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  1. AeriaGames FTW. Enjoy your countless controversies. On the other hand, i might check this out. ^^
  2. Yeah, that looks close. Real nice too. Who's the "actor"?

  3. Yah, é grátis, mas é um bocado difícil ser de alto nível sem gastares dinheiro verdadeiro. >.>


    Acabei de chegar a 70 ontem. :D

  4. "Remember when LucasArts was cool?" "Yeah, neither do i." Oh LucasArts (´_>`)
  5. I can't even begin to imagine how many hours i spent playing this game, and loving every single one of them. Happy Birthday KotOR! Now, if only K3 came out.
  6. So, quick question about this: can you customize Mike's appearance?
  7. Yeah, i have thought about overheating and have also considered how much memory any applications use. I'll try that Speedfan and report on it ASAP. EDIT: GPU and Core temps are usually over 90s, have reached 100 too. HD0 is around 40s while Temp1, Core0 and Core1 go around between the 70s. Btw, i always use my laptop in a table, lol.
  8. It happened once or twice while i was playing. The game started lagging and then it shut down.
  9. It has happened with both the laptop plugged in AND with only the battery.
  10. I'm just doing my things when the computer just powers down normally, with the exception that i don't press anything to make it power down.
  11. Sry about the double post but text limit. >.>
  12. So, recently my PC's taken a knack to randomly shutting down every now and then, becoming very frequent at a certain time. I realize this won't help much so i ask that you tell me what to do to solve my problem. Please and thank you.
  13. Yoko Kanno was pretty good on Macross Frontier but it can't be a composer thread without Iwasaki Taku: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  14. Eden is out already. I'm looking forward to Alive - The Final Evolutionary Boy.
  15. I only know Fallout 3 from seeing my brother playing it but from what i've seen, it's pretty fun. Unexpected move, having Obsidian develop the new game but good nevertheless.
  16. No, they do not stink. They're data lawl. But i see your point and agree it with, often do i find myself also wanting to see and hear everything there is to hear in any conversation in a dialogue tree.
  17. Kermit. No, i do not rent any games.
  18. Thread still needs moar Sengoku Basara.
  19. As much as i love the KOTOR series, i'd have to say Persona 3. The first time i played it, those hours of playing it, they were magical.
  20. OMG, this is looking SO awesome. Can't wait 'till it comes out so i can sneakill more people. Btw, inb4 Da Vinci = AC2's Al Mualim lawl.
  21. I can't even express my feelings into a facepalm just for saying how fail this is.
  22. It has a similar concept and is set on the same world, but there is no Persona-switching, the Personas are more ethereal than corporeal when summoned, fights are lackluster, no Shadows, etc. Pretty much no reference to the game except for Akihiko who appears regularly after ep 13. It's also contradicted in a certain aspect by P4 so maybe it's not canon lawl. It's less about kicking ass with Personas and saving the world (which is what the games are all about) and more of an analysis into the concept of persona itself. Still enjoyable though.
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