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  1. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, and trust me I know a thing or two about stupid. (I know your the only one who has replied to my new thread but I don't give a damn) p.s the thread I was talking about was: How many times have you finished the game.
  2. I have finished Rise of the Empire/Campaign Mode 3 times and Galactic Conquest (all four conquests, Rebels, Empire, Republic, CIS) 2 1/2 times (Finished it twice and done two of the four)
  3. ive had the game since the end of last year and ive got 10 Gunslinger 7 Technician 0 Demolition 4 Marksman 22 Regulator 939 Endurance 515 Guardian 286 War hero 203 Frenzy i cant be bothered playing as the sniper or rocket launcher guy, i mainly like to play space battles or battles where im the Jedi for the whole battle anyway. and plus your not that nerdy jawathehutt.
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