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  1. OK the tech guy got back and he was way off on what my problem even was. I was digging around and found a / option that fixed the charcater info so I could read them (they were black on black also) can't remember it right now. Does anyone have a good list of / options??? Hey this is a neat point I'd blame the video card but... If I am in the HUD display (middle mouse button, fine point aiming for sniper) and press the escape key guess what it works fine. The video card is the sis 7500 series 64 bit. (yes I did update the firmware for it) So now the only stuff that is black on black is the menu display while playing the game and hitting escape not in the HUD. and the spawn button (until I press spawn then it corrects itself to start playing, day late dollar short), and whatever writing is on top of it (Nice docs) I was so looking forward to playing this game. Thanks for any help
  2. It is a SIS but it is not on there unsuported card. I want to say a 313 (i know it isn't right). I am not near the computer. Thanks
  3. I have installed SWBF2 on a new laptop Acer 5003 it plays well but when I hit the escape screen, or spawn all the writing is black. If I bring up the HUD display the Menu looks correct. Is there a way to start this game up with a different color setting. BTW I am running this in safe mode. I get the same reaction if I run it out of safe mode also.
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