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  1. I don't quite understand how that discredits what im saying Anyway the book is written by a physicist, i think he realises how much energy that is. I don't think you realise the power levels that have been demonstrated in the movies, which is where they derive their figures from. A stardestroyer VAPOURISED an asteroid. That requires in excess of 200 gigatons. Unless you can somehow prove otherwise, which people have tried to do for years, and failed those figures stand. I never said they shouldn't. The game doesn't specify where the Shield generator is beyond being in that tower. I was just correcting a common misconception on the part of Thon 77.
  2. I didn't say there weren't in the tower, just that the domes aren't them. Its perfectly acceptable to me that the shield generators are located in the tower somewhere, it is a pretty large space after all. Plus its pretty damned stupid to have you shield projectors OUTSIDE the ship they are protected its just screaming "target me" Having them protected by the hull as well as their own shield makes way more sense. But those domes are Sensor Domes, its how they were designated in the original designs and in the latest tech books.
  3. Just think i should point out that the Domes on top of the Stardestroyer aren't the shield generators, they are Sensor Domes. The shield generator(s) may be in a similar location, but the Domes aren't it. This misconception was fixed in the most recent Technical books.
  4. I agree, the game feels very much like. "We can do this, just give us the the resources and we'll show you awesome" To be honest, i cannot wait till a sequel. Here's to hoping Lucas Arts don't meddle and mess everything up, I.E Kotor 2
  5. Are you sure that vader is in the group? It won't let you go there if vader is not a part of the fleet.
  6. Sounds like you've installed a mod that has rescaled the buildings. Also you should never have multiple mods installed that can cause some weird problems. Delete all of the mods you have installed (by deleting the XML, ART etc folders from the Data folder) and boot the game up with all the latest drivers for graphics cards etc.
  7. Theres a function in alcohol 120% called RMPS emulation, The game doesn't like this. You can have Daemon tools/Alcohol on your system as long as this emulation is deactivated when trying to run the game. In daemon tools its a simple matter, i've never used Alcohol however, but it should be in the settings.
  8. so says the canon policy for Star Wars as far as Lucas Film/Lucas Arts have specified. All Games with the Star Wars label are right down the bottom of the pile as far as Canon goes. If something from a game is used in higher up Canon then thats cool, but anything that happens in the game that is contradicted by a novel from the star wars EU or the Films is superceded by that higher source.
  9. EAW is technically so low on the canon scale as to be practically non-continuity. So this isn't really much of an issue. I like the way this is going, it sounds like it could be fun. Also, it'll add more pirate units to the game which is always good.
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