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  1. if Im not mistaken .. it's the challange rating that determines the EXP ..
  2. then Force Lightning them rodians !! and well if you "kill" the override folder ... then it might be possible that your savegame still has the mod that ruins your game still saved in it or smthn ... the easiest way to solve this problem would probably be re-installing your game ... ... thats what i do .. damn Winamp doesn't work .. STUPID WINDOWS ... !!!!
  3. Right .. the inability to jump sometimes really frustrates me ... sometimes switch playing between JA and kotor .. and after JA where in combat i use backflip to void enemy very often .. and in kotor it feels very ... strange ... that i cant do it ... so it would be nice if they atleast made something like that to be possible ..
  4. thats right ... ive seen so many games .. that arent for PC ... really frustrates ....
  5. well ... the thing i really liked in TSL .... crafting ... KIII should have even wider range of things that can be made .... more weapons ... and .. btw .. Jedi .. are suppossed to build their own sabers ... not give some parts to a guy with no knowledge of them .. so he does the dirty work ... of course .. different hilts ... that do not look like a common metal tube .... and .. if the planets/areas are bigger .. wider .. etc .. then ... wouldnt it be nice to be able to buy one of some different speeders .. or somethin ... and the Ebon Hawk ... it could be sold .. and then ... buy a similar .... but new ship ... now wouldnt that all be nice .. ?
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