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  1. Had a chance to listen to the last batch sent?

  2. M4-78 changes have not been revealed to me in their entirety.


    Email me about ROR changes?

  3. Hoping that the last sample that I submitted to InSidious will do the trick, as the previous samples didn't have what was needed. In other news, I got asked for permission to have one my textures included in a mod. There's yet another version of TSLRCM and M4-78 coming eventually.


    Stuff is happening, in short.

  4. If you want to see where Scrapyard Games was recently being discussed, go here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=200556&page=16

    (Start at post 620)

  5. Have you seen my new mod? Have you seen the stuff I couldn't put in it? Have you seen the translations of the Aurabesh signs?

  6. Think of it as adding on to your Sell Out thread! ;)


    No luck in finding the skybox?

  7. Have you seen Varsity Puppet's thread? You got another mention and a chance to release some of your sabers that never found a home!

  8. On vacation until late Sunday.

  9. Are you available to chat via Yahoo? PM me please.

  10. If my posts in that Holiday thread seem out of line, I'm OK with deleting them.

  11. I'll hope I got it right but I'll await feedback regardless.

  12. Sent you an email yesterday.

  13. I had to share your way with words with Deadly Stream and the KotOR Movie Forums. That was good! ;)

  14. I'll let them know at Deadly Stream!

  15. Shem, if you'd like to upload all of your mods to Deadly Stream, I'd be glad to approve them all.

  16. I downloaded it but I haven't installed it yet. Looking forward to it though!

  17. Sent the new lines. Stepping back in the theatre... movie is about to start.

  18. Any updates on the rifle?


    Thanks for reminding us about the free Adobe CS2. I read that yesterday but forgot about it until I saw your post.

  19. Have you checked your e-mail lately?

  20. Have you contacted InyriForge about possibly doing that voice part you need filled?

  21. Your mod was approved at Deadly Stream. Going to post some links here?

  22. Hope they get used

  23. You have a PM at Deadly Stream.

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