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  1. I'm late again I think :\ arrgg oh well, I'm not UK based, but I have 1 member from the UK if that intrests you, err oh I guess I should talk about my clan and try to impress you and sound desperate. Alright, I'm weird, the clan has fun, I train the bad, the good compete against other clans, the point of the clan is to play as if individuals, but more so as friends under a team name.. ummm if you wanna join my zone name is _FF_PRoDigY, e-mail is LhoneWolf@aol.com, AiM is PrOddY wOddY and well I dunno, it'd make it easier on him, we don't get in contact much, but he might like it if he had someone to play :\ just talk to me if I convinced you and you're not taken heh. l8r
  2. Wow I'm like a year late, but my clan fits all the requirements cept dedicated server which we're probably getting a dedicated t1..anyways, err my zone name is _FF_PRoDigY, you're probably already in a clan now, but oh well I thought I'd give you the oppurtunity, odd post I know, just talk to me if you're free..l8r
  3. Ok listen this is the answer.. if you saw the first trailer when you force jump forward you do a frontward flip and that was a team game. Red and Blue..he was red and force jumping making him appear like Maw which I first though, but it's just some guy.
  4. Oops I was suppose to e-mail you.. I'll do that unless you reply first.
  5. Well as always I'll try for a recruit, my clan site http://fatalfury.fragoff.net/ IRC channel: #_FF_ on irc.enterthegame.com and the link for the site is in my signature. We have 3 members plus my self, we all have cable don't ask me how that happened, I don't require anything. Anyone is welcome so if you are interested..reply, come to the channel, or do nothing if you aren't interested.
  6. Use..it doesn't cost enough money so they don't like it
  7. Oh I forgot to mention this, I have AOL now 56k, but this Thursday I am getting Cable. My other three members all have cable too. It's kinda odd how that happened, but besides me and the three members there is an iniate --someone who isn't in yet, because it is to guarentee dedication to the clan and it's not just a joke-- and well also if you get on zone my name is _FF_PRoDigY. My AiM is LhoneWolf, ICQ #147916398, and IRC channel #_FF_ on irc.enterthegame.com.
  8. Sorry, but I can't help you out. All I wanted to say was that the layout so far looks pretty rad man, keep it up.
  9. My clan Fatal Fury, will accept anyone, only problem is I'm 14 and the other 3 members are doesn't mean you can't join though. I'm trying to get an older crowd, but if all else fails you can join my clan if you'd like. If you need anymore information about my clan which I can happily provide..my e-mail is LhoneWolf@aol.com.
  10. Well I don't get on then, and I'd say the only reasonable clan for him would be one in a different country, like if he is in the US find a UK clan so that the time zone difference equals out possibly.. other than that I don't see how.
  11. That's why they are in beta testing. I'd say don't worry. They'll make it alright it won't be unfair, we haven't played the game so we can't say if it is fair or unfair. Just have to wait March is the slowest month ever.
  12. I'm sure he'd rather be hassled by CCC over KKK lol. *Knock Knock* *opens door* *sees white hooded dudes with torches* *closes door* *hides in corner* nuff said
  13. I'm making a LotR mod Elves, Dwarves, Men, and Orcs. Should be cool, I'll scrap it if I'm too moved by the Star Wars aspect and especially I'm looking forward to the AotC mod
  14. He's making the clan, too bad he's has the ability to have it as he wants. His point isn't to mimic your clan, but to make his clan. Let him do what he wants.
  15. Awesome sig image! Kaiser and I's clan listing will be up and functional 1 month after multiplayer starts kickin'. We'll be posting a link for it soon as I'm guessing you'll want to be on it. The join form is located at http://fatalfury.fragoff.net/forum.html if you want your information early.
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