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  1. I liked the 2nd Battlefront but i would like to see something different to the first two and try and involve more of the galaxy or making the person create their own battlefields, that would make a perfect game in my opinion.
  2. Battlefront 2 is really good mate, Have you got the online gameplay or just the normal game, I havent got online but still, the game in general rocks so much. Good deal buying it for that much.
  3. Why isnt it on PS2 Thats just unfair
  4. I liket some of the maps which were from Battlefront 1 and werent put into 2 but i have to say Battlefront 2 because i like the elite rifles and stuff which gives the gameplay a bit more depth
  5. I would like to see some more classes in Battlefront, just to give that extra thing to do in the game, and maybe some more maps, i want to get online but i cant afford it.
  6. I find Grevious hard to use without the double jump Thank you for your honesty
  7. Just hope that star wars battlefront 2 has a upgrade pack or something with extra maps which would get more people on here
  8. that would be amazing i not sure that another battlefront will be out, they will wait for new technology which will make it amazing, stuff that we dont even know about
  9. red faction was good but star wars battlefront go into a game of its own
  10. sorry, is banther foddr on the old one because does it mean the same
  11. It would be good to go to places where you dont see because you only see one place on a whoole planet, their would be loads of stuff on one planet
  12. A bather Fodder is how many people you kill on your own team i think
  13. Come on Star Wars Battlefront 3 when is it meant to be coming out
  14. I was looking forward to trying out he award rifle i dont want to now
  15. the CIS should beat anthing in the movies but somehow they dont keep them, the Siths make loads of useless droids and get rid of the good things like Drodikas and The super battle droids
  16. their is quite a big range on the online community for the ps2 but i guess all of the online play goes together
  17. what the hell was that all about, have been on here for ages but i forgot i joined and now i like it here
  18. is the rocket lancher or the sniper ones good because i dont have them yet
  19. I find the CIS so much more equalthan when they dominated the first game but i like the good 2 teams, republic and rebel alliance
  20. I play on my ps2 non stop so i get my moneys worth out of it
  21. I will get it what ever the price
  22. Ground troopers are just good overall
  23. just some mega weapons which can destroy anything in its way what about an operating Death star while you are trying to destroy it, with all the guns and stuff on the surface, that would be good
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