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  1. I'm finally getting back to trying BF2 again after years and I've got same exact problem. Game installs but won't start, claiming it doesn't have correct DirectX. I have 11 and have tried installing 9c but no luck.
  2. My friend's 12 y/o has this game on PS/2 and I bought it for the PC so I could play head-to-head with him over the internet. I have a logitech dual action game pad which has all the same buttons and layout as the PS/2 controller, but although it is supported, there is no EASY support for it. I have to map every @#$#@ button manually! That's annoying. I'd like to map this thing to the exact same defaults as his controller uses. Is that documented somewhere online? Or do I have to get him on the phone and make him tell me every single button mapping one at a time?
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