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  1. If I buy the game, do I have to pay $15 a month? I don't really get the whole monthly payment thing.
  2. i have no skin for the Executor. has this happened to anyone? i was thinking i needed to set my graphics and settings to something, but i cant figure it out.
  3. anyone know what XML the orbital bombardment is located? i havent even used it. i dont get it though. what ships have to be in orbit? will these ships replace the bombing run? or will they both be available? ive only played some of the campaign and a tiny bit of space skirmish and little GC. but im just lookin for a heads up.
  4. well i finally got FOC. i like it alot. though i havent figured out a lot of stuff and i havent been able to play around with it yet. the new units are cool. corruption is great. and i hope everything else with be nifty. the consortium still kinda confuses me. but i'll manage. i think i would like it a lot more if my computer could handle land battles better. theres extreme lag everytime. but so far i'd say 7/10. theres my 2 cents.
  5. most of the planets are missing. they dont show up and i cant move to them. is it supposed to be like that?
  6. i started to play your mod, and none of the dialouge came on. and it just sat there with the hour glass pointer thing, it wasnt a crash or anything cause it was the brown hour glass that spins durring a dialouge speech. im using 2.1. any idea whats wrong?
  7. i think its the remains of the Death Star I. cause theres the gas planet that is in the Yavin map. i think?
  8. did you create that Orbital Bombardment? or did you just uncover it in the XML's? cause i wonder if it can be used in EAW...i just played you mod for the demo, and man, that Orbital Bombardment is AWESOME.
  9. anyone know how to skip the loong talks about what to do? it takes like an hour to get to felucia because of how long these things are. i do not like them.
  10. for the guy who had a problem on Felucia, send some space units in orbit too.
  11. wow i didnt know that europe had such a time diference. its 1:30pm here.
  12. well re installing it worked fine. thanks for the help everyone!
  13. well im gonna try and re install the game. but i dont want to uninstall Norton, cuz i might screw something up. and how do i check if its disabled in Windows Task Manager?
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