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  1. Wow. What a great game. I loved every second of it (except where I was stuck..). I can't get over how great this game really was... and I have a question. Why is the game called Grim Fandango? Is there some sort of meaning to the name? Because I didn't pick it up in the game.
  2. Rubacava, handsdown. For the reasons that I love those guys in the Blue Casket, everyone in that chapter has an interesting story, and the location is a great place to be at night.
  3. I recently watched Reservoir Dogs again, which was an excellent movie. I finally realized why that guy picked complete strangers to work together... so that they couldn't rat eachother out. Quentin Tarantino at one of his finest. "Why do I have to be Mr. Pink?" "'Cause your a faggot."
  4. I was thinking about buying 'The Warriors' novel from Amazon by Sol Yurick. I've been reading in and out of my magazine though so.. yeah.
  5. I ban you for having an avatar with a guy that has a weird expression
  6. Im obsessing about this game ATM haha. Anyways I just got past Year 1. Im going up the steps of the Rubacava place for the first time, and I press 'Up' on the directional thing, and instead of just taking one step, he kept walking. Its only when I press 'Down' that he stops. I press 'Up', not holding it, and he keeps walking. Can someone help me out here? Its pretty annoying. I just got knocked off that blimp by Meche for some reason, and I just turned it off at the Docks right after it, and its not gone. Any help is appreciated. Peace.
  7. Im playing MGS2 which is an excellent game. It has over 800 pages of script. It seems for every 3 minutes of gameplay theres 15 minutes of movies. You really get into the storyline though, so its all good. Eagerly waiting for my labtop adaptor to come this week, so i can play Grim Fandango and Curse of Monkey Island. This wait is killing me.
  8. Guess what game I'm playing.... Grim Fandango!!!!!!!! This game is so awesome. Pretty challenging, but hey, I'm up for challenges.
  9. I ban shuz because his name reminds of shuddering. Which is weird.
  10. Ok, I have ordered Grim Fandango, and I need to know if this is going to work on my labtop. The demo worked fine on it, but it doesn't on my XP. Here are some specs.. Windows ME 8X DVD-ROM player (compatible with CD-ROM's too) 64MB RAM 650 mhz processor So will GF run smoothly enough on my labtop?
  11. From what I've heard, the game borrows from GTA, in driving and such. It probably would be worth renting if your a fan of the movie like me. Im playing The Curse of Monkey Island now on my labtop and MGS3 : Subsistence on my PS2. I finally found a copy of Grim Fandango to order, and after getting the demo working, Im psyched as hell to play it.
  12. several million ducks that like to.....
  13. Im listening to a few songs now.. I downloaded some diff bands like Dimmu Borgir, Sonata Artica, Rammstein.. this is what im listening to now. Artist : Rammstein Song : Spring Album : Rosenrot
  14. A bit anti-social, no? Or o you just not like partys? Anyways it was great after. All I did today was skate and study. Im also searching for a AC adaptor for my labtop .... so I can play games on it, because if I do on the comp Im using now, games just freeze and slow the computer down.
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