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  1. ahh you should have messaged me. I'll accept you make a new acct same name. We try to keep the forums secure because of all the h8.
  2. The hardest part of running an RPG server for me has been the crazy amount of prejudice towards our "kind". I guess because we play MBII its even worse.. The MBII community is insane. The dev team is alright, and they can't help their following. I've heard things like, "we have too much free time" "You waste your lives trying to escape your real one" Funny thing is these responses come from people who spend their time chasing down threads that have RPG in them, so they can flame. This message is for those of you who do like RPG, who like fair fights, who like a friendly community, who like to protect the Order or destroy it. We have Military commands, Jedi Commands, Sith Commands with a complete architecture. We have actually even converted the forms of lightsaber dueling to help Initiates to learn how to fight in the MBII mod. We don't put up with cursing, laming or just ignorance. We have completely custom gameplay and you would have to see it to understand. Give Defenders of Peace a chance for those of you old school RPers. You will not be let down. *Bows* Jedi Master Ailan http://www.defendersofpeace.dsi-gaming.com/
  3. BTW, great community. The hard part is siphoning out the MBII community from the true blue RPGers and cool people. We have a pretty active clan. We play everyday.
  4. God he asked for a good RP clan and people jump on and OMG RPG?!?! theres a great RP server set 100 BBY on Movie Battles.... http://www.defendersofpeace.dsi-gaming.com/
  5. http://www.defendersofpeace.dsi-gaming.com/ fully modified so that its very comfortable for RPG. Bunch of maps converted. We even have Jedi Council GCX map now . Time limit is gone, we'll see about b19. Its good times, if your interested in joining add Ailanconnection to xfire and message me.
  6. Kudos to you if you know which maps the last two screenies came from.
  7. will the vehicles not spawn because you removed all the vehicle mods?
  8. If you want to play this game again, and have fun like the old days, get MovieBattles II a mod like JA+ but much better in the classes and general star wars feel. Check out the screenshots thread at the top of this sub-forum for an idea of what MBII is like minus the DOP map pack.
  9. Heres some more. Balthier : I hereby Knight you... sexay. Balthier : Hangin' with the wee lil Jedi. Balthier : Whatever could he see?!!! Balthier : Hazard Trooper Droids awaiting command and activation This one is actually Aions work, Kudos!
  10. Mando Showdown in MBII on LDJ's converted Ancient_outposts Thanks Livingdeadjedi you rock more than we can understand. Notice the rocket launchers Thats another shot of AO Thats the Jedi and Sith trying to get along at Szico VII's BlueIce_twilight which has also been converted to MB TY SZICO you also rule more than we. TY Darth Apocalypse for the pics my second in command btw... wheres your timer??!?!? oh that old thing? no more. BTW, yes cloud is a sith, thats a key ingredient. Too bad you can't hear all the custom 20 some sounds each char has. H3H Siege for MBII I hope to get in contact with these mappers someday... If anyone knows them I'd like to get their stated permission to use their map in MB, but it was not modified in anyway or decompiled to do so. Does Darth Apocalypse have to choke a b*****?
  11. coops fun I agree, siege would be fun too, and last man standing siege (MB) !
  12. I've been playing around with the source for awhile. Where would I go to modify the OJP to have lightsabers alternate attack as a blocking stance. I've been messing with it for awhile but I'm really scratching my head as to how to change all the button configurations to do what I want to do.
  13. Do you guys have Xfire? I'm gonna sleep anyways, it was fun.
  14. I'm checking it out the newest version's saber system seems much better. I don't think the saber system is too complicated. In a way MBII is simple. I would like to work on the siege portion of OJP and work the classes. Then maybe the classes could be moved over into the other gamemodes. It would take some time but creating point systems for all characters not just Jedi wouldn't be too hard.
  15. I'm down I'll be on ASAP looking for the newest beta.
  16. That would be great, I'd love to join the team. I'm working on my coding skills, I'm best at mapping and the file structure of jedi academy, all the info files etc. I'm really interested in coding though. If its not too late to get in the game I'd like to help. lol every time I want to reply I hit start a new thread... sorry about that. thanks to whoever covered for me the first time I did it.
  17. That would be great, I'd love to join the team. I'm working on my coding skills, I'm best at mapping and the file structure of jedi academy, all the info files etc. I'm really interested in coding though. If its not too late to get in the game I'd like to help.
  18. Yes I would really like to help on enhanced, I've seen whats been going on so far and I really like it. I would like to bring MB to OJP and vice versa. There are many things I can't stand about MB and the developers are pretty much stuck to making it siege with no other options to play with. The saber system on OJP enhanced, atleast the version I've been playing seems really sloppy and just random slashing about. The feel of Movie Battles dueling is much more comfortable. I would really like to work on it and see what I can come up with. Also get the sabers to look like they do in Movie Battles, maybe speed up the characters movement a bit cause they feel like they drag. I'd like to try and get the force jump landing thing to move you more forward like a glide power, that is a really cool feature. Maybe make the jump more of a spring type jump like luke ep5 in the carbon freeze. All in all I think OJP is awesome, full of features, and obviously MB is a byproduct of that. If it could be changed around in just a few minor ways it could be the best. I think adopting classes would be great too. Changing the character menu and switching between classes, much like forcemod. This is a stretch but it would also be nice to be able to give moderators on the server the ability to give out ranks, so everyone gets points for classes depending upon their rank in the server or clan, might be fun for roleplay. Well I got pushed out of the MBII community because anyone who roleplays is shunned. I know there are still a lot of RPers out there. If we can change around OJP to be more comfortable for old MBII players, you will see the OJP server list full again.
  19. I've been messing around with the source, I'm trying to make a Movie Battles type mod with the way the sabering and classes work, but keep all the different gametypes, ledge climb, etc. Could someone help me with what file in the source holds all the information about what buttons do what? I would like to change block to right click if thats possible, and make idle with no buttons held I'd like for them to stand idle with their arms at their side. Anyone know the files such as bg_saber.c which one would hold this information?
  20. I had to use the force but I finally got it to download, nice.
  21. yeah PS2 wieners, where is your PS2 gonna store the levels, and where you gonna get them? off ps2 live? lol
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