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  1. I think you are right on that one. I actually stopped working on it, after posting here, due to some of the reasons you named ... it was just to play around with coloring black and white drawings, and make them fit into a custom made background Well, I removed the blood, and trying to replace it with some "sprout effect", but I am not trying to make any references to Celso's journey, or the fight with the beavers, but that is actually not a bad idea! Well, I'm just a software developer, who was sick of waiting for the design department to complete some simple tasks, and learned some photoshop basics by myself ... but serious missing the creative mind
  2. Actually there was a lot of time between the first meetup with Nick, and getting the case, in my current playthrough, due to the fact that I totally forgot the puzzles about the bees :-) I think you're right, that Nick has no clue about the importance of the key, but I always had a biased opinion, because Nick looks kinda strange at Manny, when the key drops. Well, when you know the of riding it, it shouldn't be hard to create a saddle matching your needs, despite the cats physiology
  3. When you meet Nick for the first time, he graps some kind of smartcase, containing the key for the lighthouse where he know that the body of Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Lola is. When you make your first attempt to black mail him, he leaves to talk to Maximino, without bringing the smartcase. What I mean is that he has just committed a murder, and that key unlocks the only thing that could connect him to this. It just fell out of the box, and he sees Manny looking at it ... and he forgets it. Looks weird from my point of view?
  4. Well, I do not have any experience with either phpBB or vBulleting, except that I tried to setup both of them many, many years ago, but it should be possible to change styles on individual forums, if not in external css files, you can change it in a <style>-tag on each page. If it is not possible to make the user select a responsive theme, and you need any help modifying the current css, just send me a PM. Just started in school again, and lacking something productive to do with all that spare time :-)
  5. I do not know what kind of board the LFN is build on, but if you have access to the style files, and they are individual for each forum, and if you only design for modern browsers that support CSS3, it shouldn't be that big a deal to make it responsive and thus more user friendly for mobile devices.
  6. Saw the reply from MeddlingMonk in another thread, where he mentioned this competition, and just wanted to ask, if anybody from these forums are gonna participate? Teh link!! I have made three pieces, which, however, are in the working process, because they are still a bit "photoshoppy": 1 2 3
  7. Okay, I couldn't remember that version of the GFN, but back in the days I visited the official page more than once a week, just to look for updates or announcements of a sequel ... disappointed every damn time!
  8. It's only on the last poem ... the one with the kinky "bony hands"? Anyway, I took this one from a saved game, so if it's a bug, it is a bug that happened twice. Would be weird, if it's a difference between the gog and the steam version.
  9. It looked like a cutscreen, but with in-game graphic. It looked intented :-) I have attached a screenshot. As I said, I do not recall it to be a part of the original, but I could be wrong? [EDIT]The image was a bit large, so https://www.dropbox.com/s/05gdwi1ixren8g9/gf_rem_oli_poem.png [/EDIT]
  10. Still on my first playthrough. Apparently I'm old and sensible now, so the days where I can play ten hours in a row is quite rare, and there was actually a puzzle in the second year I totally forgot. But I think I'll follow Tall Guys example, and go though it with commentary and tank controls next time. Then I'll have an excuse for buying the steam version aswell :-) ... and if you want it, my steam account is "mortenengell" A side note: Did any of you notice what happend, when you ask Olivia to read all of her poems? I do not recall that the screen suddenly went black, and turned around her, in the original version?
  11. Looking good! Don't know why, but in some weird way, it kinda reminds me of the old official GF page at LucasArts? Except that this one is actually really cool, and the other one was filled with frames, exploding gifs and a lot of other 90ies stuff :-)
  12. Ah okay ... There could have been sitting a hickup in the message system :-)
  13. I actually popped you a PM as well, since the totally secret GFN Staff board is retired, where I offered you my humbled body as a professional software developer, asking you if you needed any help getting the GFN ready for the new arrivals due to the GF: Remastered :-)
  14. Let me correct myself: You are now able to actually pay for Grim Fandango again, after 15 years, on both GoG and Steam ... but no, it will not be released until tomorrow Do you get anything except for the HD wallpaper, which is actually quite nice
  15. Well, of cause all in here know, but in case some of you didn't catch the pre-order-thingy from Double Fine some weeks ago, Grim Fandango Remastered is out on both GoG and Steam. Bought it on GoG some days ago for €11.89, and it seems to be €14.99 on Steam ... but the Steam version seems to have achievements, unlike the GoG version.
  16. Well, I'm glad I read the news about the PC-version before I saw there would be a remake. Saved a lot of nervous breakdowns to be a bit slow this time. Anyway, one of the best and most important news in over ten years!
  17. Well, got it on the release date, as I backed it when it was on Kickstarter, but haven't had the time to get startet yet. Is it the obscene-good experience I hoped for, when I backed it? I mean, it is by the hand of Tim Schafer, which was the only selling point needed.
  18. Well, not a bad idea at all. I can see that it's a long time ago you posted it, so I hope it's okay that I steal the idea? Just finished my exam in software development for android devices, got a 10 (think it's called a B... thank you, thank you), and really need something to do with it. I'll start working on it, when I finish my exam in software project planning in the next week or so...
  19. Wauw! Never notiched it before... Goes right into the /dir with "Ideas for the GF-tattoo" =D
  20. First of all, try doing like MeddingMonk mentioned, and use the Q&E tool. Or else, you can try downloading a savegame, that is past the crashingpoint, and we can tell you what happens in the cutscene Welcome to the forum btw...
  21. There's some problems running GF on win7, and especially on 64bit version. Couldn't find any threads yet, but if there is, just close this one =D First, I downloaded this file. It should help you with the problem you'll get, trying to install the game. Second, after installing the game, install the patch, and copy all the files discribed in the patchnote. Of cause you'll still get the graphicbug-lines, if you turn on your 3D card. Except for that, it should be working just fine. Haven't played it through yet, but I'll give some feedback when it's done. If you experience any problems, try setting the game to run in Win2000- or WinXp servicepack 2-mode. [EDIT]Seems that there's some problems, but they seems to appear randomly, where the sound start laggin, and there's no way to fix it, except for closing the game, and start all over. Btw it could be my computer that is ****ed! [/EDIT]
  22. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/episode-222-gametrailers-tv/55534 I just read a short resumé of this interview, but he should be talking about revieval of old games like GF and Full Throttle. He's also talking about that they would start working with Tim Schafer again. I think this is one of the biggest news for many years! [EDIT] The interview is with Darrell Rodriguez. The president of LucasArts![/EDIT] [EDIT]He's talkin about GF at the start, and at 18:58[/EDIT]
  23. I don't know the excact reason for your problem, but there is some threads about graffic-problems posted here. http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=197200 http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=160387 And here is a post, if you have any problems running GF http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=195709 Have fun playing GF, and remember to enjoy ur "virgin-playthrough"
  24. Or download one from the GFN. As I can see you can download this one
  25. Wauw! I've been wandering around this for pretty long time, and haven't even noticed this post before now... That is a very original kind of fan-based material. Sounds cool! If you need someone to be in the audience or something, gimme a PM... I'm from Denmark, so sweden isn't so far away
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