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  1. Hey everyone, most of you don't remember me but I have made a InvisionFree forum called Collateral Damage. It is about DC, Marvel, and Star Wars. It is brand new and is celebrating it's grand opening. I have put a lot of work into the site and I just put a new marvel skin on. I should have a DC and Star Wars skin up soon as well. Everyone is free to join but be sure to follow the rules. Here's the URL:
  2. you guys misunderstand the rules. i post questions, you answer them. for example Next Question: (3 points) what film did George Lucas direct before Star Wars that starred Harrison Ford? (this should be very easy)
  3. ^Probably owns a dog. @ chase - x-men is marvel comics, dc is OK too.
  4. Take the test, upload a photo of yourself and let it scan their database to match a celebrity with whom you look most like, fun! click here Here are my results: Samuel Schmid, Little Richard, Keith Moon, Sean Lennon, Gnassingbe Eyadema, Michael Keaton, Nick Cave, and Alfred Wegener
  5. Here is a little trivia game. I will ask a question and put an amount of points it is worth and whoever guesses it right first will get the points. most of the questions will be about marvel and dc comics. i will also put what specific area the question is from in parenthesis after the question. I'll start off easy. Question 1: (1 point) What is the name of the corporation founded by Norman Osborn? (Spider-Man)
  6. Say something about the person who posted above you. Try to be original and funny.
  7. doesn't matter, i have the macromedia mx suite that has dreamweaver, fireworks, flash, and freehand. these programs are at most two years old and no image editor has even come close to the user friendliness and useability of fireworks.
  8. photoshop is horrible. macromedia fireworks all the way. (mainly because layer editing is easier in macromedia)
  9. thanks, my other forum doesn't have the spoiler tags. (it is quite small, it just started in january) you can visit it at http://www.invertedstripes.com/forums look for magnus (that's me!!!)
  10. wouldn't know about iceman, i tend not to look at guys that way (i'm a homophobe) too bad that scene was cut from x3, who knows, it might be in the deleted scenes on the dvd that comes out around october/november. also, did you stay after the credits of x3? there was a small clip afterwards that was awesome. if you didn't, here is what happened
  11. either exar kun or evil luke (from the star wars: dark empire comics)
  12. here is the promo pic: (it is quite large)
  13. hard choice, i have many tied for first: jedi outcast, age of empires 3, x-men legends 2, and soon to be marvel: ultimate alliance
  14. what, no liko me avataro (cat fetish got in the way, didn't it) jk that pic was a promo pic released to thexverse.com about a month before the movie came out and this pic was widely distributed throughout the net. i am thinking about making myself a kitty banner so i can use the stoned ktty avaitar.
  15. jedi outcast all the way with battlefront 2 coming up with a close second.
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