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  1. By the way, if that patch I linked to works well for you, it would be a friendly gesture to leave a nice comment on that person's download page to let him know you appreciated it. ;)

  2. I reported the thread you linked me to. Just so you know.

  3. I'm not a moderator here. ::shrugs::

  4. I asked you once if you had some scans for LucasArts game some time ago. Did you ever dig those up or scan any?

  5. Was what I submitted good enough to call it a final draft?

  6. Got it and will try out some samples late tonight.

  7. Hassat Hunter is now on vacation for at least a week. Stoney has been out of the modding business for some time. Your best bet for the speediest response would be Zbyl2. I'd recommend a PM to him either here or (even better) at DeadlyStream.com

  8. Not sure. I would ask HH.

  9. Before Zbyl2 and Hassat Hunter release TSLRCM 1.8.3 and the next version of M4-78 EP, you ought to do a grammar check on those read me files that will be included in that.

  10. Today is Sithspecter's birthday! Go wish him a great one here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=212643

  11. Shoot a PM to Tyvokka at Deadly Stream and he'll hook you up. Tell him I sent you.

  12. May I ask what you plan to do with the "kid" model?

  13. Well if there were any bugs in the first one - or if you want to "pull a George Lucas" and improve something that you didn't think was up to your current level of work, that would be your chance! Trust me, I'm personally in no rush. You see, if your mod takes a bit longer to get to release, the greater the chance for compatibility with the next version of TSLRCM (and perhaps the next version of M4-78)

  14. In case you missed my question on your DS status update: Will you be bundling Korriban Expansion part 1 along with Part 2 when it is done?

  15. Mod posted at Deadly Stream that has YOU in the credits"

  16. Still awaiting your e-mail reply.

  17. Did you see my e-mail? (Hopefully, I have your current e-mail address.)

  18. This is Deadly Stream. Make sure to check the forums.

  19. Replied through e-mail. ;)

  20. By the way, did you ever read the email I sent where I was basically reporting myself for porting?

  21. Sorry for being a pain. Please don't let my comments dissuade you from continuing to present your work.

  22. And from what I heard, Zhaboka auditioned for every male role! LOL

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