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  1. When naming a character I like to try to recreate some of the magic that GL originally used when naming some of the original characters in the story...meaning that I like to look up the definitions of names and see what would be a best potential fit. For examle, I recently began playing TSL (again) and this time with some of the new speculation regarding a possible connection between the Exile and Nihilus - I wanted my character's name to reflect that. So I came up with Perditus Kaan...perditus coming from Latin, meaning "lost" and kaan (actually can) being Turkish for "soul" or "life" -OR- Perditus Kaan, Lost Soul. So when it comes to naming the "secret apprentice" I hope that either we are given the chance to put our thoughts into the name, or that the name was created with care and purpose.
  2. XBOX 360...I was skeptical about Oblivion before playing, but since I am convinced that this is (and will continue to be) a fantastic medium for playing games. Can't wait to see the new engines "unleashed" on this system for this game.
  3. I really like the idea of being able to split the party more and more...especially if you have "Jedi" in your group...It always seems that seem to lead a contingent of soldiers during time of conflict - why not use that dynamic with your party. The culmination on Dxun/Onderon in TSL is a great example of how this could work and work well - just expand upon it...
  4. Three person parties are fine with me...the one innovation that TSL brought that I really enjoyed that "forced" you to use other characters was the split mission. I think that this would be a very good tool to use to give the feel of playing with more than three characters at a time, but still keeping the party size within reason for the 3d enviroment and over the shoulder view. Here's hoping that they actually use this feature more in the next installment...
  5. Jediphile execellent theory, kudos! But to remind you we know of at least one of the Exile's master...Kavar. If you remember the first meeting with Kavar on Onderon, he calls the Exile his old padawan I believe...
  6. One way that you could "force" the choice of the force or weapon, is to make some battles dependent on using one over the other... Examples: If surrounded my storm troopers, it would probably be best to force wave/immobilze some before you start to hack into them. But when fighting a Sith/Jedi, they would be ready for the force and you would have to rely on your skill with the saber (think of the way Mace is able to block, repel, and then turn Sidious's Force Lightning in Ep. 3)...
  7. Salzella: I don't know if you trained Atton as a Jedi/Sith in the games or not, but I always did. I felt that part of the reason that Atton was so shifty to begin with was the fact that he had not accepted his heritage/ability/affinity to the/of the/with the force...when trained to accept that part of his life, I always felt that his character would become a little more "stable". But hey, that's just my opinion and since I am not a developer (or George), I can not determine "canon" - I can only offer ideas!
  8. A quick question (or two)? Do you mean a PC? NPC? Hero? Villian? Any of the aforementioned? Depending on exactly what you are looking for, may influence what is actually reasonable...eg. I am sure that everyone would love a PC that is a uber character, able to force crush all opposition from level 1 (but it might not make for the best story)... If you are talking about Villians - you should take a look at the Sith Boss Thread at the forums here, posters have come up with a lot of great ideas (can make for a good read)!
  9. To clarify exactly what my position is just a few things first... 1. If it is to be KOTOR III, then there must be knights...whether this is kinghts of the old order (represented by KOTOR I and II) or knights of a new order(the lost jedi idea from KOTOR II) that remains to be seen. 2. Since they are Knights, there should be a council - again the compostition (light/dark and who) can be worked out several different ways (some of the other posters here (silent scope for one) have pointed out very easy ways to determine this). 3. As we have seen with the Jedi in all of the movies and games to date, there is the council and then those that have not earned enough favor to sit on the council. And only in times of great need are those on the council willing to get out there and risk their own butts(and sometimes not even then(cough, mandolarian wars, cough))! That being said, I think that Bastilla will have a role and like others on this post - I do not think that it would be too hard to imagine that the developers of the game make her roles in KOTOR I and II canon - leaving her alive for KOTOR III. That being said, considering the importance of Revan, I would think that Revan's companions would definetly have favor with the new council. I think that Bastilla would have a seat if she choose to accept it (whether she does or not may be up in the air). So I think that would eliminate her from a more interactive role with a new PC. My idea for a mentor of your new PC, would be to make them an individual that has lost favor with the council...I have always envisioned that at least Mical/Brianna, Atton and Bastilla would sit on the council. So who would be a Jedi that posibly would have lost face with this council? I think that a great story idea (only possible by creating canon from KOTOR II possibilities), would be to bring Atris back as a redeemed Jedi who is determined to be a part of the necessary actions to help the galaxy. She would be a great mentor, that would have a lot of great back story dialogue options (considering she was once the Jedi Historian, she has got to have a few stories floating around in that head of hers) - and I have always pictured her as a weaker fighter (due to the fact that she choose to hide in the past and "learn"), so I don't think that it would be too hard to buy into a story line where she is not that much stronger than your new PC to begin the game... What do you think?
  10. ^Thanks for the help with the exact quote! I was thinking that it would be cool if you had that plot twist (that has been such a big part of SW in general)...think of Sidius, you never saw him with a red saber until he was confronted by Jedi - so I think the idea of not seeing the traditional red saber until the twist/final confrontation would be great! EDIT: I always thought of Atris as a great charcter that could be used as a bridge between the games...going with what is accepted as canocical, LSF Exile, I always assumed that Atris was left alive. She has such great potential - for either falling from her grace and allowing the mercy shown to become the center of her dark heart; or having that mercy fill her with light and showing the way to redemption. Regardless, I have always felt that she would be determined not to make the same mistakes again - she would not sit idly by and wait and think. She in fact could be a great choice to be the mentor for your new character - whether or not she actually ends up as the new "bad guy" or not - as a very proactive force in the galaxy.
  11. I agree with most...the combat system itself does not need a major overhaul - maybe some shiny new animations, more seperation of animations for the different fighting styles...but not a major change. However, I would not mind seeing a more active involvement with the enviroment...using your saber to cut open a security panel to get to the point that you can use your security skills to open a door - would be pretty cool.
  12. So basically what you are saying is that you would kinda of want to see Galadriel if she had taken the one ring from Frodo...I don't remember the exact quote but, "...beautiful and terrible as the dawn...all will love me and despair...". I think that this potentially could work...just imagine if this was your PC's love interest/mentor and then there was that plot twist at some point in the story...
  13. Jediphile...its almost kind of scary the way our perceptions of the game seem to be on such a similar track. Again you have done a masterful job explaining your perspective, and in doing so helped to explain mine in a little more detail. I promised to try to post something regarding force bonding/draining and well here it is... My thought has been that force bonding isn't necessarily rare, in all fairness to be accurate, I would say that is very common. We are given examples of this by the Masters through out the game (most commonly the bond that forms between Master and Student). But what might be rare, is the exact nature of how a person bonds, the strength of that bond, and that bond's benefits/consequences. The most applicable depiction of this that I can think of is the bond between Kreia and the Exile. It not only has its benefits (force chain) but it definetly had its side effects (transmission of pain). *On a side note, Kreia's assertion that the bond could be lethal I felt was another of her manipulations more than anything else...after all we are talking about the same Exile who was able to sever his force bonds with all those he fought with in the War (granted it did have it's side effects - memory loss, loss of force connection, etc - but it was also that act that saved the Exile's life/prevented his fall to the dark side). So would it be too unreasonable to assume that even if the bond had the strength to be lethal - that with the Exile's history, he/she would be able to protect him/herself from that consequence. It is this bond so easily formed by the Exile (apparently by just being in the vicinity of a force user) that allows him/her to re-establish a connection with the force. We are also told by the Masters that it is the Exile's ability to form these force bonds and "feed" off that connection that leads to his/her strength. But that they do not feel the force within the Exile, even if there is a connection there. But what the Masters fail to say; is that the Exile is able to choose how the others he/she is connected with will either suffer or prosper from that bond. The Exile's companions throughout the game are obviously drawn to the Exile by these bonds - and if it was simply a parasitic relationship they would not gain strength through out the game, they would weaken. However, they seem to get stronger suggesting a symbiotic relationship where both benefit. And this is not exclusive to only the Exile's companions - another good example of it is the Exile's ability to boost the Dantooine Militia's stats (light side choice of course), before they have to fight the Mercs. I think that this suggests that there is more to the Exile than simply being a wound in the force. Although Jediphile has accurately stated there is no physical game proof of the Sith Assassins being able to leech power from force using opponents to become stronger - I think that there is a way to explain what is occuring without the game actually telling us "Sith Assassin drains force from Atton, becomes stronger". I almost imagined the Sith Assassin's being more like the player crystal...meaning that they act more like a sieve than a leech. That is everyone has an aura, the strength of your aura may depend on your connection to the force. So the assassins rather than being taught how to force bond, are taught how to read and gain strength from other's auras. So, just like the crystal captures traces of the Exile's force left behind (emitted, etc.) - so can the Sith Assassins. Again, like the crystal not weakening the player, but providing a medium which unused/unfocused energy can be gathered and then turned into a strength. Nihilus on the other hand is completely different. He does from force bonds. But he does not simply stop at bonding with other force users, he bonds with anything that has the force within itself. He then uses this connection to leech all of the power of the force away from these objects (planets, humans, jedi, etc.) until there is no force left and only death. He has given into the "hunger" and only uses his power to the benefit of himself; slowly weakening, decaying any life that he comes in touch with, feeding his hunger and increasing his strength until the source is dry - and then he moves onto the next source. The very definition of a parasite, is how you can describe Nihilus's relationship witht he Universe.
  14. Perhaps it is out of turn for me to try to speak for Jediphile, but I think that if you look back over all of the posts, that Jediphile has in fact done a good job trying to "fill the holes" as you have asked. I think that the biggest obstacle to understanding any game, is perception. Not just your own perception of the game, but how that perception relates to other's perception of the game. Because we all interpret the game a little differently, it presents this wonderful opportunity to share our ideas and discuss (debate if you will) our perceptions of the game. The only person/persons that would have the authority to answer any of the questions posed on this forum and others with absolute certainty, would be the writers of the story themselves. That being said, I do not think that it should stop our thought processes from trying to come up with answers for the questions that most bother us. My take on some of the things that have been discussed: 1. Kreia and the force - My theory on her actions throughout the game have always relied heavily that she is a manipulator. I felt that her most important manipulation was that of "training" the Exile. I always felt that Kreia knew more than she let on, and what she did tell was slipped out to lead you down a certain path. Kreia wanted the Exile to come to Malachor, wanted the Exile to understand the power of the force (whether is was used for good or evil), and she wanted the Exile to travel to the Unknown Regions in search of Revan. I think that Kreia's unique relationship with Revan, was almost matronly...and my geuss was that she learned from her Malachor fueled future sight that Revan would need help from a force user that was just as strong. That is why she left the Jedi Order and sought out the strongest of the Sith to ally and train with, that is why after learning of their weaknesses she would need someone else. And I think that need is what eventually lead her to the Exile. The Exile's unique ability to sever all connection with the force and yet survive was a sign of the ultimate strength - even if in its current state was not ready to face the ultimate test. That is why she trains the Exile, and consequently convinces the Exile to follow Revan's path. I am not sure if Kreia's intention was ever to cause any harm to the force or the will of the force - but rather convince the Exile of the need to find Revan, using whatever means necessary. 2. Bao Dur at Malachor V - while Bao Dur was not a jedi, it can't be argued that he was force sensitive. A common theme throughout TSL is that the Exile's companion's (for the most part) are individuals that at one time or another turned away/denied themselves a connection with the force on the level that would make them a force user. For Bao Dur it was druing the Mandolorian Wars - when he felt the destruction that was caused by his MSG, which was fueled by his anger and need for revenge. He felt that he lost control, and to continue down that path was to give into the "darkside". Something that he was unprepared to do...the real question shouldn't be did he turn away from the force, but it should be what is the reaction of forsaking the force by a non force user - when compared to the effect of the same action taken by a force user. I believe that we have our answer in the Exile. A force user would create a wound in the force due to the deeper connection - but would a non-force user create the same thing? I wouldn't think so. I will try to come back later and post some ideas on force bonding and related topics...
  15. Something to consider as a real possibility of what Kreia did to the Masters - is that she simply severed their ties to the force, like they were going to do to the Exile...after all she does explain to Atton on the Citadel just how much of an impact the force can have on one's life. Is it possible that when she says wants the Master's to see life through the eyes of the Exile, she is referring a life not connected to the force (severed if you will)...if this is the case then it could tie perfectly back into the unique nature of the Exile. We all know that in TSL at the time of Malachor V, the Exile severed himself from the force - we also know that we are led to believe that any other in that situation would have died - giving the Exile his/hers uniqueness. We also know that the Masters are very connected to the force (they can typically feel when others die for crying out loud) - so is it possible that a life severed from the force to them would mean death? I think that Jediphile is correct in assuming that if Kreia could do what the Exile or Nihilus could do - then she would have no need for either of them... As far as her reasons for "teaching" any one, I would be surprised if they did not fill some need of Kreia's - we learn that while at Malachor Kreia can see the future with the force - how are we to know if she didn't see some purpose in Sion or Nihilus to help her reach her ultimate goal (manipulating the Exile into killing the force...or not...Kreia's deeper seated motivations may not be so plain to see...)? Will Nihilus return - I think that we will see some hint of him...whether that be a holocron, or datapad, or whatever - it will surprise us all when more info is revealed about the character...
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