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    I've seen every starwars movie.
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  1. I would reccomand(sp) you use the 14 day trial and try the current game and read up on the PRE CU SWG and decide which one is better.BTW I heard Your account can be banned by joining SWG EMU
  2. Europe Farstar(level 81 and 6),Kettemour(level 46),Bria(level 10),
  3. I've heard it is officially a exploit now. Camps can have cloning facitlites,shuttles,Junk dealers,something about entertainers and something else,not sure.The are basic,luxurey type camps.They can hold a different amount of modules
  4. hey,did you guys read the last friday feature?You can destroy houses by using the radial menu and selecting something.You get 1 point for every house you destroy!You can get trade in those points for prizes!clicky
  5. For the rebellion!my guild is Imperial,Neutral and rebel.however my guild is mostly Rebel
  6. Here's my expertise.I'll complete this at level 90 General Crippling Accuracy (1/4) Enhanced Strength (2/2) Enhanced Constitution (2/2) Enhanced Agility (1/2) Enhanced Stamina (1/2) Improved Force Throw (2/2) Alacrity (4/4) Exacting Strikes (1/4) Force Cloak (1/1) Heightened Speed (1/4) Stance Saber Block (1/1) Improved Saber Block (3/3) Force Shockwave (1/1) Improved Force Shockwave (3/3) Improved Force Cloak (1/1) Path Cautious Nature (4/4) Practiced Fluidity (4/4) Soothing Aura (4/4) Reactive Response (2/2) Forsake Fear (1/1) Force Clarity (1/1) Hermetic Touch (1/1) Anticipate Aggression (1/1) Lasting Aura (2/2)
  7. Rebels heros:Mon Mothma,kyle Katarn,Captian Raymus Antilles,R2-D2 and C3P0,Commander Ackbar,Han Solo and Chewbacca,Obi-Wan kenobi,Red Squadron, Empire heros:Emporor Palpatine,mara Jade,Darth vader,Captian Piett,Cononel Veers,grand Moff Tarkin,Boba Fett. I'm not sure what tech level you get them at sorry
  8. Y-wing!I'm 25% there to tier 3 then I can pilot one of the ships I've always wanted to pilot a X-Wing!
  9. Knights of the force expansion.http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=3359514164189769912&q=jedi+academy
  10. I got 93 kills on bespin platforms.
  11. I already bought the ps2 version afew years ago but I got the mac version a few weeks ago so I could play online.(I was having trouble with the network configurations)
  12. Rocket troopers.But I don't use the the rockets on infantry.I use the blaster pistol.Yeah I know.That's pretty weird
  13. I'm a VERY BAD speller
  14. Genral O


    If you're playing in a battlefield with opening and closing doors(TantiveIV,The death star,ect)Try to put a mine on the door.The enemy won't see it.It's kind of hard but it gets easy after you keep on doing it.
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