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  1. Recommendation: Instead of paying a thug to do this, go to the Open Source community -- they'll do it for free.
  2. I know! He was totally speaking Greek when he wrote, "You type in your screen name hit tab and instead of bring the curser down to the password field it selects the sign-up link." *considers the irony that pleto is Greek* *gets distracted by shiny object* *notices that the shiny object is, in fact, remixor with a knife* *grabs the knife and stabs it into his black, steely heart* "The adventure continues..."
  3. Because I know you model yourselves after MTV: TRL has a "Last Week" thing -- basically listing the number in parens next to the name.
  4. Son of a ! I was actually close to right! (Well, I did sort of have a clue, in the form of the drawing style, so I guess I'm only a regular genius, and not a super-genius.)
  5. Editorial here (it's short) Especially notable are the screenshot of people dancing, and the last sentence. It's not really anything special, but I do find it odd that it takes a fringe of a fringe of society to find people who are socially accepting.
  6. Speaking of comics... (of a different sort)
  7. I don't think knowing that it was because of the EMI box would quell their thoughts any.
  8. OK, so if I've figured this right, then remixor is Remi, with himself as his avatar, and RemiO is apparently Remi's dog, with itself as an avatar.
  9. Asterix! I have no clue, because I don't own any comics outside of the beginning of the The Maxx series I bought on a whim, and I haven't read all of those.
  10. M!ssundaztood Oh wait, that's taken. Umm.. colored by context (or some variation)
  11. Psh. Shows what you know. In my invisible dreamworld, you are a Maltese falcon, and you swoop down from the highest tips of the Maltese mountain range to drop rare and unnoticed adventure games down the chimneys of AG forum posters everywhere. Also, yes -- it might have something to do with the crappy American education system that I went to the best school in the best county in the country and I still don't know how to write anything other than the typical 5 paragraph essay. butt knot de Vietnamese yo've nown. Hah! *dirty mind*
  12. I started to play Losing Your Grip once, and I managed to get all the way through Photopia. Does that count?
  13. Thanks. I knew there was something else, but I couldn't remember for the life of me.
  14. 1)Why is it that a Maltese knows more English than a native English speaker. Wait, I know this one... 2)remixor is Remi? Woah! Mindfun.* *I may or may not have been thinking of a word other than fun.
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