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    I am 19 years old
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    building electro mechanical devices
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  1. yo wad up i have my own xbox 360 clan if ur intrested go to http://www.freewebs.com/unholyallianc3
  2. Yo wad up i just started this new clan over xbox live and im looking to xband in the pc version of jedi academy so if ur interested in joining the unholy alliance send me an email at sithartificejedi@yahoo.com and check out our website http://www.freewebs.com/unholyallianc3
  3. Wad up Clan Name: Unholyallianc3 Location: Xbox Live Recruiting: yes Open to Challenges: Yes If you wish to join simply check out our website at http://www.freewebs.com/unholyallianc3 Current Status: In the Middle of A sith-jedi war
  4. It would seem u guys have a large clan and all but if u want to see an evan bigger clan go to http://www.freewebs.com/jwduffman72 this is a rapidly expanding clan over xbox live as well so i suggest taking a look at it
  5. its awsome for online play the graphics are sweet and the online play over Xbox live is even sweeter
  6. Oh yeah and tsr i did bugger off into the navy i dont ship out till agust 6th but find me on jedi academy will ya i am dying to
  7. Oh yeah and tsr i did bugger off into the navy i dont ship out till agust 6th but find me on jedi academy will ya i am dying to kick ur butt
  8. Also you Can check out our website at freewebs.com/Jwduffman72
  9. I am most definatly sith i enjoy the dark side more then anything and i take glee in gripping, draining and lightning my followers and killing weak and pathetic jedi
  10. was up most of u who play jedi knight jedi academy on xbox live probably no me as GNL Death Wing. anyways i have created a new clan and i am looking for people to join. we are called the black empire and have to parts that make up the clan the trooper core and the sith if u would like to join please sen a email to sithartificejedi@yahoo.com or talk to me over xbox live my gamer tag is Darth Azrakel
  11. to let u know this game works on the 360 as well so no need to wory about it
  12. dude if you want some one to hang out with on xbox live send a friend request to Darth Azrakel
  13. I am an X-box live gamer that somewhat follows an honour system although i am a sith lord in this game over xbox live I believe strongly that people who have their lightsaber turned off shouldn't be attacked. i also believe that the only time to attack somebody is iof the challenger challenges you to a duel and then he challenges you back. also i make my clan follow the sith traditions and imake them folow the same honour system otherwise they will pay with their lives. oh yea if you ever play this over xbox live feel free to join my games my gamertag is GNL Death Wing
  14. Typicaly the life bars will show up if you put the crosshairs on the objects being destroyed and disapear if you take the crosshairs off the object or if you destroy the object. this is generaly what happens over xbox live but seeing as how i dont kno what version of jedi academy your using i cant help any further. so let me know if your playing the xbox version or the pc version of jedi academy
  15. to a degree i would agree with you there isnt enough customization but also some of the customization i liked. what i thimk lucus arts should have done was made the story line the same but they hould have made the charachter customization process more like star wars kotor and allow you to pick your species, gender, lightsaber style, force powers, and change the appearence of the charachter like changing the skin tone and/or giving the charachter a mechanical limb. also I think that lucus arts shouldn't have given the custom charachter a pre set name but should have let you given the custom charachter a name you felt satisfied with
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