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  1. No no, I know that, but just saying it has been a ****load of time since those days.
  2. Well, I voted NO. Mainly, because they need hype and they know that. They need to keep hyping the people up so that people from other MMO will turn their heads to a new MMO. I'm talking about World of Warcraft here. They need to show WoW players that here is a beeter more exciting game to play. I personally am sold already because, I love Star Wars. I'm a geek, but for other WoW players, they need more hype. And they have a good amount of time to do it in. I think it was a good move, I hope all goes well with the game.
  3. Just one more...I find it funny that I started this thread when I was 12! Four years ago and people are still posting in here...why? Lol my language in that first couple posts was so basic and like "I like more maps and troopers..." lol. Been long time and still no word on SWBF3...sad face
  4. Kashyyyk mission was probably the best by my opinion as well. Love the steady forward advance of this mission, actually felt like a really story mission.
  5. Personally, I always go with high health and a Blaster Rifle with a Grenade Launcher for every faction. I don't have PSP on me right now to actually give specifics about my classes.
  6. This could be a beacon of hope or a sign of disaster. Spark Unlimited's previous games have been medicore, shooters with great ideas. They are a studio that is trying to get into the shooter genre by doing something special, they just haven't nailed yet. Now the disaster comes, if they try a cool, but new and risky approach to SWBF3, they might mess up as they did in Turning Point(good game with a lot of problems because of story plot-lines and glitchy enviroments, plus some bad map design because of the new mechanics. Legendary mostly also failed in getting this mechanics to work right. But it was largely better than Turning Point though it was bashed around by critics much more (2.5 by IGN, and 3.5 by Gamespot). Personally, I think that, if they are even making our beloved game, we have a 75%-25% in good-bad ratio. They have made two game with special mechanics that they have want to implement to spice up the gaming experience, but they have yet to perfect those mechanics. From these two games, I'd say they like using those mechanics, so they will most likely put them into the next game they make as well. Now we hope A. That someone is developing it. B. If it is Spark, hope they have their gameplay mechanics right this time.
  7. Free Radical went down... And the site says that Free Radical stopped the work. LucasArts being the ass that they are will hand it to Pandemic and let them destroy it. I'll still most likely buy it or rent it. By the way, Star Wars: The Old Republic is top-notch game. I've seen the trailers and I have lokked at the engine it is running. Star Wars Galaxies actually has a rising community at the moment. They are putting their time into these high quality games. Anyways, LucasArts isn't putting any time into these. I suspect that people have heard of BioWare(The company who made Kotor), they are making Star Wars: The Old Republic. So basically this is Kotor 3 online. Star Wars Galaxies is celebrating Six Years at the moment and it is run by Sony Online. LA has nothing to do with them, they can't mess the best devs.
  8. lol good answer bokken but I do because it does have the battlefront battles that i like but it is in no way battlefront 1 psp remake(BF1 is in my opinion the best in the series).
  9. I like the create-a-class idea. Frontlines was a nice game that went unwanted by many gamers though(too bad... I loved it). It could work a little like COD4's class system which was one of the best ever made. But of course some would hate it because it is not the classic battlefront style. You are right about that if the 10 classes were balanced, it would still work but not the ones that omg...whatever his name is... made.
  10. I'll buy Star Wars: Old Republic cause it looks like a sucess at the moment like SWG was. And I like the Lego games. Elite Squadron looks like crap though...lol I'll still buy it cause it will be a fun game to play while on trip or something. Come on guys admit that you sometimes just play Renegade Squadron to pass time.
  11. No more than two? The others have had at least 4 classes. I think 2 would bring it too low. But I do get what you're saying though, that 10 classes per factions is way too many for a Battlefront game. Anyway, those would be some good bonus classes to put into the game as long as they weren't not over-powered.
  12. Wow it's been a log time since I logged on to state my opinion on the lasest BFIII ideas...anyways. Nice long list man I love it except for the fact that most of those would unbalance the game completely. And I like also see space units like Lord Jhredmo already stated in his post. Overall the list has some good ideas but it would cause severe balance issue(turret dispenser for engineer...)
  13. I meant that there is a possiblity to do more accurate work on the character models. If the guys at FR & LA don't take use of the power of the next-gen systems, that is they're own fault.
  14. No no no. I'm not saying it to go away from CW and GCW eras just add new eras in.
  15. Ok umm I"m kinda off tracks here. WTF is with people saying EU content would bad for BF3. Ok people may not know what RHen Var is but, they wouldn't take having it as a bad thing, they would love a new map. And after they have played it they might just go look up what that is on the net. After that they might become hardcore Star Wars freaks. EU in BF3= More Star Wars fans= Mre money to LA= More games, faster.
  16. I agree the clones and other models in the game are very inaccurate. But I think all our prayers will be answered because of the improved graphics of the next systems.
  17. LOL me too I thought someone was wanting WWII into SFBF3. Well i don't the wii's controls play well with shooters. I"ve played COD3 on the Wii and well it does not work very well. So, I'm sorry to say that the Wii can not handle shooters.
  18. My sig is dialogue from the newest battlefield game- Battlefield: Bad Company On-Topic: I argee
  19. Well obviously... But anyway, I don't think that the content should be kept offline. No no no, that would a mistake beyond having Heros in the games. I would love the idea of the AI jedi, but no super power just normal jedi. I think you could have objectives added if you wanted(this would be considered by the host of the session). You could also play the normal conquest modes if you wanted. But I don't want to see content taken off the online experience, because online is where players come together to play. This wouldn't be the same without all the fun from the offline game. I'd also like the to see the Galactic Conquest to be put online. I just want all the same stuff from the offline game brought to the online except for the jedi who should be nothing but the campaign.
  20. I think that they have learned from their lastest screw up(HAZE) that they should go back to the way they made games before. Simply fun games. I think they'll do a great job on SWBF3.
  21. Well true it is a little to big. Ok let's cale that down shall we? Only the battlefield in with falling stuff and destruction but not as many people more like 64. And the server would work like a normal shooter's. There that would ke it seem more like a shooter than a MMO
  22. Well I've been thinking, some of the maps were a bit crowded. We all know this in Polis Massa's long corridors. What if we had tons of AI and multiplayer player counts like 64 like in battlefield 2 or 128 like in Unreal Tournament 3. Then we could have larger scale battles. If this came true we could have a space battle that is actively linked with a ground battle on the planet below. So if are on the ground in a massive battle and you see a starfighter, you can up in and fly up to the atmosphere then through to the another massive battle in the orbit of planet. Once there you see a that one of your capital ships is in flames and is headed toward the planet. That ship is not going to just disappear like in other games, it will race toward the planet surface. It will crash and cause active damage to the map. These battles can be placed in huge servers holding hundreds of people and you can just jump in and out of servers all you want. The environment will be changed during the game by falling capital ships and and huge explosions and other stuff. It would make for a all around fluid gameplay feel. Of course you could still play on a small portion of the map. If you have questions about this ask me.
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