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    I am a returining collger student majoring in journalism. In February of 2008. I am an vid gamer and reallg big into the Star Wars universe. I like to collect all kinds of Star Wars memorabilia.
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    In the confines of a battle su
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    Spending time with my fiancee, playing with my cats and nephew, video games, stamp collecting, snowboarding, weight training, camping, traveling, baseball, reading, going to the movies, aart musuems, Kings Island
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    Operations Associate
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  1. Yea, but it would be nice to see a sequel. We can always hope.
  2. My favorite faction is the the Republic. The Seperatists must be defeated.
  3. To be honest I could care less about the graphics. I have enjoyed playing the game on the PSP and was more concerned with the gameplay.
  4. My favorite is Bobba Fett, Jango Fett, and Darth Maul. I would have to my most hated hero is Han Solo.
  5. Well, here's one more adult that agrees. I am 35 years old and don't see any need for screaming. I just like to enjoy the game and play with some good people.
  6. I think both of them have their strengths.
  7. I would be one of the Arc Trooper's stationed at Jabim.
  8. I like the Republic Gunship and the Arc-170.
  9. I would like to see it as an open world with a living world.
  10. Playing Style-Hero: Luke SkyWalker Villian:JangoFett Enjoyment Level: Hero: Luke SkyWalker Villian:BobbaFett
  11. Never lose hope. It could happen soon.
  12. The lyrics are pretty good and fun to listen too.
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