx 5 (Ihave directx 9 on my system)...does anyone know if I go ahead and do this, it'll affect my system at all? Cheers!
  6. Well, I had a look. My card isn't one of the ones listed as unsupported. I contacted Lucasarts, so I'll see if they come up with anything! I really wanna play this game, but it looks like, after reading this forum, that Lucasarts have again released a game without testing it properly! Oh well...the price of being a fan I suppose!!!!
  7. Thx for the reply. I haven't...I'll try that when I get home.
  8. Hi, Having problems getting the game started after a clean install. I sent the report that lucasarts told me to to securom, who told me to download a new .exe, which i did. I told them that it didn't work and they told me it's not their problem any more and to talk to the game publisher. Activision don't even have the game listed on their site yet! Now I get the splash screen up, then the game changes size to about 4 fifths of my screen and goes black, freezes up and i have to use task manager to stop it. I'm using a radeon 9200se, W2K, 1G RAM, Athlon xp 2000. Drivers are updated and I installed directx from the game ROM The system check from the game menu says everything is ok. Anyone else had this problem and managed to fix it? Ta
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