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  1. I still think, assuming TOR is successful, there will be a KOTOR3 Single Player game. I'm not losing hope. I think they picked 300 years later to give them a suitable window in which they can continue the KOTOR series and not interfere with the circumstances in TOR. Whaddaya think?
  2. I think The KOTOR MMO and the entertainment product are two different games both based on the KOTOR universe. It seems the MMO will release first as it was first to appear chronologically on the Bioware website, but it could be the other way around. Just four more days until the big announcement. It would make sense to do a single player game and an MMO seperately, to gather up both the single player fans and the MMO/StarWars fans, like you guys are saying. I think the dollar will dictate, and I think they see dollars available for harvest in both segments, MMO and SP
  3. For me, it has to be Bioware, which is what I think we'll see. Obsidian had high hopes and huge plans for TSL, but they didn't do a very good job of planning out their milestones so they could "finish" the game the way they intended. Yes this is partly LucasArts fault, but it's also Obsidians for trying to shove too much into what they had. The TSL story holds up through most of the game, but then deteriorates into nothing but fighting about two thirds of the way through, wrapped up by an unlikely dialog between the last Sith Lord (not counting the true Sith) and the Exile. The story had to be wound up this way to complete the rough unfinished end product. The darker tone in TSL, for me, didn't fit Star Wars; it's dreary and grim beyond any of the movies or KOTOR1, and 3 sith lords; come on really? A Sith Lord powerful enough to destroy a whole planet? come on; really? You take him down easily, come on; Really? No one on the Jedi counsel can feel the presence of the Sith Lord standing in the same room? She can take out three powerful Jedi Masters with a flip of the wrist, and yet is powerless against two other sith lords that the Exile handles easily, and this "wound in the force" business, it all seems raggedy and like they wanted everything in the story to be Too over the top. I did like some of Obsidians implementations, and I'm a big fan Obsidian when they were Black Isle Studios, but to me, they missed the mark dreadfully in this one, and I can't imagine LucasArts seeing it any differently. I would guess Bioware does K3 and KMMO; K3 single player adventure that sets up the events for the MMO. I'm anxious to see what happens no matter who does what though.
  4. Well I went back to check my information and I can't find it. I'm sure I read it somewhere reputable, but maybe I read it in a dream ) If I can find it I'll get back here and update this
  5. I think theres going to be a KOTOR3 and a KOTOR MMO, John R. confirmed the MMO, and it is being developed in Austin. The LucasArts Bioware interactive product is happening in Edmonton, so it is still something different from the MMO. That's brilliant actually, I can see how both would cover a broader segment of the population than either alone
  6. Ah Yes an answer to my prayers...maybe. I need the holowan plugin for KOTOR1 and any necessary patches. I'm starting a game back up after losing my last hard drive. I've tried every way of getting the file from pcgamemods, or cached from pcgamemods, and from T7nowhere's sight, but it just links back to pcgamemods and everything else leads to the same pcgamemods dead-end. Please.....I really really need it to get back to where I was before the crash. Thats the only one I can't find anywhere, Thanks everyone ) Skeele
  7. OK, so the big announcement turned out to be hot air, Spike TV is running the movies through all of April, we may hear something about whatever LucasArts and Bioware are working on now. I think they would be foolish if they dropped the KOTOR games all together, a KOTOR3 would be a cash cow, and they know that. I think you can count on it coming to fruition, but it may still be a couple years off in the future. There's been a lot of changes for Bioware (who in my best guesstimation will create K3) of the kind that can stall and even cease production on current projects. I think now that the dust is settling on all the merging and acquiring, they'll focus back on a K3 project.
  8. I think the third in the series has to be a new character, and I think having T3, HK, and Mandalore is way too redundant. Maybe you could have some cameo appearances by HK and Mandalore, and T3 could be a party member somehow, But I think to change things up a little, the PC should start out as a mercenary familiar with the uncharted regions, hired by Bastilla to find Revan, this would allow a full range of species for the PC as either male or female. Certainly at some point you would run across the Exile and Revan both, but they shouldn't be together until united in your party. The PC could then learn the Jedi ways as you adventure from either Revan or the Exile or even Bastilla. That's my take on it
  9. Hi, there are so many lightsaber mods out there, I had an idea today (while I was out shovelling snow) how about creating a color crystal that opens another dialog asking you what colors you want in your saber blade, giving the player unlimitted colors and unlimitted mixes of colors in your saber blades, exactly the colors you want for the core and corona of your blade. How hard would that be? If it's not too much to ask maybe also give some choices to select various damage bonuses, so all one would need to create any saber they want is one mod and one crystal
  10. OK, click my link above (to the Bioware/Pandemic website). Everything becomes much more clear when you read it from the official website. Bioware may have said that, but they have added Pandemic Studios and a huge investment firm to the mix. Perhaps Pandemic is doing the existing IP's. I never saw any statement about Bioware doing their own IP's and thats it. Work is stated very clearly as continueing both on owned IP's and independantly owned IP's. BTW They ARE working on five releases right now (as of May 2006) If you dig around from that page, it's all there. Click on the link at the bottom of the page I linked to, it talks about current projects. Go, feast your eyes
  11. Yeah, it turned out to be two little files in the override folder that make no difference to anything when removed. There is a thread that was very difficult to find that has the file names in it in case anyone else runs into the same thing
  12. First off, The Millenium Falcon was not in every movie, second, I can't see getting the Hawk without a lame story arc. I think the Exile should keep it until it's discarded to the scrap yard. How in the heck did T3 know to seek out the Exile anyway? I maintain we should be able to find the Hawk in a salvage yard from which we can purchase the high powered hyperdrive to install into the Starfield Eagle, a flying hulk we commandeered that needs help. Originally a luxury star yacht, then stripped and used for Medical evacuations in the Mandalorian wars by the Mandalorians, then discarded in Sleyheron after the old drive system fails. Find it, fix it up, and fly it. Just think, NEW secret compartments, NEW amenities, NEW customizations, NEW old medical bay complete with Kolto tank from the wars. 2 levels, and a training area in the bottom level where you might find your NPC's sparring to stay limber in flight.
  13. I'm thinking they may have Revan, The Exile, or both as NPC's in the party, perhaps picked up as masters to train the new PC. Bottom line is I for one HAVE TO find out, HELL YEAH I WANT KOTOR 3 !!!
  14. You must have breezed right over the part about "continue to leverage" that means sell more product.
  15. That is irrelevant. My point was that he had no personality in the first place, and then to suddenly give him one would be inconsistent. Really if you read back, Whether or not he had personality is beside the point. No one ever said he HAD to have personality, in fact I like the idea that he's an empty soul absent of expression of any kind. The topic was would you like to see him in the next game, right? So what are your thoughts on that? BTW, why so insulting about the english thing, who are you? Were you being funny and it just looks wrong, or did you intend to be insulting? Is that one of the rules of the forum, using proper english? I understood that just fine.
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