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  1. I wonder since SithSpectre came up with an animated blade weapons (his Yinchorr Dueling Sword) if you might be able to update the staff weapon from your Stargate mod?

  2. Thanks for all the great mods you've done and released to us. Good luck with your future endeavors!

  3. Any chance you'll be able to up the resolution of these backgrounds on Telos Citadel Station?


    As can be seen in the photo shown in the link, some of the textures could use some work: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/potd/117031

  4. It's far easier to chat via e-mail rather than posting here due to webpages taking at least 15 minutes to load fully. I'm still underway and my wife is enjoying herself at Comic-Con. Lucky her.


    Any chance you'll be able to do that mod I asked you about for the KOTOR Movies - I'm referring to the soundset one. Reply via my email. ;)

  5. Emailed you the answer

  6. Sithspecter, did you know there's a corrected version of your signature available? ("Revenge" is spelled incorrectly on your first-version copy.) Sharen Thrawn should be able to hook you up with it.


    Later - back to work for me!

  7. PM me your e-mail address and I'll send you the saves

  8. Any news on the "Jedi in Star Forge Tanks" project that you took on.

  9. Any information on the Star Forge skin?

  10. Let DS know of your specific progress.

  11. Hey - finish the dialogues!

  12. Any chance of posting a close up of the re-skinned shuttle engines that you recently posted about in your thread?

  13. "I have the AvoL's mods of Bronze (orange) fix"


    I don't see the "Bronze (orange) fix" on that Avol site. PM me and I'll shoot you the e-mail address that you could send me a link to. Thanks in advance.

  14. As with the others, sorry to hear that FileFront is going away. At least we had you in charge of it before it did or we wouldn't miss it so much!

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