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  1. jmac7142 liek 1st of all u dun kno me at all.. 2nd of all liek u seem liek sum kind of hentai freak that masterbaits to cartoons n freaky stuff liek that.. i mean if u liek to watch cartoons pwning eachother in the bum then liek power 2 ya..3rd of all im talking liek dis 2 mock those who do.. and it is liek pitiful that ppl get angry over it.. and u think im a so called "whiny half-transvestite quasi-goth" ill turn my cam on 4 ya and let u watch me pwn my girlfriend in every way possible..tired_guy_and_18@yahoo.com liek i believe it wuld b better then watchin cartoons ass bangin eachother dun ya thnk? may-b u and Samnmax221 (aka sherlock homes) cud get together and liek.. since u liek to play a anime female he can take a ride on ur hershey highway..muffins suck? u swallow u cum hungry whore GG
  2. TK-8252 omfg liek u pwnz0rd 8252 nubs? liek fuk tom cruise u shud of been in mishon imposibile 3.. liek veteran ub3r pros liek urself undrstand how important it iz to keep nubz at teh bottom of teh food chain right? keep em in there place n liek we need 2 play jka sumtime liek whaz ur server ip? may-b u can join {EMO} ya kno? gunna have plenty of uber pros 2 chill with..we liek need talent liek urself 2 become u kno.. top of teh food chain.
  3. Liek ya im EMO.. E-Elite M-Muffin O-Ownage.. cant get better then that! OMFG UR A GENIUS!! Ive liek been planning on makin a jka clan an stuf and cudnt figure out a name.. [EMO] will b purfect omfg EMO FTW! first i thott u had teh I.Q of whale shyt.. omfg u stepped up from whale shyt 2 giraffe shyt..liek u will b part of history n stuf 4 commin up wit my clan name..c ur actin liek a tru friend now helpin me out n stuff.. u have my respect..liek i will have a server up v3ry s00n an ill keep evry1 updated on it and give ip adress as soon as it is up.
  4. U dun call frends waterheads liek thaz very disrespektful especialy 2 ppl who r emotional liek myself.. but 4 realz dun judge pplz heads untill u get ur own fixed cuz liek ur only embaracing yerself.. i cud call u a dumbhead or melonhead but i wont go that far..i wont stoop down 2 that nub lvl.. liek i dun expekt u 2 undrstand yet cuz ur still nub an a long way 2 get pro.. so.. plz stop callin me names cuz i wont b able 2 sleep at nite.. i dun wanna hav 2 report u 2 a admin.. lucasforums.com is teh pwnzor an i jus came here 2 help jk communitys get da jk4 they r all dreamin of butt pplz liek u arnt helpin..so if u fancy sherlok homes so much.. an if i liek remembr corecktly sherlok was uber pro.. so liek u shud try walkin in his footsteps an im sure u will get sumwhere..
  5. Liek.. how am i childish? ur teh 1 whining.. lightin up cuz liek i hav fans who apreciate me bein uber pro.. liek only ppl getin angry at m3 is liek omfg jelous! so liek get ur head outta ur arse sherlok an smell teh muffins.. im teh uber pro an i will stay uber pro as long as nubs liek u are here n stuff..and omg liek if ur getin upset cuz u dun want me 2 train u in public liek.. may-b we can have liek a private training or sumthin..i will take it ez on u sammy cuz i undrstand ppl liek u not acepted by society so.. liek i will b ur friend and stuff and liek hold ur hand 2 cross teh street..its liek.. u make muffins 4 me and i make muffins 4 u.. i like strawbery muffins btw butt if u have bluebery that will do i guess.. just dosnt score u as many cool points.. omgolly lern how to spell u need 2 work on that.
  6. Sammymax221 liek waz up wit teh 221? prob how many timez u got pwned.. liek u dun have 2 feel inferior 2 my leetness.. i will liek share my pwn sauce wit u if ya liek.. lawl who is teh fellow in da pic? looks liek total gay.. if i looked liek him id prob get pwned in the face 221 timez as well.. if thaz u then liek plz get a new hair-do or somthin an lawl big forehead i cud use it 4 a projector screen..plz dun b mad or nething becuz its prob just your inner nub talkin..and liek omfg hax.. thad b total hax if i got swallowed up by earth.. id liek report u 2 a admin or somethin.. butt ya wha server u play on sammy id liek train u n stuff and liek when im done wit u.. u can name urself l33tSaMMaY an b uber cool pro liek me.. butt ya i gotz a buzy skedule so may-b we can set up a session 4 u to cleanse ur inner noob.. liek email me L33tHamBurgler@gmail.com and tell me when ur free.. an before u show up liek.. wear a hat or somethin so ur forehead wont distract me n stuff.. lawl you know those dorito 3D's? id liek crush one on ur forehead liek i do everyone else wit a big forehead lawl i cant stop lawl'ing.. vgg -liek sign teh jk4 petition http://www.petitiononline.com/jk4nowz/ -
  7. Liek ZeeMan i wud totaly take u out 2 dinner an a movie somtime.. omgz u pplz can h8 me all u liek an throw muffins at me cuz i liek my muffins.. but ya 4 realz dun h8 teh petition..i mean i wan my future kidz to b liek me one day an pwn nubs in jk10 but ya cantt hav a jk 10 without teh jk4 an up ya know? i mean liek if u guyz need my l33t self to train u to b uber pro so u can pass dwn 2 ur kidz one day 2 keep a uber pro legacy goin i will liek only charge $5 an hour an stuf.. just liek send a email 2 L33tHamBurgler@gmail.com an we can liek work somethin out may-b pay me in muffin mix if ur liek a poor nub ya kno? paypal is acepted of cours.. butt i mean of corse i will give a free trial or sumtin liek that 2 prove im uber liek that and worth teh money/muffin mix.. but ya tnx 4 teh hospitalty an all teh GG's teh JK cummunty has given 2 me.. wudnt kno wat 2 do without ya..maybe do somethin in RL but lawl thaz uber suxz0r.
  8. I liek apprciate every1s c0nsern 4 jk4 and stuf.. liek be4 i made teh petition it said use a spell chek an i believe thaz totaly nubish liek omfg gay..as l0ng as evry1 undrstands thaz all rly maters.. every1 thaz hatin and stuf, ur total nub liek im tryin 2 help teh JK comunities an gud stuf liek that 2 b a gud person ya kno? liek wha server does every1 play on so i can liek stop by an chek on my budies? -HamBurgler FTW (L33tHamburgler@gmail.com)
  9. OMG 10 Sigs ALREADY?!?! 10 SIGS FTW!!!
  10. click here to sign da jk4 petition
  11. http://www.paradoxhosting.net is a good one too
  12. http://www.paradoxhosting.net is a pretty good place you should check it out too
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