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  1. Hi all, actually the 360 wasn't just for TOR, and I realised afterward it would be pc only, which is ok as I'm still debating whether to try it or not since it's MMO. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for the backdated readers choice award for 2006. How the time flies. I still play Kotor I & II on my 360 although they are little glitchy (more than before). I still live in hope of day when there will be either a revised KOTOR or a sequal for consoles that is not multiplayer. As for KOTOR and fan-fiction well my positive experience with writing it and getting some great feedback inspired me to start writing again in general (I used to write and stopped for a while). My writing has improved significantly since 2006, I joined the BSFA and I am working on a novel (no publishing deal yet though) It's not a KOTOR novel although I do toy with the idea of one because I have not been impressed with what is on offer bookwise with KOTOR at all.
  2. I haven't been around for a while, I can't believe it but I actually ran out of things to talk about with regards to KOTOR so I've just been waiting for TOR. I even splashed out on new XBOX360 mega thingy drive in anticipation.
  3. Britian isn't much better these days. They arrest people under the Counter Terrorism act daily for the most ludicrous un-terrorist like behavior, not to mention outlawing peaceful public protest in certain areas of the capitol.
  4. I am so glad I've been waiting to buy this after reading about how many people this has happened to. At last MS is offering to fix or replace them even outside warranty
  5. Coffee - with loads of milk as so much of it is horribly bitter, but I do love a nice cappuccino when I can get one. Tea - meh, boring Soda - I'm a diet-coke addict, I would prefer to drink Coke but I'm a diabetic...at least my teeth won't fall out of my head but all the chemicals are probably rotting my insides anyway. Energy drinks - Not really for me, they taste horrible plus often contain sugar which I cannot have any more. I've been drinking a lot of coffee lately at work. As part of my bid to break my diet coke habbit. So just trading one bad habbit for another really We bought a cafeteirre for our team and use the good coffee the company only supplies to client meetings (mwa ha ha ha ha) as the stuff from the machine or the packet they provide is not pleasant.
  6. Actually I've noticed that fireworks seem to start in the summer time here and go up through Guy Falks night. Any excuse for a party in Britian Actually, the celebration is not because he tried to blow up parliament but because he did not succeed. That is why Guy Falks is burned in effigy. Its actually an Anti-Catholic statement (if you want to get historical)
  7. My guess: There were no actual Atheists polled. People who proclaims themselves as such are generally not confused as to what they believe or more acurately what they do not believe... in my opinion.
  8. I spent a mostly cold and rainy day in London with relatives who are over for a couple of weeks. We were meant to go to the Ben Franklin house but ended up walking the length and breadth of London and then went to Tate Britain and then on to dinner and Wicket at the Apolla Victoria. So slightly American themed with the Wizard of Oz. Oh and we met up at the Abe Lincoln statue in Parliament square and hung out with the protestors for a while. It's England after all you can't expect them put on fireworks or offer up hot dogs.
  9. This is a great game, my husband were playing it all day yesterday on the two player and its a load of fun. Some of the cut scenes are hillarious, things that should have been in the original films. Just wondering if anyone else was enjoying it as much as me.
  10. Zyfer its a very cool places even in the depth of winter because its on the trade winds so it can be a tad mediterranean during the summer but actually is a bit warmer or at least a bit less harsh during the winter then other places in the country.
  11. Totenkopf: Mayor Ken made sure to get rid of the pigeons...actually I prefer them to the tourists as far as cleanliness goes its probably on par with NYC although because of the IRA and now Al-Quida there are far few too many rubbish bins in places where they really need to be. People still use public transport and bushes as their own personal rubbish bins. At least the buses are two tiered still, which I love. We had those when I was a kid in NYC but they got rid of them in the 80s BTW to those above: Officially if you are citizen of the UK you are British even though those of the various countries might prefer to call themselves Scottish or Welsh etc.
  12. You don't have to give up your American Citizenship to become British (at least not at the moment) though I've been warned that soon they will not allow you have to two passports...which I will also have in the near future mwa ha ha ha! I agree HerbieZ (I don't think I ever disagree with Calamari) Cornwall is the home of choice, unfortunately there is no work to be had at my salary level that will allow me to sit on the coastal path all day and stare at the sea before I go home to play Kotor. Remind me to tell you about the Paedo-Pole man of St.Just btw Actually, living in Britian these days doesn't feel to un-different to living in the US. I've been sorely dissapointed politically and I am not hopeful of a brighter future. Why Blair thinks he would make a suitable emissary to the Middle East not even God could figure out. Gee, shocked that the Palestinians are not happy with the idea? wonder why. The most enjoyable difference has been that there is more greenery in London then in New York and you can actually enjoy the Thames more then you can the Hudson or the East River. Also its easier to travel from the UK and around the UK.
  13. I think you've misunderstood me, I've lived in the UK for 4 years. I have just gotten my British Citizenship but I am retaining my American Citizenship since you are allowed to have both (who can resist fasttracking the visa lines at the airport on either side?) I was only kidding about the un-patriotic part really, I've never really been "all-american gungho" I'm from New York afterall It just feels weird sometimes when filling out forms now, I didn't expect it at all to be honest. It has been my experience that some (not all) British (though mainly English) love to deride America and Americans. I've always put up with it, since I have to live here, and pretty much just think "well what the Frack do they know about being American? they aren't one". I am fairly proud of the country and the ideals on which it was founded, modern politics and government policies withstanding of course. I think it must be some deep seeded psychological thing though harkening back the revolution. Oh Well I'll Live. I agree with Sabretooth, we are all citizens of the world.
  14. Err so I'm British now. I'm still American though. Its very confusing. I've taken the 4th off anyway. I'm still not sure what to write on forms. I feel weird only putting British (since I live in the UK) as it feels somehow un-patriotic (ha! MOI? never) not to write American. American-British just doesn't have a good ring to it, the two words just weren't meant to mix me-thinks.
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