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  1. Great launcher - essentially lets you play GF on windows 7 straight out of the box, avoiding all headaches. Someone should sticky this thread, as the launcher solves all the common problems in one go.
  2. So after a wave of nostalgia to play Grim Fandango again, I was dismayed to discover that unfortunately GF does not like Vista. After trawling the net to first solve how to install it, then get it to launch, then stop the sound mucking up, I came across this PDF which is a pretty comprehensive guide on how to deal with the numerous problems which come with running GF on an operating system more modern then Win 98. Its all in French, but hopefully some of you guys will find it useful to get your game up and running. Check it out here: http://grim-fandango.servhome.org/dossier/pbtech/Dossier%20probl%C3%A8mes%20techniques.pdf
  3. Yep, the link in the first message goes to internet cyberspace again, but I found the RAR file hosted at a French GF fansite for those needing it: http://grim-fandango.servhome.org/dossier/pbtech/GRIMDATA.rar
  4. I ban you becuase, even in my absence, this thread will live on!
  5. For me the hardest was the marrow tree, only on my third play through did I get the logic to that - I got it the first two times by accident
  6. Wow, I never knew GF T shirts even existed! So definately black!
  7. Dude, that's the point - your supposed to "figure it out". It's an adventure game, it's not going to tell you what to do. I really, really wouldn't suggest using a walk through - you'll regret it afterwards. If you get stuck just try everything with everything - that's what i did. Even if a combination seems ridiculous - try it! Plus you get some great one liners from doing that. Yes, GF is a tough Adventure game (probably the hardest I've played) but don't give up! The story and characters are so brilliant - you'll be missing out big time if you let the game beat you!
  8. Every other forum has one of these - we need one too! Basically, you make up quotes that the characters would never say (OMG a GF related thread!) Let the insanity begin. Domino: Man, I feel like a woman!
  9. I ban you to ensure that this idiotic thread continues to cheat death.
  10. You don't happen to have a joy stick plugged in do you? Having a joy stick plugged in caused a similar evil to me...
  11. ... your ever so slightly pissed off that you didn't get the 1000th post in the I ban you game!
  12. I ban you because jdfhiluwehfiuwerhfuhei
  13. I ban you cause I want to spend the rest of my life as a beach bum in Fiji
  14. I ban you cos I can see a tea coaster.
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