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  1. Non dedicated because I dont have a spare PC thats up to the job (have a P3 running as a RAS server thats probably not up to the task) I am looking at the BlackOps stuff at the moment, but I am not sure it will cure what I suspect may be a udp over vpn issue......
  2. Hi all, I am attempting to host a BF2 server (non-dedicated) for remote vpn users. For client authentication I am using a MS PPTP (1723) forward on my firewall/router (Linksys WRT54G) to a Windows 2003 server running RRAS (non-routing, just authenticating and supplying a valid IP for my LAN) However, on successful connection to the VPN and starting BF2, the server never appears in the clients server list. We can ping both ways and remote clients can rdp onto any box on the LAN. I have tried opening port 3358 and forwarding it to the server but no joy; theoretically all remote clients are on the same subnet with full visibility to the LAN, and they are, except for the BF2 instance which they cannot see. I suspect it might be an RDP over VPN issue but have no idea how to proceed in trying to resolve it. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance, Lew
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