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  1. LOL, I was wondering why I kept hearing that phrase. I have only owned the expansion for about 12 hours, so I've played only a few hours of GC. I was playing as the rebels and kept hearing that, often before ANY fleet would jump into one of my systems, though sometimes it would appear that it was whenever one of the empire's systems was getting hit.
  2. If we want to stay "canon" I'd suggest throwing one massively sparking Emperor Palpatine down into the core to cause it to explode. Why waste a perfectly good saber?
  3. Not absolutely worthless, but worthless in most situations. I have noticed that trying an orbital strike to temporarily stun those anti-air defenses in the direct path of the incoming bomber strike is highly useful. If you are tired of watching strike after strike chewed up by AA turrets that are too well defended for you to take down with your ground pounders, and you absolutely MUST take down those barracks/factories to get rid of the garrison units, the orbital strike CAN be useful. It would be more useful if it permanently destroyed the units, but that's another issue...
  4. Isn't Kyle left out of this one? I haven't seen him appear yet in GC at least.
  5. He shows up some time after tech 5. I don't think it's immediate, but I did notice that he showed up about 10 days or so after I had hit tech 5.
  6. I have found that this is usually not necessary, at least for many planets. As a rebel, I usually use any planet to make pairs of troops (usually a plex and a standard soldier). Kamino is good in this patch since they each cost 1 credit... Send them onto planets either early on or later onto planets that the imperials haven't had time/cash to invest with ground bases. With proper use and tactics, I've been able to take down planets with anything short of heavy factories with just these two squads. The secret is to immediately search out a build pad (hopefully you know where they are). Build bacta stations then chose whether to garrison the bunkers or not, placing additional build pads into anti-vehicle/anti-infantry turrets for "safe zones". Now, using caution it's not overly difficult to use the troopers to scout out and engage enemies, drawing them back towards your turrets if you get into trouble, disengaging them to heal at the bacta stations when necessary. It's even easier if there's an indigent population supporting you on that planet. As an example, I currently am trying to take over Dantooine as a rebel. I've landed my plex and soldier squads and have them garrisoned in several bunkers. I've managed to build anti-infantry and anti-vehicle turrets along the equator of the map such that the imperials have difficulty even getting into the southern half. I'm currently using the human settlers that are spawned to run raids into the imperial's stronghold, knowing that I'll lose them over and over. In this more extreme example, I'm over half way done with taking a plenet with two barracks and one or more factories (I know there's at least one light due to the ton of ATSTs I've run into). I'm doing this with just the two squads and have lost none as yet. In this case, without the indiginous population I would probably have to resort to sending in infiltrators, but I'd usually discourage using auto-resolve. Any competant player should be able to inflict more damage against the computer than the auto-resolve. You might even surprise yourself and take the planet without losses. I managed this so far on five imperial planets all with at least two military buildings in place. All without troop losses.
  7. In either of those games I could lay waste to an ISD and even the SSD (took an insane amount of time, however). It was fun to have a single fighter be able to do so much, though a bit unrealistic. EEA has taken it to the other extreme, however.
  8. The pattern doesn't hold for every map, though the locations of shield gens are consistant on the same planet. I've had the shield gens show on the right handed map almost dead center, once on the bottom of the map, though usually upper left. Building pads seem to be placed where they make the most impact: at strangle points.
  9. WOW! 89? That's pretty amazing. I guess that the break point is somewhere around 88 unless Rebel is different. 88 should be admiral, 89 high admiral (0r something like that). I'm working on my second campaign, I'll have to see if I can get a higher score to test out the theory.
  10. I got 87% on Rebel Hard (galactic conquest), that was good for Major-General.
  11. I'm not sure if this is a "post 1.03" bug or a general bug, but I just tried to finish the GC while pleying rebels. The setting was hard, and I had ALL of the planets defeated. Upon killing the Emperor, Darth Vader respawned. I'm not sure when he spawned, though I had just killed him in Coruscant space prior to launching a ground assault. It couldn't have been more than a few days. I had just killed the Emperor and took the last planet. At this point I get the warning about an incoming Imperial fleet. It consists of JUST Vader. I have 2 Mon Cals, 2 Neb Bs and a 2 corvettes around the planet (the one JUST south of Coruscant on the galactic map). He joins the fight, then retreats faster than I can kill him (man, he takes nearly NO damage from capitals/frigates/corvettes). At this point I get the countdown to hyperspace and it sticks at 000.000. I sat there for the next five minutes or so, moving ships to make sure that I had the entire map covered (he wasn't hiding in a nebula or something). I tried logging the game again, quitting back to desktop and reloading, etc. I'm still stuck there. Not a real problem since I know that I finished it, but sort of disappointing to not get my mil rating.
  12. He already destroyed the fleet. I'd still recommend waiting a bit. I had approximately 30 days between destroying the Mon Cal invasion fleet and the Death Star taking out Alderaan (fortunately, Red Squadron and Han spawned almost immediately afterwards, though not fast enough to get them to Kuat before it was attacked). It seems to have a somewhat random timer and it could just be that you haven't waited long enough for it to occur.
  13. It's a relatively easy mod to do (I've done it myself for the Neb B and the Mon Cal). The only issue is to make sure that you don't inadvertantly get any blank lines since this will keep the game from loading. If anyone has trouble, I'll be happy to try to get my mod up (destroyable hangars with spawns and limited reinforcements), though the downloads is down and I'm not entirely sure when I'll get home to access the file (not on the computer here at work).
  14. It's even more confusing that a Star DESTROYER is stronger than most CRUISERS. Also, why is a Dreadnaught weaker than almost all other ship classes? The usual (real world) ranking of ships would be something like destroyer<frigate<cruiser<battleship<dreadnaught. That should mean that a dreadnaught would destroy a "star destroyer", but they are actually far weaker. I never understood the SW classifications...LOL
  15. Actually, the above are correct but it MIGHT be related to the mods done to EaW. I've had issues with Star Wars Galaxies where publishes caused system freezes/crashes. ANYTIME you have a crash and need to hard reboot you run a small (but not zero) chance of rebooting the system while the hard drive is attempting to write. This can cause problems with clusters (letter A above) and possibly keep you from reloading Windows. I've had this happen 3 times with that buggy game (fortunately not yet with EaW) with an uncountable number of system freezes/crashes over the almost three years that I have been subscribed. Why keep at it? Well, that Jedi grind WAS a bit addictive (I'm just waiting for my pre-paid account to run out now...LOL).
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