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  1. Jason!? Wow dude, I haven't seen you on in eons! Seriously, first PK, now you, has LF sent out some siren call to bring back it's lost children? Lol, anyway, good to see you. :whtsmile:

  2. Want to rejoin the Sith Resurrection series tor its final instalment?

  3. So yeah, I've got the Casting Call up for The Sith Resurrection Part VIII. Interested?

  4. I've got the Casting Call for a new Fantasy RP up. Interested?

  5. Think I could persuade you to rejoin the Sith Resurrection Series for Part VII? The Casting Call is up now.

  6. That'd be James Arnold Taylor, Ewan McGregor's voice double.

  7. Yeah, that looks close. Real nice too. Who's the "actor"?

  8. Out of curiosity, in The Sith Resurrection Series, how close is this to how you pictured Reyvan?


  9. Putz, lvl 70. Er, deixa eu ver...


    Acho que eu parei no 15~16. Estava a procurar com quem jogar essa joça. :xp:

  10. Yah, é grátis, mas é um bocado difícil ser de alto nível sem gastares dinheiro verdadeiro. >.>


    Acabei de chegar a 70 ontem. :D

  11. Está jogando Imagine? Os servers são free ainda?

  12. Ah, bom. O fórum é inglês mas acho que por aqui não há problema. Acho....

  13. Não, nem por isso.


    OH WAI-

  14. Uh, I'm liking it, if that's what you're asking. :p


    BTW, is there anything keeping us from talking on portuguese? :xp:

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